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Publication numberUS3221462 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 7, 1965
Filing dateFeb 17, 1964
Priority dateFeb 17, 1964
Publication numberUS 3221462 A, US 3221462A, US-A-3221462, US3221462 A, US3221462A
InventorsPomeroy Braman
Original AssigneePomeroy Braman
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Fastener for window structures and the like having removable mullion units
US 3221462 A
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Dec. 7, 1965 B. PoMERoY 3,221,462


f// f//M F/G. 3 F/G 5 INVENTOR. BRAMAN POMEROY ATTORNEYS United States Patent O 3,221,462 FASTENER FUR WINDOW STRUCTURES AND THE LIKE HAVING REMVABLE MULLION UNITS Brarnan Pomeroy, 138 Lexington Ave., Buffalo, NX. Filed Feb. 17, 1964, Ser. No. 345,303 3 Claims. (Cl. 52-632) This invention relates generally to the window art, and more specifically to a new and useful fastener for window structures having removable mullion units.

Many people prefer the appearance of multi-pane window units, as contrasted with windows having a single large pane. However, permanent multipane window structures are more expensive than single-pane units. In addition, it is harder and more time-consuming to clean the several, smaller panes of a multi-pane window.

Accordingly, window structures having removable mullion units have been proposed, and prefabricated mullion units adapted to t standard, single pane windows are available. While such removable mullion units can be less expensive than permanent, multi-pane structures, and can be removed when it is desired to clean the glass, they pose a problem with respect to the mode of fastening such removable units in place against the glass.

The primary object of my invention is to provide a fastener for window structures having removable mullion units, which fastener is neat in appearance and uriobtrusive in use, easily manipulated for removal and remounting of the unit, operable to hold the removable unit in place without damaging or defacing the window casing, relatively inexpensive and durable and long-lasting.

In one aspect thereof, a fastener for window structures having removable mullion units, constructed in accordance with my invention, is characterized by the provision of an elongated shoe, a neck connected to the shoe adjacent one end thereof, thereby dividing the shoe into an elongated, forwardly projecting toe portion and a rearwardly projecting heel portion, and a head carried by the neck, the head projecting forwardly over the toe portion and also projecting rearwardly over and beyond the heel portion.

In another aspect thereof, a fastener for window structures having removable mullion units, constructed in accordance with my invention, is characterized by the combination, with a mullion bar having a longitudinal passageway therein from one end thereof, and a transverse slot intersecting the passageway from a side surface of the bar, of a fastener having a shoe slidable in the passageway of the bar, a neck connected to the shoe and slidable in the slot of the bar, and a head carried by the neck for manipulating the fastener between extended and retracted positions relative to the bar, the shoe of the fastener projecting beyond the end of the bar when the fastener is in extended position.

The foregoing and other objects, advantages and characterizing features of the fastener of my invention will become clearly apparent from the ensuing detailed description of a presently preferred, illustrative embodiment thereof, considered in conjunction with the accompanying drawing depicting the same, wherein like reference numerals denote like parts throughout the vari ous views and wherein:

FIG. l is a front elevational view of a window structure incorporating a removable mullion unit held in place by fasteners of my invention;

FIG. 2 is a fragmentary sectional view thereof, on an enlarged scale, showing the fastener in the retracted position thereof;

FIG. 3 is a corresponding elevational view thereof;

FIG. 4 is a view corresponding to that of FIG. 2, but showing the fastener in extended position;

FIG. 5 is a corresponding elevational view thereof; and

FIG. 6 is a fragmentary sectional view, on a still further enlarged scale, illustrating the manner of inserting and removing the fastener from the mullion bar.

Referring now in detail to the accompanying drawing, there is shown a removable mullion unit, generally designated 1, mounted in a single sash window comprising a rectangular sash or casing 2 and a rectangular frame 3, the casing 2 surrounding and supporting a single panel 4 of glass. The mullion unit 1 comprises vertical and horizontal mullion bars 5, rigidly connected and supported in place against the glass pane 4 by the fasteners of my invention, generally designated 6. In the illustrated embodiment, each mullion bar 5 carries a fastener 6 at each of the opposite ends thereof, although a lesser number of fasteners could be used, if desired. Also, the mullion unit 1 need not consist of vertical and horizontal bars, but could be provided in other arrangements. The fastener 6 of my invention comprises an elongated shoe 7 and a neck 8 connected to the shoe 7 adjacent one end thereof, This divides the shoe into a forwardly extending, elongated toe portion 9, and a rearwardly extending heel portion 10. An elongated head 11 is carried by neck 8, and projects forwardly over the toe portion 9 of shoe 7, while terminating short of the end thereof. Head 11 also projects rearwardly over and beyond heel 10, for a purpose to be described.

Each mullion bar 5 is provided with a passageway 12 extending inwardly from each end thereof, lengthwise of the bar. A transverse passageway 13 extends laterally from the upper side surface of each bar, adjacent each end thereof, inwardly to the passageway 12. The bar 5 is undercut at the inner end of each slot 13, to provide a shoulder 14 overhanging the inner end of each passageway 12.

In use, the fasteners 6 are mounted in the opposite ends of the bars 5. The shoe 7 is slidable in passageway 12, with the neck 8 being movable along slot 13. Head 11 is slidable over the side surface of the bar 5, and is provided with a gripping surface including a ridge 15, for ease in manipulating the fastener.

The fasteners are slidable, relative to the mullion bars 5, between the retracted position shown in FIGS. 2 and 3, and the extended position shown in FIGS. l, 4 and 5. In the retracted position thereof, the fastener shoe 7 iS entirely contained within the bar 5, and the heel portion 10 thereof is engaged beneath shoulder 14, to insure against accidental separation of the fastener 6 from the mullion bar 5.

In its extended position, the toe portion 9 projects outwardly, beyond the end of the bar, into an opening 16 provided in the casing 2. Such openings are formed in casing 2, in alinement with each of the mullion bar passageways 12.

It is a feature of my invention that, when the fastener 6 is extended, securing the mullion unit in place, the head 11 thereof completely covers and conceals the slot 13. Further, shoe 7 and passageway 12 are inclined, downwardly and outwardly, whereby the head 11 of the fastener 6 is drawn against the mullion bar, as the fastener is extended, tightening the fastener in place, in its extended position.

The length of fastener shoe 7 exceeds the diagonal depth of slot 13, measured from the upper rear thereof, thereby further insuring against accidental separati-on of fastener 6 -frorn mullion tbar 5. The shoe 7 is made of a resiliently flexible material, whereby it can be flexed 0r bent, as shown in FIG. 6, for insertion of the fastener in the mullion bar, and for removal off the fastener therefrom.

While the fastener of my invention could be made from other materials, I prefer to use a synthetic plastic, such as nylon or high density polyethylene and preferably the fastener Icomprises a unitary, molded lfabrication.

Accordingly, it is seen that my invention fully aecomplishes its intended objects. The fastener is readily assem- -bled and easily manipulated, and securely holds a removable mullion unit in place, to simulate the appearance of :a multi-pane window structure. While I have disclosed and described in detail -only one embodiment of my invention,` that has been done by way of illustration, it -being intended that the scope of my invention be defined by the appended claims. It will be appreciated that the fastener of my invention is equally applicable to glass doors having 4removable mullion units.

Having fully disclosed and completely described my invention, and its mode of operation, what I claim as new 1. A fastener for a window structure or the lik-e having a removable mullion unit comprising, in combination, a mullion bar having a lengthwise passageway therein from one end thereof, a transverse slot therein from a side surface thereof intersecting said passageway, and a shoulder overhanging the inner end of said passageway, and -a fastener having an elongated shoe slideable in said passageway, a neck islideable in said transverse slot lengthwise of said bar and connected to said shoe adjacent one end thereof, thereby providing said shoe with a forwardly extending toe portion and a rearwardly extending heel portion, and an elongated head carried by said neck and slidable along said side surface of said bar, said toe portion projecting beyond said one end olf said bar and said head completely covering said slot when said fastener is extended relative to said bar, said toe portion being confined within said ybar and said heel portion being confined below said shoulder when said fastener is retracted relativ-e to said bar.

2. A fastener as set forth in claim 1, wherein said fastener is removable from said bai through said slot, said shoe being longer than the diagonal depth of said slot whereby said shoe must be flexed before it can be withdrawn and inserted through said slot.

3. A lfastener as set forth in claim 1, said passageway Ibeing downwardly and outwardly inclined, whereby said head is drawn against said side surface :as said fastener is extended relative to said bar.

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International ClassificationE05D15/00
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