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Publication numberUS3224644 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 21, 1965
Filing dateMar 3, 1964
Priority dateMar 3, 1964
Publication numberUS 3224644 A, US 3224644A, US-A-3224644, US3224644 A, US3224644A
InventorsJohn Davis William
Original AssigneeJohn Davis William
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US 3224644 A
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Dec. 21, 1965 w. J. DAVIS 3,224,644

DISPENSER Filed March 5, 1964 2 Sheets$heet 1 INVENTDR Lam Davis W. J. DAVIS Dec. 21, 1965 DISPENSER 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed March 5, 1964 INVENTO William J. Davis United States Patent 3,224,644 DISPENSER William John Davis, 1040 Parker St., White Rock, British Columbia, Canada Filed Mar. 3, 1964, Ser. No. 349,036 3 Claims. (Cl. 222--162) This invention relates to a holder for a deodorant dispenser, particularly of the type of deodorant dispenser that is attached to a door and is controlled by the opening and closing of the door.

There are at present in use various types of deodorant dispensers that are either manually operated or are automatically operated. The automatically operated deodorant dispensers are usually placed in wash rooms, bathrooms, or toilet rooms and are operated when a door is opened or closed, or a toilet seat is raised or lowered. The holder for supporting these deodorant dispensers is generally expensive and complicated.

The principal objective of this invention is to provide a holder for a deodorant dispenser that is economically constructed, simply manufactured, durable and eflicient.

Another object is to provide a holder for a deodorant dispenser that is automatically operated and is only operated on the opening and closing of the door to which it is attached.

Another object is to provide a holder for a deodorant dispenser in which the standard deodorant dispenser can be used and is adjustably mounted vertically so as to determine the amount of atomized spray desired.

Another object is to provide a holder for a deodorant dispenser that is not touched by the hands after being attached to the door.

Another object is to provide a holder for a deodorant dispenser for both household and commercial use.

These objects are accomplished by providing a holder for a deodorant dispenser which consists of a vertical plate having apertures for fastening the holder to a door, the apertures being long enough to permit vertical adjustment of the holder. A pair of flexible horizontal clamping arms are integrally connected to the upper part of the narrow plate. A horizontal cup shaped bottom is integrally connected to the lower end of the plate. A conventional deodorant dispenser is mounted on the cup shaped bottom and between the flexible arms. The dispensing cap and nozzle of the deodorant dispenser are adjusted so that the cap which is spring controlled contacts a tripper mounted on the jamb of the door when the door is opened or closed and the cap is forced downwards and some atomized spray dispensed from the nozzle during the contact of the tripper and the cap.

The invention consists in the novel arrangements, construction and combination of parts hereinafter described.

FIGURE 1 is a view in elevation of the holder for a deodorant dispenser in operation for household use when the door opens inwardly;

FIGURE 2 is a view in perspective of the holder for a deodorant dispenser for household use;

FIGURE 3 is a plan view of the holder shown in FIGURE 2;

FIGURE 4 is a view in elevation of a modification of the holder for a deodorant dispenser in operation for commercial use;

FIGURE 5 is a plan view of the hinged clamp as used in the modification shown in FIGURE 4;

FIGURE 6 is a view in perspective of the tripping device for the operation of the deodorant dispenser when the door opens outwardly.

Referring to the drawings, particularly FIGURES 1, 2 and 3 which show a household type of holder for a deodorant dispenser 1 mounted on a door 2 and door 3,224,644 Patented Dec. 21, 1965 ice jamb 3. The door 2 is hinged to the jamb 3 so that it opens inwardly. Between the door jamb 3 and the top of the door 2 a tripper bracket 4 is fastened to the lower surface of the door jamb 3 by set screws 5 as shown in FIGURE 1. The tripper bracket 4 has a flat part 6 extending below the lower surface 7 of the door jamb 3 and through which the set screws 5 pass. From the flat part 6 the tripper bracket 4 has an upwardly sloping part 8 extending inwardly of the room to be deodorized and a further horizontal flat part 9 extending from the sloping part 8 a desired distance into said room. -A dovetailed channel 10 is integrally formed transversely in the lower side 11 of the flat part 9 near the inner end of the tripper bracket 4. A flexible tripper 12, preferably rubber, is cemented within and extending the length of the dovetailed channel 10.

A holder 13 for supporting and maintaining a deodorant dispenser 14 in desired position as shown in FIGURE 1 consists of a flat vertical member 15 having rectangular apertures 16 and 17. The holder 13 is attached to the door 2 by set screws 18 and 19 passed through the apertures 16 and 17 in desired adjusted position. Spring clamping arms 20 and 21 are integrally connected to the longitudinal edges 22 and 23 of the vertical support member 15 of the holder for holding the deodorant dispenser 14 in secure position. A horizontal bottom support 24 is integrally connected to the lower end 25 of the vertical support member 15 of the holder 13. The bottom support 24 is provided with an annular upwardly extending flange 26 for supporting the deodorant dispenser 14 as shown in FIGURES 1 and 2.

The upper dispensing end of the deodorant dispenser 14 is provided with the well known type of deodorant sprayer consisting of a spring controlled cap 27 for movement up and down over a dispensing opening in the top part of the deodorant dispenser 14. This dispensing opening cooperates with a spray nozzle 28 fixed to the cap 27 to control the dispensing of atomized spray when the cap 27 is attached in an upward or downward direction.

In operation the tripper bracket is mounted in desired position below the jamb of the door 2 by the fastening screws 5 and the part 6 of the tripper bracket 4 as shown in FIGURE 1. The holder 13 is then fastened by the set screws 18 and 19 passing through the apertures 16 and 17 to the door 2 in such position that it will pass below the tripper bracket 4 on the opening or closing of the door 2. The deodorant dispenser 14 is then placed on the bottom support 24 of the holder 13 and within the clamping arms 20 and 21. The holder 13 is then adjusted upwardly or downwardly so that the top of the cap 27 of the deodorant dispenser 14 will be sufliciently above the lowest part of the tripper 12 to contact the cap 27 on the opening and closing of the door 2 and thus force the cap downwards to permit a desired of atomized spray to be dispensed through the nozzle 28.

A modification for commercial use is shown in FIG- URES 4 and 5 in which the only difference from the holder shown previously above is the use of a further hinged clamp 29 mounted on the vertical support 15 of the holder 13. The rear of the vertical support member 15 is provided with a transverse recess 30 into which a rear plate 31 of the hinged clamp 29 is fitted. The door 2 is shown hinged at 39 to the door jamb 3. As shown in FIGURE 5 the hinged clamp 29 is provided with two arms 32 and 33 which'are hinged to the rear plate 31 of the clamp 29 at 34 and 35. The outer ends of the arms 32 and 33 are formed with parts 36 and 37 which are detachably secured together by a bolt 38. The purpose of the clamp 29 is to hinder the removal of the deodorant dispenser in case of attempted theft.

If it is desired to install the holder for a deodorant dispenser in a room or other place when the doors open outwardly, then a modification of the tripper bracket 4 as shown in FIGURE 6 is fitted to the door, and the holder 13 is mounted on the door jamb.

All the parts of the holder and the deodorant dispenser can be made of plastic or other suitable material. The parts may be provided in various colors to harmonize with the fixtures in the room in which the deodorant dispenser is to be used.

While the invention has been described with particular reference to the specific embodiments it is understood it is to be construed broadly and limited only by the scope of the claims.

The embodiments of the invention in which an exclusive property or privilege is claimed are as follows:

1. In combination with a hinged door and door jamb, an elongated plate mounted vertically on a face of the door adjacent its upper edge, a cup shaped member extending outwardly from the lower end of said plate, a deodorant dispenser supported by said cup shaped member in an upright position, said dispenser having a spring controlled cap for dispensing the deodorant when depressed, spring arms extending from opposite edges of said plate in parallel relation, said arms being curved to embrace and hold said dispenser, a tripper bracket attached to the door jamb above the upper edge of the door, said bracket extending horizontally above the cap of said dispenser and having a transverse dovetailed channel formed in its lower side adjacent its free end, a triangular block of flexible material secured in the channel of said bracket with one corner of the block depending from the channel into the path of movement of the cap of said dispenser when the door is swung on its hinges whereby the cap will be depressed by said block to dispense the deodorant.

2. The combination described in claim 1 wherein the free end of said bracket is off-set upwardly to position said flexible block above the upper edge of said door.

3. The combination described in claim 1 wherein said plate has a pair of clamping arms surrounding said dispenser to fixedly secure the dispenser to said plate.

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LOUIS J. DEMBO, Primary Examiner.


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