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Publication numberUS3226002 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 28, 1965
Filing dateApr 22, 1963
Priority dateApr 22, 1963
Publication numberUS 3226002 A, US 3226002A, US-A-3226002, US3226002 A, US3226002A
InventorsWalker James W
Original AssigneeWalker James W
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Flexible container, fitting therefor, and composite package
US 3226002 A
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Dec. 28, 1965 J. w. WALKER FLEXIBLE CONTAINER, FITTING THEREFOR, AND COMPOSITE PACKAGE Filed April 22, 1963 zIQMES W. W44 K52 IN V EN TOR ATTORNEVS United States Patent This invention has to do generally with containers and packaging and more particularly with the pack-aging of thin-walled, non-rigid containers for shipment, storage and handling to protect the container and retain it in a predetermined shape.

In recent years there has been a widespread growth in the use of plastics for containers of all kinds replacing, to a great extent, the more rigid materials glass and metal. One difiiculty has been that the plastic container need be only extremely thin-walled in order to satisfactorily hold its contents, but such thin-walled containers do not possess rigidity and where substantial quantities of liquid or other substances are to be contained, the plastic container must be both supported and protected against damage.

An object of the invention is to provide a novel means of packaging a non-rigid thin-walled plastic container or the like in order to protect the same and, in conjunction with its contents, cause it to maintain a predetermined shape.

More particularly it is an object to provide a novel fitting for a thin-walled non-rigid plastic bag or other container which serves to anchor the bag and the fitting in the top or end of a paperboard carton of the type having the conventional two pairs of flaps which are turned over the end and pasted or otherwise secured together.

A further object is to provide a fitting which is so designed as to remain in place and against being pulled through the opening provided to receive it in the end of the carton.

Another object is to provide a fitting of the type indicated which is particularly designed to prevent its being turned when mounted in the end of a carton so as to enable a cap or other object to be threaded into or onto it.

These and other objects will be apparent from the drawing and the following description, Referring to the drawing:

FIG. 1 is an isometric view of a carton partially broken away to expose a container therein embodying the invention;

FIG. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional view on line 22 of FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is a fragmentary sectional plan view on line 3-3 of FIG. 2;

FIG. 4 is a plan view of the carton of FIG. 1 with the two uppermost flaps opened outwardly;

FIG. 5 is a view similar to FIG. 4 but showing all four flaps of the carton opened outwardly;

FIG. 6 is an isometric view of the fitting; and

FIG. 7 is a fragmentary plan view of an alternate form of fitting shown mounted between the two inner flaps of a carton.

More particularly describing the invention, numeral 11 generally designates a pasteboard carton and this is shown as being provided with inner wall inserts 12. Each wall of the carton may comprise a laminate of outer sheets of paper and a corrugated sheet therebetween such as commonly used for pasteboard cartons and boxes, but no attempt has been made to show this in the drawing.

Within the carton 11 is a thin-walled bag or container 14 made of a plastic, such as polyethylene, and this is shown filled with a liquid 15. The bag-like container 3,226,002 Patented Dec. 28, 1965 may be made of a material other than a plastic, if desired. Container 14 is provided with a neck or fitting designated generally by numeral 18. As will later appear, the fitting 18 is mounted in the upper end of the carton 11 and is so designed that, in conjunction with the carton, it is retained in place and is not subject to being pushed into the carton or subject to being turned as by the application or removal of a cap 19. 1

The fitting comprises a tubular body 20 having a flange 21 at its inner end. This flange may be relatively thin and is preferably relatively wide. The upper wall 14' of the plastic bag 14 is provided with an opening 23 and the portion of the wall marginal to this opening is cemented, heat-sealed, or otherwise secured to the end surface of the flange 21.

Spaced a short distance from flange 21 is a flange 25 which is substantially smaller radially than flange 21 and is preferably thicker and stronger. Outwardly of flange 25 the body 20 is provided with external threads 26 or any other suitable means which can be engaged by a cap. Also the interior of the body may be threaded at 27, if desired, to accommodate an extension or spout, not shown.

When the container or bag 14 with its fitting or neck 18 is mounted in the carton 11 the two inner flaps of the end of the carton, designated 30 and 31, are each pro vided with a semi-circular recess, 30 and 31 respectively, to receive the body of the fitting. Thus these two flaps 30 and 31 are received between the flanges 21 and 25 of the fitting. In this connection it will be noted that the fitting is provided with a pair of webs 33 which are diametrically opposed and which extend radially from the body and axially thereof. These webs are received in the gap or relatively thin space 34 which normally exists between the inner edges 35 and 36 of the flaps 30 and 31. It will be apparent that the webs serve as anchors to prevent turning of fitting in the hole provided by the two end flaps 30 and 31.

To complete the assembly the flaps 37 and 38 of the carton are folded over the flaps 30 and 31 and pasted, glued or otherwise secured thereto. In this connection it will be noted that flap 38 is provided with a hole 39 adapted to register with and receive the body 20 of the fitting. The cap 19 can then be placed on the fitting to secure the contents.

It will be apparent that the fitting 18 is firmly anchored in the end of the carton and that the webs 33 prevent any rotation or turning of the fitting during tightening or loosening of the cap or during the insertion or removal of a spout or the like which would be screwed into the fitting.

In FIG. 7 I show an alternate form of the invention wherein the fitting designated 18A is shown as provided with four of the webs 33A spaced apart. In order to accommodate the two additional webs which further serve to securely anchor the fitting against turning, the end flaps 30 and 31 are provided with short slots 40. The number of webs is not critical, and more or less than four may be used. Two webs are normally suflicient for a fitting or small diameter, while fittings of large diameter would preferably have four or more.

Although I have shown and described preferred forms of my invention, I contemplate that various changes and modifications can be made therein without departing from the invention, the scope of which is indicated by the following claim.

I claim:

A composite package for the storage, shipment and handling of liquids and other contents in non-rigid containers, comprising a carton having side walls terminating at one end in flaps adapted to be folded to lie substantially in a plane normal to the side walls to form a multilayer end wall, a non-rigid container within said carton adapted, when filled, to occupy substantially the entire interior space of the carton, a substantially rigid tubular fitting secured to said container and serving as a neck therefor, said fitting having a pair of axially spaced flanges, one of said flanges being at the inner end of said fitting and providing an end face against which said nonrigid container is secured, two of the end flaps of the carton each extending from their side walls substantially one-half the distance across the end of the carton toward each other and being recessed at their adjacent inner margins to receive the portion of the fitting between said flanges whereby said flanges overlie and underlie said two end flaps, and outer end flap means overlying said two end flaps and secured thereto, said outer end flaps means being apertured to receive the projecting portion of the fitting, said fitting having at least one integral relatively thin radial web between said flanges received between the adjacent edges of said two end flaps whereby to lock said fitting against rotation relative to the carton.

References Cited by the Examiner JOSEPH R. LEOLAIR, Primary Examiner.


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International ClassificationB65D39/00, B65D39/08, B65D77/06
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