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Publication numberUS3230961 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 25, 1966
Filing dateNov 22, 1963
Priority dateNov 30, 1962
Also published asDE1453070A1, DE1453070B2, US3217721
Publication numberUS 3230961 A, US 3230961A, US-A-3230961, US3230961 A, US3230961A
InventorsBenkert Martin, Detterbeck Heinrich
Original AssigneeSiemens Elektrogeraete Gmbh
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Dishwasher and sink combination
US 3230961 A
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Jan. 25, 1966 BENKERT ET AL DISHWASHER AND SINK COMBINATION Filed Nov. 22, 1963 United States Patent tion of Germany Filed Nov. 22, 1963, Ser. No. 326,331 Claims priority, applicsation Germany, Nov. 30, 1962,

2 Claims. (at. 134-60) Our invention relates to automatic dishwashers and more particularly to automatic dishwashers that are built into a wash basin or sink.

Automatic dishwashing machines are constructed as standing or floor appliances and as table top appliances. Both construction forms of automatic dishwashing machines, however when placed in household use are unable to be arranged or are arranged only with great difficulty in the usually small kitchen.

It has been known to rigidly connect an automatic washing machine constructed as a floor-based appliance with a cabinet sink standing alongside it.

A built-in modular furniture unit consisting of a combined wash basin and automatic dishwashing machine for kitchens and the like is also known, the wash or spray chamber of the automatic dishwashing machine being adjacent the side and/or above the wash basin and the load of dishes for the machine being arranged under the wash basin.

Such combinations, however, do not provide efiicient use of the limited space that is available, a matter that is of particular significance for small kitchens especially.

It is accordingly an object of our invention to provide an automatic washing machine that is built into a wash basin or sink which avoids the limitations of the known construction and makes optimum use of the limited space available in a conventional kitchen.

Our invention is based upon the realization that in every kitchen chamber proper and in fact also in small newly-built kitchenettes there is present a conventional kitchen sink with one or two wash basins, and that the space beneath the conventional kitchen sink can be utilized advantageously for the location therein of the wash or spray chamber or chambers of an automatic dishwashing machine.

One of the features of our invention is that at least one wash or spray chamber of the automatic dishwashing machine is located underneath the wash basin or basins of the kitchen sink so that the automatic dishwashing machine and kitchen sink form a self-contained modular unit. When several washer or spray chambers are utilized, one or more wash water circulating pumps can also be provided with switching equipment for selective switching to any of the washer or spray chambers.

In accordance with another feature of our invention, when several spray or Wash chambers are utilized, one or more pumps are equipped with switching equipment for varying loads or capacities. The inventive improvement in automatic dishwashing machines creates good arrangement possibilities particularly in small kitchens in which the space underneath the Wash basin or basins is thus suitably utilized and the spray or wash chamber is rendered more readily accessible since it is located underneath the wash basin or basins, so that an attending individual does not have to bend or stoop. In most cases, there will still be space underneath the spray or wash chamber to accommodate a water warming appliance or heater for the kitchen sink at that location. The inventive improvement in automatic dishwashing machines can also be constructed as part of a self-contained kitchen modular unit or as part of a built-in kitchen unit.


Additional features of the invention and the advantages realized therefrom will be described in the following in relation to the single figure of the drawing which shows the structural combination of an automatic dishwashing machine with a kitchen sink provided with two wash basins, and in fact forming part of a built-in kitchen unit.

The figure shows a portion of a built-in kitchen unit that has a row-wise arrangement of so-called row-type kitchen furniture having an electric stove H, a kitchen sink S and a kitchen cabinet K. The automatic dishwashing machine shown in the drawing is combined with the sink S as a self-contained unit, so that both Washer or spray chambers 1 and 2 of the automatic dishwashing machine are located close to one another and underneath the wash basins 3 of the kitchen sink S. The other equipment belonging to the automatic dishwashing machine, for example the circulating pump or pumps, the discharge pum or pumps, the programming or cycle-controlling mechanism, the switching equipment for selective switching to either of the spray chambers 1 and 2 and the like are represented schematically by the blocks 5 and 6 located beneath the wash or spray chambers 1 and 2. The ducts or piping for fluid between the various individual components of the automatic dishwashing machine are represented schematically by dotted lines.

A duct 0 leads from the sink water supply to a two way valve or switch 11 of a type generally known in the art, which is able to be selectively switched from a position in which the duct d receives fluid from duct 0 and conveys it to the spray chamber 1, to a position in which the ducts e receive fluid from duct c and convey it to the spray chamber 2.

In the embodiment shown in the drawing, the wash or spray chamber 1 for cleaning the usual table dishes (plates, cups and the like) is installed with a spraying system having nozzles a, Whereas the Wash or spray chamber 2 for cleaning pots is equipped with several rotary spray units b such as are well known in the art, so that the inner surfaces of the pots are sprayed especially well. The actuating manual controls of the automatic dishwashing machine are located substantially at tabletop level, the actuating knobs 7, 8, 9 and the indicating face 10 being shown diagrammatically in the drawing.

As shown schematically by the dot and dash line f, the switch 11 is operatively connected to the actuating knob, for example, by any suitable means for manually controlling the switch.

As is clearly disclosed in the figure, the entire automatic dishwashing machine is structurally combined with the kitchen sink so that the free space under the kitchen sink which is actually found in every kitchen is put to use advantageously. The automatic dishwashing ma chine can, for example, be shoved under the kitchen sink as a self-contained unit and then installed by connecting it to the sink.

While the invention has been illustrated and described as embodying an automatic dishwasher, it is not intended to be limited to the details shown, since various modifications and structural changes may be made without departing from the spirit of the present invention and within the scope and range of equivalents of the following claims.

We claim:

1. The structural combination comprising an automatic dishwashing machine and a kitchen sink having at least one wash basin, said dishwashing machine comprising a plurality of spray chambers, a plurality of pumps connected with said spray chambers for circulating wash water therethrough and for discharging wash water thererom, and switching means for selectively controlling the 3 circulation of Wash water through said spray chambers, said spray chambers" and pumps being located beneath said wash basin, said dishwashing machine and said kitchen sink forming a self-contained unit.

2} The structural combination comprising an automat-i dishwashing machine anda kitchensink haw'ng at least one Wash basin, said dishwashing machinecomprising tWo' spraychambers, 21 pair of pumpsconnected toeach of said spray chambers for respectively circulating wash water therethro'ugh and discharging Washwater therefrom, switching means for selectively controlling the circulationof Wash Water through said spray chambers, said switching means being adjustablefor varying loads, actuating knob means located substantially at the level of said Wash basin andabove said spray chambers and operatiyely connected to said switchingmeans for manually controlling said switching means, said spray chambers and pum s being located beneath said wash basin, said dishwashing machine and said kitchen-- sink together forming a compartment of a self-contained kitchen modular unit including a kitchen stove.

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1 1/1930 Germany.


CHARLES A. WILLMUTH, Primaly Examiner.

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