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Publication numberUS3232299 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 1, 1966
Filing dateMar 23, 1962
Priority dateMar 23, 1962
Publication numberUS 3232299 A, US 3232299A, US-A-3232299, US3232299 A, US3232299A
InventorsMiller Anthony P
Original AssigneeAchilles Corp
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Cigarette holder
US 3232299 A
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Feb. 1, 1966 I P. MIL 3,232,299

0 I GARETTE HOLDER Filed March 23, 1962 F l G. l.


ANTHONY P. NHLLER ATTORNEYS United States Patent 3,232,299 CIGARETTE HOLDER Anthony P. Miller, Pleasantville, NJ. Achilles Corporation, 3333 Arctic Ave., Atlantic City, NJ.) Filed Mar. 23, 1962, Ser. No. 181,948 1 Claim. (Cl. 131-198) This invention relates to a cigarette holder which is constructed and adapted for the purpose of minimizing the harmful health efiects involved in the smoking of cigarettes.

The use of smoking tobacco is today both well known and widespread in spite of the fact that it is recognized by some authorities that smoking is injurious to the delicate membranes of the nose, throat, and lungs of the smoker and is credited with inducing cancer of the lips, mouth, throat and lungs, and With inducing heart diseases.

The principal products of tobacco smoke are carbon dioxide, water vapor, carbon monoxide, acid fumes, nicotine vapors, and tars. The first two of these products are not generally regarded as harmful to the smoker. The remainder of these products are generally considered harmful and even though only a small proportion of these products resulting from the combustion of the entire cigarette actually enter the smokers system, that quantity is sufiicient to be considered by some authorities as being harmful to the smoker.

Various means are employed to reduce the harmful effects of these products of combustion. Various chemicals have been employed in admixture with the tobacco in an endeavor to nullify the harmful ingredients of the smoke. Some of these chemicals, while apparently nullifying the harmful smoke ingredients, release upon combustion equally toxic substances or destroy or impair the aroma that is delighted in by tobacco smokers. Certain other neutralizing agents are unstable and, by the time the cigarette is consumed, these agents have decomposed and fail to accomplish their purpose. Other agents cause unpleasant taste or are for other reasons undesirably employed. Numerous types of mechanical filters have been devised. These filters generally add materially to the cost of manufacture of the cigarette and many of them are of little value. p

It is the object of my invention to provide a cigarette holder construction which prevents the delivery of substantial quantities of the harmful tobacco smoke constituents during the smoking of a cigarette whereby cigarette smoking is made less harmful.

The harmful tars in the smoke stream are reduced by the use of the cigarette holder invention because the holder is constructed to maintain consistently a relatively low temperature in the burning cone of the cigarette. An advantage of the holder is that no cartridges, filters, crystals, liquids, or tar traps are required. Moreover, the holder permits the production of a small amount of relatively harmless, low temperature tars which provide a cigarette aroma and taste. Accordingly, the pleasure and taste in smoking is not affected adversely.

In accordance with the present invention, the cigarette holder has a portion adapted to receive the end of the cigarette and includes a hollow tip portion adjacent the end of the cigarette. The tip portion receives smoke flowing from the burning cigarette during smoking and passageway means are provided through which air from the outside of the cigarette may pass into the hollow tip in response to the smoker applying suction to the interior of the tip. Since suction in the tip draws air from the outside, the amount of air drawn through the burning portion of the cigarette is less than the amount that would be drawn if the entire suction were applied in accordance with this 3,232,299 Fatented Feb. 1, 1966 to the cigarette. Accordingly, less oxygen is drawn into the burning portion of the cigarette so that the burning temperatures are less and generally will not be excessive. This lowering of the burning temperature causes a reduction in the production of harmful tars in the burning zone. Moreover, since the smoke passing through the tobacco is at a lower temperature, there will be less condensation of tobacco tars. The introduction of outside air can prevent the transmission of substantial quantities of the harmful tars if desired.

Another feature of the invention is that the holder is adjustable to control the amount of outside air that is directed into the tip of the holder. Accordingly, the smoker may set the holder to provide a variety of smoking conditions, with more or less outside air, as desired.

The above and other objects and features of the invention will become apparent from the following description read in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIGURE 1 is an axial section through a cigarette holder in accordance with this invention;

FIGURE 2 is an axial section through another form of cigarette holder in accordance with this invention; and

FIGURE 3 is an axial section through a third form of cigarette holder in accordance with this invention.

Referring to FIGURE 1, the cigarette holder shown therein comprises a tubular bit 10 and a tubular holder member 12. Bit 10 and holder member 12 are tapered radially inwardly toward the outer or left end of bit 10 as viewed in FIGURE 1. The outer end of bit 10 has an end wall 14 provided with a central opening 16. The inner or right end of bit It) as viewed in FIGURE 1 has an enlarged bore 18 terminating at an annular shoulder 20. Bore .18 is tapered in the same degree as the bit 10 and is adapted to receive a correspondingly tapered reduced diameter portion 22 of the holder member 12. The bore 18 and portion 22 are constructed to engage With a press fit so that the bit may be assembled securely in the position shown in FIG- URE 1. However, when desired, the bit 10 and the holder member 12 may be separated manually by the application of a relatively small separating force thereto. The press -fit is such that the holder member 12 is rotatable with respect to the bit 10 by the application of a rotary force by the smoker in separating these members as is common practice. sired, assemble and disassemble the bit 10 member 12 easily.

The outer or right end of holder member 12 as viewed and holder in FIGURE 1 is provided with a bore 24 rounded at the outer end thereof and terminating at an annular shoulder 26. Bore 24 is adapted to receive the tip of a cigarettesnugly, with the shoulder 26 serving as a stop to limit the inward movement of the cigarette. The inner or left end of the holder member 12 is provided with a wall 30 intersecting the axial pass-age therethrough. Wall 30 has a plurality of openings 32 extending axially therethrough, preferably six openings being provided. The openings 32 are spaced circumferentially equidistantly in a circular pattern.

The holder member 12 defines a frusto-conical cylindrical chamber 34 Within the reduced diameter portion 22, this chamber 34 being immediately downstream of a cigarette which has been inserted in the bore 24. The chamber 34 may be of another form, such as cylindrical. Accordingly, chamber 34 will receive smoke passing from the cigarette during smoking thereof. The cigarette holder includes passageway means providing communication between the exterior of the cigarette holder and the chamber 34 for the passage of outside air. Such passageway means comprises eight slots 36 extending radially through 10 and bolder member 12 Hence, the smoker may, as dethe wall of the reduced diameter portion 22. Slots 36 side air entering radially through the ports 40. The enare circumferentially equally spaced and extend from the trance and mixture of arr w th the smoke will reduce the shoulder 26 inwardly to the left in an axial direction. temperature of the eomhtlstloh products so that the tars The holder member 12 has an enlarged diameter portion coagulate The Combustion grofthets P from h Chem- 38 exteriorly surrounding the outer or right ends of the 5 her 34 h the opehlhgs J2 Into the Chamber The slots 36. Portion 38 terminates short of the inner or left Combustwn p d p o chamber 52 through ends of the slots 36 so that a plurality of rectangular ports theeehtrhl oPehlhgs f the thses Into the h m er 3 fr m 49 are provided, an annular shoulder 42 of portion 38 Whlch t p e P s thfqhgh the OPemhg 16 into the providing the end of each of these ports 40. The other Smokers mouth- During this e f 0f the i 8 end of the ports 49 is provided by the annular end 44 of 10 e to the surface 9 the Opehlhgs 02, the Wan the bit It this end also normally overlying the slots 36 and dCSt3, 53 shit the p being Opposed to thgshoulder 42 A cigarette holder constructed as shown in FIGURE 1 A it one d h h ld member 12 h an annular can reduce the flow of the tars therethrough. Moreover, shoulder 46 in opposed relationship with the shoulder 5111C}? some of the tats Whleh f o d are C llected on of tip 1a A pair of discs 48 and 59 are adapted to be 15 various surface areas on the interior oi the holder, the positioned between the opposed shoulders 20 and 46 to tohacco athme hrovlded thereby 1s retained, t is ar ma axially space the same. Discs 48 and 50 preferably have bang plteaslhg t the e dilferent thicknesses so that the shoulders 20 and 46 may It Wht evldeht t the elgerette holder may ecombe spaced a variety f distances preferably, the disc 50 structcd with var1ous dimensions and may have a dlfieris twice as thick as the disc 20 ent number or ports 46 and openings 32. l lowever, one

It will be appamnt that the Shoulders 20 and 4% may satisfactory design is that shown in the drawln gs1n which be positioned in four different positions by the construc thfire are prtovldefi eight P ts and 51X p nings 32- In tion shown in FIGURE 1 Hance the Shoulder 46 may this form or the invention the cigarette holder is approxrbe positioned in Contact with shoulder 20 when no discs l one a a Inches 1h e g and threeare used, may be spaced from shoulder 20 the thickness elghths of Inch dfameter t e Cigarette l'eeelvlhg of disc 43-when disc 48 is used, may be spaced from shoulthe opglmgs 32 1 Q m diameter i the der 20 the thickness of disc 50 when disc 50 is used, or 9 35 bemg 001,6 Inch 111 Width- The p r 18 very may be spaced from shoulder 20 the combined thickness Shght and may be the Order of 9 and a h degreesof discs48 and 50 when both discs are used. The holder m be made of Venous h a s, uch as It will be apparent that the spacing between shoulder 30 or plastlc' h h s the holder 1s made of n 42 and end 44 will be directly related to the spacing beof the many synthetic. h The hotfter can h mass tween the shoulders 20 and 46. As can be seen in the produced by commerclat lhleietlofl meldlng machinery so drawing, the construction is such that with the shoulders that the Cost of h holder W111 he e y Z0 and 46 in contact, the end 44-will overlie the ports 40. The form of the P" entloh shown 111 FIGURE 2 18 um- It is noted that an annular groove is defined between the lar to that shown FIGURE so that p n ng end 44 and the shoulder 42, the ports communicating partshav? e dfislgltated Wlth t h h r l with such groove. Moreover, the spacial relationship beone modlficatlon thts form t the 1I1VeI1tl011 18 that the tween the shoulder 42 and end 44 will determine the size passageway means for the Outslde lr takes the form of of the ports through which the outside air enters the eight cylindrical holes extending radially through the chamber Accordingly, thfi size of the ports is 40 port1on22 of holder member 12' and communicating with ad usted by changing the arrangement of the discs that the extentof the holder at e lefiatioh adjacent h are positioned between shoulders 20 and 46. It will be Should? T holes Pt f Inlet Ports hi heyidcnt that this change may be made quickly and easily are'varred in size by the positioning of the end 44 of tip The smoker simply separates the bit 10 and holder mem- Whlch end overhe the Ports y Various ber 12, inserts the disc desired, and reassemblies the bit 10 and holder member 12.

The wall 30 is recessed so that a chamber 52 is proshown 2 may be adjusted to y the ntak vided downstream of wall 30. Discs 48 and 50 have P outslde alt m the Same manner as the holder h wn aligned central openings 54 and 56, respectively, which RE provide communication between chamber 52'and a cham- 50 In h the t is provided With a plurality of her 58 in the downstream endof tip 10. apered ribs 60 extending axially outwardly from shoulder It has been found that for optimumresults the total 26 toward the Open ehdiot holder mehlhel' Although cross-sectional area of the eight ports 40 should be of the vanotts numbers of the ribs may he used, foul umorder of 0.0020 square inch, although satisfactory results 60 serve to deflect the cigarette wrapper radially inwardly 0.0025 square inch. This area, of course, is a function 00 as it is inserted into the bore A eordthgly, the This of the number, the dimensions and the confi uration of tend to frtcttohauy engage the exterior of the cl'gafette the ports 9 1 Size f the ports 0 may be varied in and hold the cigarette firmly within the bore 24. Also, accordance with the number of discs 48, 54 inserted withy deflecting the cigarette pp the ribs 60 tend t in the holder. Accordingly, the smoker is able to vary so matte the pp taut whereby there is 1ess tendency of the characteristics of the smoke by providing the ciga- Wrinkles hehlg formed as the cigarette ts hlser d t th rette holder with a different number-or size of the discs. holder- The formation of Wrinkles y Provide P During the smoking of a cigarette positioned within ways through which outside air may enter the chamber 34 the bore 24, smoke 1S drawn through the cigarette into through the end of the holder which could affect the chamber 34 by reason of the partial vacuum or negative amount of intake of outside air and change the characterpressure produced within the holder in response to the istics of the smoke desired by the smoker. Furthermore, application of suction by the smoker. At the same time, the ribs 60 tend to compact the tobacco at the end of the outside air is drawn through the ports 40 into the chamcigarette so that there is less tendency of the tobacco comber 34 Since the partial vacuum applied to chamber 34 g loose m the clsarette and enterms the h m r 34 is partly satisfied by outside air passing through ports 40, and possibly blocking the openings 32.

there is a lowering of the cigarette burning temperature It will be evident that the cigarette holder shown in and a reduction in tar formation as previously described. FIGURE 2 will function in the same manner as the hold- The cigarette nolder construction produces an effective er shown in FIGURE 1 during the smokln of a cigarette mixture of the outside air and smoke in chamber 34 by the smoke entering chamber 34 from the cigarette and the The cigarette holder shown in FIGURE 3 comprises a one-piece holder and bit member 70. The holder 70 is tubular so that an axial passageway 72 extends therethrough. An enlarged bore 74 is provided in one end of holder 70, this bore having rounded ends and being adapted to receive the end of a cigarette. The bore 74 terminates at an annular shoulder 76 which serves as a stop to limit the extent of insertion of the cigarette A.

The outside air passageway means comprises a plurality of slots 78 which extend axially from the cigarette receiving end of holder 7 to a location beyond the shoulder 76. The slots 78 extend radially through the holder 70 and define a plurality of rectangular inlet ports 80 between the shoulder 76 and the inner end 82 of the slots 78. This slotted construction permits the manufacture of the holder with a simple one operation molding process. The molding process is also made simpler by reason of the slots extending completely radially through the holder 7 0.

It will be evident that the cigarette holder shown in FIGURE 3 will function in a manner similar to the holder previously described during the smoking of a cigarette, with smoke entering the chamber 72 from the cigarette and outside air entering the chamber 72 through the ports 80.

It will be understood that various changes and modifications of the described forms of the invention may be made without departing from the scope of the invention. For example, the discs may be made as part of the tip portion. Also, the holders may be adapted for the smoking of cigars. Accordingly, it is not desired to be limited except as required by the following claim.

I claim:

A holder for use in the smoking of cigarettes and the like comprising a tubular bit member adapted to be held in a smokers mouth, and a tubular holder member having a portion adapted to hold the article to be smoked, one of said members being mounted telescopically within the other and providing a chamber communicating with smoke passing from the smoking article held in said portion, said one member having passageway means therein for the flow of outside air into said chamber, said passageway means including inlet port means, said members being movable axially relative to each other to a plurality of positions of different axial relationship, said other member having means movable across said inlet port means for varying the size thereof in accordance with said relative positions of said members, said members having opposed shoulders for limiting the relative movement thereof in an axial direction at one of said relative positions, said means movable across the inlet port means comprising a surface of said other member, said other member being constructed so that said surface thereof is spaced from said movement limiting shoulder thereof a distance such that said surface covers at least a portion of said inlet port means when said opposed shoulders are in contact, and at least one spacer member removably positioned between said shoulders, said shoulders being located at a terminal portion of said one member, said members being separable whereby spacer members may be removed and changed, said one member having an annular wall portion cooperating with said surface of said other member to define an annular groove therebetween extending around the exterior of the holder, said inlet port means communicating with said annular groove.

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