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Publication numberUS3233250 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1966
Filing dateJul 16, 1963
Priority dateJul 16, 1963
Publication numberUS 3233250 A, US 3233250A, US-A-3233250, US3233250 A, US3233250A
InventorsSeverin Jonassen
Original AssigneeRenauld International Inc
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Ski shield
US 3233250 A
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S. JONASSEN Feb. 8, 1966 SKI SHIELD 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed July 16, 1963 INVENTOR SEVER\N JONASSEN S. JONASSEN Feb. 8, 1966 SKI SHIELD 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed July 16. 1963 SEVERIN JONASSEN United States Patent 3,233,250 SKI SHIELD Severin Jonassen, Lafayette Hill, Pa., assignor, by mesne assignments, to Renauld International, Inc., Reading, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania Filed July 16, 1963, Ser. No. 295,407 Claims. (Cl. 214) The present invention relates to improvements in eyewear in general and, more particularly, to eyewear for sportsmen such as goggles for skiers.

An object of the invention is to provide a securely fitting but comfortable goggle for protecting the eyes against wind and glare and which further is of extremely lightweight and is expensive in construction.

Another object of the invention is to provide goggle type eyewear in which the eyeshield or lens is readily removable -and replaceable by other shields or lenses of different colors or intensities best suited to conditions con-fronted by the user.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent from the following detailed description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings wherein a preferred embodiment of the principles of the invention has been selected for exemplification.

In the drawings:

FIG. 1 shows a ski goggle constructed in accordance with the invention operatively positioned upon a user;

FIG. 2 is an enlarged exploded perspective view of the goggle shown in FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is a front elevational view;

FIG. 4 is a side elevational view;

FIG. 5 is an enlarged vertical sectional view taken on the line 5-5 of FIG. 3;

FIG. 6 is an enlarged vertical sectional view taken on the line 6-6 of FIG. 4; and

FIG. 7 is an enlarged fragmentary detail view showing the eyeframe and shield connecting means.

Referring more particularly to the drawing, wherein like numerals refer to like parts, a Sportsman's goggle constructed in accordance with the invention is designated in its entirety by the numeral 10.

A browbar 12, preferably having a reduced central portion 14, extends transversely of the goggle and is provided with rearwardly extended reversely bent depending temple buckle if desired, is supported by the opposed temple members 16 are formed preferably of relatively slender rod-like metal light in weight but sufficiently rigid to provide a durable frame for the goggle.

For supporting the goggle 10 upon the head of the user a conventional elastic strap 18, including a rear adjusting buckle if desired, is supported by the opposed temple members 16 by passing the looped ends of the strap over the free extremities of the temple members.

A nosepiece indicated in its entirety at 20 may be molded or otherwise formed of any suitable plastic material and includes a lower bridge engaging yoke 22, upper forehead bearing arms 24, a forwardly extending collar 26 for engaging the reducing central portion 14 of the browbar 12 and an intermediate inwardly slanted bearing face 28 for the central portion of the eyeshield 30. As will be apparent from the drawings, the eyeshield 30 has a substantially vertical and flat central nosebridging portion and the upright bearing face 28 of the nosepiece 20 is adapted to engage such nosebridging portion of the eyeshield.

The eyeshield or lens 30 includes integral rearwardly extended end portions 32 and is preferably formed of any suitable resilient or flexible plastic material, it being under- 3,233,250 Patented F ab. 8, 1966 ice stood that a plurality of such shields 30 of varying color or density may be provided, if desired, for selective use with the goggle in accordance with particular circumstances.

For securing the eyeshield 30 to the browbar 12 connecting means are provided in the form of upper and lower apertures 34 in the opposed rearwardly extended end portions 32 of the eyeshield and complementing upper and lower projections 36 carried by the opposed temple members 16 of the browbar. The apertures 34 are of angular,

preferably substantially triangular configuration, and the projections 36 are of bulbous, preferabl substantially spherical form. The angular configuration of the apertures is desirable for more secure engagement with the projections. In one form of the invention the width or diameter of the projections 36 is slightly greater than the width of the apertures 34 so that, as the resiliency of the material surrounding the apertures allows the projections to pass through the apertures, a snap connecting or disconnecting action results. Thus, any selected eyeshield may be quickly adapted to the goggle merely by snapping the complementary projections 36 and apertures 34 together and, of course, just as readily removed by pulling the projections and apertures apart.

It will be apparent from the foregoing that the present invention provides goggle type eyewear greatly improved in all practical respects and of attractive appearance.

It is to be understood that the invention is not confined to the particular construction and arrangement of parts herein illustrated and described but embraces all modifications thereof as may come within the scope of the following claims.

It is claimed:

1. A central nosepiece for an eyeshield having a substantially vertical and fiat nosebridging portion, the said nosepiece comprising, a lower nosebridge engaging yoke, upper laterally extending forehead bearing arms, an upright bearing face intermediate said nosebridge engaging yoke and said forehead bearing arms, said bearing face adapted to engage said nosebridging portion, and means for securing the nosepiece to the eyeshield, said nosepiece being integrally formed as a single unit.

2. The nosepiece of claim 1 wherein the means for securing the nosepiece to the eyeshield is a collar extending forwardly of the upper laterally extending forehead bearing arms.

3. The nosepiece of claim 1 wherein the intermediate upright bearing face is inwardly slanted.

4. A ski goggle which comprises; a browbar having a central portion and rearwardly extended reversely bent depending temple members; an inwardly slanted eyeshield having rearwardly extended end portions depending from said browbar; a central nosepiece having formed integrally therewith a lower nosebridge engaging yoke, upper forehead bearing arms, a forwardly extending collar securing the nosepiece to the central portion of said browbar and an intermediate inwardly slanted bearing face in contact with the central portion of said eyesield; means engageable between the temple members of said browbar and the rearwardly extended end portions of said eyeshield for removably securing said eyeshield to said browbar and means carried by said temple members for operatively securing the goggle to the wearer.

5. The device of claim 4 wherein the means for removably securing the eyeshield and the browbar comprises apertures provided in the rearwardly extended end portions of the eyeshield and projections carried by the temple members engageable with said apertures.

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European ClassificationA61F9/02G