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Publication numberUS3240393 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1966
Filing dateJan 14, 1965
Priority dateJan 14, 1965
Publication numberUS 3240393 A, US 3240393A, US-A-3240393, US3240393 A, US3240393A
InventorsChester Jablonski Leon
Original AssigneeChester Jablonski Leon
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Multi-color dispensing tube with grooved outlet rollers
US 3240393 A
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L 50 C. l/ABA O/VS/f/ INVE/VTGP United States Patent 3,240,393 MULTI-COLOR DISPENSING TUBE WITH GROOVED OUTLET ROLLERS Leon Chester Jablonski, Sufield, Conn. (8 Brainard Road, Thompsonville, Conn.) Filed Jan. 14, 1965, Ser. No. 425,590 4 Claims. (Cl. 222-94) This invention generally relates to a new kind of tooth paste tube which will produce square and marked tooth paste.

An object of the invention is to provide a tooth paste tube which is simple in construction, safe for children, easy to manipulate, well adapted for its purpose, and relatively inexpensive to manufacture.

Another object of the invention is to provide a tooth paste which will be different in design and pleasing to children.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be described fully in detail in the construction and operation as hereinafter claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawing forming a part here of, like numerals referring to like parts throughout, and in which:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view showing the device as it would appear looking at it from the side. The hidden working parts are indicated by dotted lines.

FIGURE 2 is a perspective view showing the device as it would appear from the top. Like in FIGURE 1 the dotted lines indicate the hidden working parts.

FIGURE 3 is an enlarged section view of FIGURE 1, taken on line 33 of FIG. 1, showing the working parts of the device as it would appear it cut in half.

FIGURE 4 is an enlarged view of an upper portion of FIGURE 3.

FIGURE 5 is a section view, taken on line 55 of FIGURE 3.

In carrying out the invention, referring now specifically to the drawing, there is provided a tooth paste tube 1, which has two different colors of tooth paste, one white 4, and the other a different color 5. In the top of the said tooth paste tube '1, there is a holder 2. In the said holder there are four rollers 3 that are grooved.

In the manipulation of this invention the tooth paste tube 1 is squeezed; this applies pressure on the white tooth paste 4, which in turn will apply pressure on the colored "ice tooth paste 5. The pressure on the white tooth paste will be relieved by the square hole in the holder 2. As the white tooth paste 4 moves up the side of the holder 2, it will hit the four rollers 3 and move them. At the same time, the pressure on the colored tooth paste 5 would have forced itself in thegrooves of the four rollers.

Hence, when the white tooth paste 4 comes in contact with the four rollers 3 they turn. As the rollers 3 turn, the colored tooth paste 5 in the grooves will attach to the white tooth paste. This will produce a design on the white tooth paste 4.

The specifications of the invention are not designed to be limited to the exact construction and operation as described. There are numerous modifications that will occur to those that are skilled within the scope of this invention, therefore, it is understood that said changes and equivalents may be resorted to as long as said variations fall within the scope of this invention as claimed.

Having thus completely and fully described the inven tion, what is now claimed as new follows:

1. A multi-color paste tube comprising a main tube for a colored paste, an auxiliary holder within said tube for a different colored paste, the outlets of said holder and said tube being adjacent each other, a roller having at least one groove at said outlets and arranged so that the paste from the main tube rotates said roller, which roller receives said different colored paste from said auxiliary holder in said groove and deposits said different colored paste on to said first mentioned paste as it issues past said roller to produce a multi-colored stream of paste.

2. The tube of claim ll wherein there are a plurality of rollers at said outlets, arranged at angles to each other.

3. The tube of claim 1 wherein there are a plurality of rollers at said outlets, defining a polygon.

4. The tube of claim 3 wherein there are four rollers defining a rectangle.

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U.S. Classification222/94, 222/135, 222/145.3
International ClassificationB65D35/24
Cooperative ClassificationB65D35/242
European ClassificationB65D35/24B