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Publication numberUS3244329 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 5, 1966
Filing dateMar 26, 1965
Priority dateMar 26, 1965
Publication numberUS 3244329 A, US 3244329A, US-A-3244329, US3244329 A, US3244329A
InventorsCates Earl L
Original AssigneeCates Earl L
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Bottled water dispenser
US 3244329 A
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April 5, 1966 E. CATES 3,244,329

amaze Fatented Apr. 5, 1 .956

3,244,329 BOTTLED WATER DISPENSER Earl L. Gates, 6287 Cowles Mountain Blvd., San Diego, Calif. Filed Mar. 26, 1965, Ser. No. 442,994 1 Claim. (Ci. 222-132) The present invention relates to -a bottled water dispenser, and more particularly, to a bottled water dispenser which does not require an inverting of the bottle.

Prior art bottled water dispensers, of the type utilized in homes and offices have been plagued with the necessity of inverting the bottle full of water over the cabinet to which it is mounted. This procedure is at best inconvenient, and at times impossible, depending upon the condition and health of the consumer.

According to the invention, a cabinet is provided with a provision for the insertion of a water filled bottle on the base, thereof, whichrequires virtually no lifting or inverting. A fiexible hose is placed into the neck of the bottle and extends down to the base of the bottle. The hose is brought up into a top compartment of the cabinet, where it is attached to the intake of a self-priming pump. A spigot is connected to the exhaust of the pump, with a push-type valve attached thereto. The pump is mechanically coupled to a motor which is actuated through a switch by any convenient electrical power outlet. A pilot light is placed on the motor side of the switch indicating when the motor and pump are actuated. A door is provided for covering the bottle, i.e., the bottom Compartnent of the cabinet, and is preferably constructed as a panel with metallic members for cooperation with small magnets mounted around the periphery of the cabinet opening. Hence, the need for lifting and/ or inverting the bottle for installation, is completely obviated.

An object of the present invention is the provision of a bottled water dispenser in which the necessity for lifting the bottle for installation is obviated.

Another object is to provide a bottled water dispenser which does not require inversion of the Water bottle.

Another object of the invention is to provide a bottled water dispenser in which the bottle is completely hidden from view when in operation.

Still another object is to provide a bottled water dispenser which is simple, inexpensive and requires a minimum of maintenance and adjustment.

Other objects and many of the attendant advantages of this invention will be readily appreciated as the same becomes better understood by reference to the following detailed description, when considered in connection with the accompanying drawing in which like reference numerals designate like parts throughout the figures thereof and wherein:

FIG. 1 is a pictorial View, partially cut away, of the present invention; and

FIG. 2 is a schematic representation of the present intion.

Referring to FIG. 1, a cabinet 11 is provided having an opening 12 for the reception of bottled water 13. Magnets 14 are spaced around the periphery of opening 12 for cooperation with metallic members 16 mounted on door 17. Toggle switch 18 turns on a motor (not shown) for the actuation of a pump (not shown) and pilot light 19 indicates the application of power through switch 18.

Spigot 21 is connected to the pump (not shown) and push valve 22 is mounted on spigot 21. Drip container 23 is carried by cabinet 11 under spigot 21 to catch any drops that may be Spilled.

Referring to FIG. 2, the system is shown schematically. Cabinet 11 has bottle 13 mounted therein with flexible hose 26 going through the neck of bottle 13 and resting on the bottom thereof. Flexible hose 25 is connected to the intake side of pump 2'7. The spigot 21 is connected to the exhaust side of purnp 27 through valve 23 and line 28. The motor 20 is actuated through plug 29 and switch 18 and is mechanically coupled to pump 27. Pilot light 19 is connected on the motor side of switch 18.

In operation, the bottle 13 is placed in cabinet 11 and fiexible hose 26 inserted through the neck thereof to the bottom of the bottle 13. Switch 18 is thrown, actuating motor 20 and pump 27. Pump 27 is self-priming so water begins flowing immediately from bottle 13 up through hose 26, pump 27, line 28 to valve 22. When valve 22 is opened by pushing, fluid from the container will then flow through spigot 21.

It should be understood, of course, that the foregoing disclosure relates to only a preferred embodiment of the invention, and that it is intended to cover all changes and modifications of the example of the invention herein chosen for the purposes of the disclosure, Which do not constitute departures from the spirit and scope of the invention.

I claim:

A bottled water dispenser comprising:

a cabinet having a horizontally extending partition dividing said cabinet into upper and lower Compartments therein, said lower compartment adapted to receive a water bottle in an upright position;

a self-priming Water pump mounted on said partition and in said upper compartment, said pump having an intake and an exhaust;

a flexible hose connected to said pump intake, said hose adapted to be positioned within a water bottle in said lower cOmpartment; and

an outlet line connected to said pump exhaust, said outlet line being terminated in a valve and spigot.

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RAPHAEL M. LUPO, Primary Exam'ner.


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