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Publication numberUS3244443 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 5, 1966
Filing dateMay 17, 1965
Priority dateMay 17, 1965
Publication numberUS 3244443 A, US 3244443A, US-A-3244443, US3244443 A, US3244443A
InventorsRodgers Marion E
Original AssigneeRodgers Marion E
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Magnetic door stop
US 3244443 A
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April 5, 1966 M. E. RODGERS 3,244,443

MAGNETIC DOOR STOP Filed May 17, 1965 25 z ail INVENTOR. MAE/OM 1?. 12006525 BY 26 0. WW%

ATTOIENEV United States Patent 3,244,443 MAGNETIC DOOR STOP Marion E. Rodgers, 5833 Gregory, Hollywood, Calif. Substituted for abandoned application Ser. No. 216,614, Aug. 13, 1962. This application May 17, 1965, Ser.

1 Claim. (Cl. 292251.5)

This application is a substitute for Serial No. 216,614, filed August 13, 1962, now abandoned.

This invention relates to building hardware, and more especially t door-stop and check devices.

An object of the invention is to provide a simple, practical and inexpensive door stop of the character described.

Another object of the invention is to provide an improved door stop having a more effective door check action.

Another object of the invention is to provide a novel magnetic door stop.

A further object of the invention is to provide a door stop device having improved features of flexibility which permit it to be used with a door that is not parallel to a Wall when in an open position.

Other objects and advantages will appear and be brought out more fully in the following specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, wherein:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective, exploded view of a door stop and check device incorporating the present invention.

FIGURE 2 is a sectional View taken along line 22 of FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 3 is a sectional view taken along line 3-3 of FIGURE 2.

FIGURE 4 is a view similar to- FIGURE 2 showing the door stop in a modified aspect.

Referring now in detail to the drawing the door stop of this invention comprises an elongated body having a shank 10, a base 11 and a head 12. Shank includes a plurality of flanges 13 which extend in tapering formation from base 11 to head 12. The foregoing enumerated parts are preferably made of a suitably formed plastic having a moderate degree of flexibility and resiliency. Base 11 is provided with holes to receive screws 14 by which it may be secured to the baseboard 15 of a building wall.

Head 12 is in the general form of a circular flange and has an arcuate or dish-shaped recess 16. A cup 17 of ferrous metal material is secured to the outer side of head 12 by a screw 18 which is run into shank 10, the screw having head 19 positioned a recessed portion 20 of cup 17.

A permanent magnet 21, in the general form of a disc, is positioned and retained by cup 17 by magnetic attraction and is cooperable with a strike plate 22 which may be secured on the face of a door frame member 23 as by drive nails 24 driven through mounting holes 25 in the strike plate. Strike plate 22 is shown as having a pair of struck up prongs 26 by which the strike plate may be adhered to the door 23 by merely being driven therein.

The base 10 and head 12 of the door stop are preferably made of a suitable plastic material whereby the cup 17 containing the magnet 21 may be tilted at an angle as shown in FIGURE 4 for cooperation with strike plate 22 when mounted on a door which makes an angle to the wall base member 15 when the door is in open position and being held by the door check and stop of this invention.

The door stop and check of this invention has superior holding qualities by reason of the mounting of the magnet 21 in the ferrous metal cup 17 and the co-action with the strike plate 22. By this construction and arrangement of parts the cup 17 Will be held firmly against strike plate 26 by an unusually strong attractive force. The door check has been shown as having a substantially straight shank or body portion 10 for mounting on a vertical Wall, baseboard or other similar structure, however body 10 can, if desired, be curved or formed at an angle to permit being mounted on a floor where such type of mounting is preferred or desired.

The invention has been described in considerable detail in order to comply with the patent laws by providing a full public disclosure of at least one of its forms. However, such detailed description is not intended in any way to limit the broad features or principles of the invention, or the scope of patent monopoly to be granted.

What I claim is:

A magnetic door stop comprising; an elongate base member having a flexible, outwardly extending peripheral flange forming an arcuate recess at one end; a ferrous metal cup articulately secured to said one end over said recess and against said flange, a disc-like magnet in said cup; and a ferrous metal plate adapted to be secured to a door or wall member.

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JOSEPH D. SEERS, Primary Examiner.

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U.S. Classification292/251.5, 16/82, 16/86.00R
International ClassificationE05C17/00, E05C17/56
Cooperative ClassificationE05C17/56
European ClassificationE05C17/56