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Publication numberUS3245166 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1966
Filing dateOct 14, 1964
Priority dateOct 14, 1964
Publication numberUS 3245166 A, US 3245166A, US-A-3245166, US3245166 A, US3245166A
InventorsVilhelm Hagner Bo Anders
Original AssigneeVilhelm Hagner Bo Anders
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Sheet for philatelistic use
US 3245166 A
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April 1966 B0 ANDERS v. HAGNER 3,245,166

SHEET FOR PHILATELISTIC USE Filed Oct. 14, 1964 3a A. F/J ayze;

BY +m ORNEY5 United States Patent 3,245,166 SHEET FOR PHILATELISTIC USE Bo Anders Vilhelm Hagner, Orrvagen 11, N asby Park, Sweden Filed Oct. 14, 1964, Ser. No. 403,841 1 Claim. (Cl. 40-159) This application is a continuation-in-part of application Serial No. 118,459, now abandoned.

This invention relates to a sheet for use in pbilately as well as for collecting plane light objects other than postage stamps. The sheet is substantially characterized in that on a fiat, stiff sheet-shaped support are secured a plurality of transparent strips made of a flexible material, preferably plastics, such that the strips are secured along a narrow portion of at least one edge.

According to the invention an entire sheet of a flexible transparent plastic material is laid upon a flat, stiff sheet-shaped support which is provided with one or a plurality of transversely extending adhesive lines arranged in parallel, that the plastic material, in the event that a plurality of adhesive lines are provided, is Worked with a cutting tool close to and below the adhesive lines such, that between the plastic material and the said sheet-shaped support pockets are formed which can be opened.

An object of the invention is to provide a device in which plastic material which has a natural curvature owing to its storage in rolled state, is cut to size and laid on the sheet-shaped support to be joined thereto, in such a manner, that the concave surface faces the sheetshaped support, and the adhesive lines are located per pen-dicularly to the curvature.

The invention will be described in greater detail in the following, reference being had to the accompanying drawing,

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of an embodiment of the invention.

FIGURE 2 shows on an enlarged scale a detail of the sheet produced according to the invention with a collection piece inserted.

FIGURES 3 and 4 show different steps of the method according to the invention, and

FIGURE 5 shows on an enlarged scale a section through the sheet with a collection piece inserted.

The sheet according to the invention comprises a sheetshaped support 1 which may be card-board or another suitable material which on one or both sides by means of adhesive lines 2 holds a plurality of strips 3 of transparent flexible material, preferably plastics, in such a manner, that between the cardboard 1 and the strips 3 pockets are formed which are open upwardly as well as on both sides. The adhesive line 2 is placed along the lower edge of each strip 3 rendering the pocket thus easy to open entirely and to be bent considerably in the outward direction from the cardboard 1, so that the collection pieces are easily accessible. By this arrangement, furthermore, even the electrostatic effect created is utilized to its full extent, by which effect the collection piece 4 is caused to place itself in the middle between the cardboard 1 and the strip 3 when the pocket is being opened (FIG. 2). Moreover, the said electrostatic effect contributes to keeping the collection pieces in place. The retaining force proper is intended to be brought about by pressing or inserting the piece against the fastening of the strip on the cardboard.

The method for making the sheet can be carried out 1r:3 1different ways, the following one being the most favora e.

To the sheet-shaped support is secured by adhesive lines an entire sheet of the transparent flexible material. Thereafter, or at the same time, a cutting tool is applied to the transparent material close to and below each adhesive line. The material need not be cut through, but a scratched slit or scored line 5 will be sufficient. When a pocket is to be opened for the first time, a tweezers or the like is inserted from the side, whereby the pocket is slit open.

As transparent flexible material is employed preferably such material which owing to its storage in rolls was given a permanent curvature. The material is laid on the cardboard in the matter shown in FIG. 3 such, that the concave surface faces the cardboard and the adhesive lines extend perpendicularly to the curvature. Hereby, in spite of the fact that a strip is secured at its lower edge and a collection piece is inserted, the upper edge of the strip will abut to the cardboard (FIGS. 4 and 5), whereby additional protection for the collection piece is rendered by keeping dust and small foreign matter out.

The sheets may even be made such, that on the sheetshaped support are secured a plurality of adjacent strips by means of an adhesive line for each strip, in such a manner, that the sheet-shaped support is covered entirely or almost entirely by strips having the aforesaid curvature.

The flat, stilt sheet-shaped support which was mentioned above to be of cardboard or the like may, of course, be replaced by any other material, inclusive, of plastics, in which latter case, however, the joining by ad hesive is to be replaced by welding or another method of joining.

I claim:

An article of manufacture comprising a flat stiff sheet of material, a sheet of transparent, relatively flexible material overlying a face of said stifl material, and a plurality of transversely extending parallel lines of adhesive material spaced apart from each other and adhering said stifi sheet and said flexible sheet together along said lines of adhesive material, said transparent sheet being provided with scored tear lines along the lower edges of said lines of adhesive material to facilitate tearing along said scored lines to form individual pockets.

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EUGENE R. CAPOZIO, Primary Examiner.


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International ClassificationB42F5/00, B42F5/02
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European ClassificationB42F5/02