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Publication numberUS324518 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1885
Filing dateOct 30, 1884
Publication numberUS 324518 A, US 324518A, US-A-324518, US324518 A, US324518A
InventorsEichaed W. Bates
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Store casing or finishing
US 324518 A
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YPatented Aug. 18



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 324,518, dated August 18, 1885.

Application filed October 30, 1884.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, RICHARD W. Barns, of Chicago, State of I llinois, haveinvented a new and useful Store Casing or Finishing, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in store casing or finishing, designed for storing the stock of goods on sale in the salesrooin in compact form, so as to be readily accessible; and the objects are, rst, to conceal the stock and protect it from dust; second, to facilitate the handling of the stock, and, third, to give the salesroom a more elegant appearance than can be done when the goods are exposed on open shelves orfcounters. I attain these objects by constructing the casing or iinishing substantially as illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure l represents a portion of a front elevation of a casing containing my invention. Fig. 2 is a portion of a horizontal section taken on line y y, Fig. l. Fig. 3 is a cross vertical section on line x x, Fig. l.

The finishing as here illustrated is designed for a shoe-store; but the same principle may be applied to the various kinds of stores.

A designates an upper chamber, having interior compartments, B, with sliding doors B. These compartments are intended for storing the excess of stock, as are also the compartments D at the bottom.

C designates the compartments fer containing the supply or assortment of goods from which the retailing is made. These compartments are formed by the shelves C,extending in to the wall or a separate back board, B, and to upright dividing-partitions A. These compartments are made dust-tight, and of the proper size to correspond with the class and quantity oi' goods desired to be kept in the retail assortment, and are provided with a folding leaf, C, secured to each alternate shelf if the compartments are small, or, if large, to each shelf. rIhese leaves are provided with a smooth surface on the upper or inner side, and are hinged to the shelf, so that when let down, as seen at the middle one, the upper or inner surface will be even with the upper snrface of the shelf. They have a folding brace, b, at each end, so that When let down they will :form a projecting counter to the sh elf, capable (No model.)

and preparatory to replacing them in the compartments. When folded up, the leaves are retained by compressible globes c, made of rubber or iiexible material, which press against the ends of the leaves as they are pushed up in place, and retain them by friction, so that they may be readily let down without unfastening by simply pulling them down from the top. These compressible globes are secured to the uprights A by a washer, c', and screw c, so that the friction against the ends of the leaves may be increased by tightening the screw at any time, so as to iiatten the globe slightly, and thereby cause it to be extended laterally or toward the leaves. The back or outer side of the leaves is ornamented by forming them in panels, as c, or otherwise to give a pleasing appearance. The casing is made in sections comprising one or two of the compartments C in width, adapted to be fitted to the Walls of the store and have the sections joined together at the sides, so as to cover the entire walls from the ceiling down to the iioor, using the upper and lower enlarged compartments, A and D, or not, as desired.

For shoe-stores it is desirable to have mirrors near the door at the bottom of the casing, along the front of the seat occupied by persons trying on shoes, for the convenience of reflecting the feet, so that they can be seen without rising from the seat. To attain this convenience I employ a sliding mirror, E, between the sliding doors F of the bottom compartment,D. I use a mirror in each section of the casing, and arrange it to slide to either end of the section and be covered by one of the doors F, or be exposed, as desired, at either side of the section, such doors and mirror all being slid to one side to open the compartment D at one side and back to open it on the other. The casing is also provided with one or more sliding steps, G, which may be drawn out to step up on when it is desired to reach the upper compartments,or pushed in out of the way when not required.

What is claimed iswww IOO l. The casing or nishing for the interior of stores7 comprising compartments C, shelvesV C', leaves C, folding braces b, and automatic fastenings a, all combined and arranged substantially as and for the purpose specified.

2. In a casing or nishing for the interior of stores, the leaves C, hinged to the shelves (Y, in combination With the folding braces b and adjustable automatic fastenings a, as and for the purpose specied.

3. The casing or finishing for the interior of stores, comprising,` the upper and lower sections with compartments A D, and a middle section7 with smaller compartments C, provided with folding leaves C, jointed braces b, I5 and automatic fastenings a, all combined and arranged substantially as and for the purposes shown.

et. In a store casing` or iinishing, the lower sectiomD, provided with sliding mirror Eand 2o sliding doors F, as and for the purpose specified.

RICHARD W. BATES. Witnesses:


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