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Publication numberUS3251399 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 17, 1966
Filing dateDec 26, 1963
Priority dateDec 26, 1963
Publication numberUS 3251399 A, US 3251399A, US-A-3251399, US3251399 A, US3251399A
InventorsGrossman Manny
Original AssigneeGrossman Manny
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Window cover acting as storm window
US 3251399 A
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May 17, 1966 MA GROSSMAN WINDOW COVER ACTING AS STORM WINDOW Filed Dec. 26, 1963 INVENTOR. mim/:off Waff/mm United States` Patent O 3,251,399 WINDOW COVER ACTING AS STORM WINDOW Manny Grossman, 1901 Hennessey Place, Bronx, N.Y. Filed Dec. 26, 1963, Ser. No. 333,460 1 Claim. (Cl. 160-180) This invention relates to a window covering device and more particularly to a flexible transparent cover for a window that will actas a storm window.

In manybuilding structures, windows loosely fit in l their frames or sash permitting the ingress of cold air, wind and dust, giving rise to discomfort, increased fuel cost, as well as the burden of more-frequent cleaning operations.

Though the application of conventional storm windows of glass within wood or metal frames, is well known, such are rigid, bulky and hard to handle units requiring special fittings in their placement over windows as well as the utilization of substantial storage space when not in use.

It is accordingly the principal object of this invention to provide an interior window cover of a flexible, transparent material that can be easily applied and secured to the inside of a window frame to effect a weather-tight each other by a slight pulling movement.

Another object of this invention is to form`in the flexible, transparent window cover, a flap portion forming a part of the transparent cover and having separable edges detachably secured to the transparent cove`r such as to provide an opening therein to the outside.

The invention further consists in the several features hereinafter described and more particularly pointed out in the appended claim.

In the drawing:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the transparent window cover showing details of the co-acting fastener strips as well as the openable flap portion.

FIGURE 2 is an elevational view of the transparent Window cover mounted on a conventional window sash.

FIGURE 3 is a detail sectional View taken on line 3-3, FIGURE 1, showing the openable ap portion.

FIGURE 4 is a detail view of the co-acting fastener strips.

FIGURE 5 is a fragmentary perspective view of the invention mounted in a window.

Referring to the drawings, denotes a conventional window frame having the usual sash opening receiving the window 12.

The window cover 14, is made of a sheet of any suitable flexible, transparent plastic material, as for example, polyethaline, that is dimensioned to snugly t the window frame 10, either on or Within the same, as shown in FIGURE 2.

The cover 14 is comprised of having a flat panel 14a and having peripheral side edges 14h and top and bottom edges 14e which are turned inwardly to form a ange which is perpendicular to the panel 14a, a separable fastener element.

Formed 'within the body of the cover 14 is a flap 16, the sides 18 and top 20 of which are cut from the cover such that the bottom of the ap will provide a hinge connection as will be readily apparent. A slide fastener 22 serves to detachably connect the sides 18 and top 20 of the flap to the body of the cover, the slide fastener having a-nger gripping tab (23) on the slide 24 being vcover 14 to the outside of the window by freeing the flap 16 which may be, swung down. Such an access opening in the cover 14 formed bythe ap 16 is desirable for many'purposes such as access to the window lock, to open the window for ventilation and to permit passage of objects therethrough without removal of the cover 14. It is to be understood that the flap 16 may be formed of triangular shape with two free sides or in part of any desired shape, rectilinear or curved.

To secure the window cover 14 to the frame molding, a separable fastener of the type known as VELCRO is employed. This type of fastener employs two like tiexi ible strips 30, see FIGURE 4, of a fabric or other similar material that constitutes a backing for a dense, fibrous or thread-like nap 32. When the strips 30 are brought into'contacting engagement under slight pressure, the naps 32 will interengage and/ or interlock to hold the stripsV 30 tightly together. Separation of the strips 30 is effected by simply pulling the strips apart.

Thus, for the purposes of this invention, one nap-carrying VELCRO strip 30 is secured to the outside side of the ange formed by edges 14b and 14C of the flexible plastic window cover 14 in any desired manner known in the art as by a Dermal bond, adhesives, stitching, etc. The other and complemental VELCRO strip 30 is secured in any desired manner as by adhesives, tacks, etc. tov the inner edge 25u of the window frame molding 25.

To apply the flexible, transparent plasticV window cover 14 to the window, the naps 32 of the VELCRO fastener strips are carefully aligned and simply pressed together. This will securely hold the window cover 14 in place and will also provide an airtight seal. Removal of the window cover 14 from the window is effected by simply pulling theperimeter edge portions of the same away from the nap carrying strip 30 that is secured to the window frame molding 25. This pulling away of the window cover 14 is facilitated by providing along the bottom of the cover 14, and on the inside thereof, a pair of hand-holds or grips 34.

The flexible, transparent plastic window cover 14 with attached fastener strip 30 may be readily rolled into a roll for either storage or transport.

It will be seen that the flexible, transparent plastic window cover 14 and its mode of attachment to a window frame molding, along with its separable -ap 16 makes for a very effective, cheap and efficient storm window. The window cover 15 is readily adaptable as a cover for windows or other structural openings of a variety of shapes as will be apparent. 'The cover 14 also has application as a removable closure for purposes other than forwindows as set forth above as such a cover of eXible material, plastic or otherwise, transparent or not, employing a VELCRO fastener, is applicable for closets, doorways, display windows or cabinets, etc.

While certain novel features of my invention have been shown and described and are pointed out in the annexed claim, it will be understood that various omissions, substitutions and changes in the forms and details of the device illustrated and in its operation can be made by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

For use with a vwindow frame and a window sash mounted therein, a readily attachable and removable interior window cover comprising:

(a) a flexible sheet of transparent p lastic material,

(b) a continuous flange of uniform width formed integral with said sheet, extending completely around the perimeter thereof and normal thereto,

(c) said sheet and ange corresponding in length and width to the inside of said window frame so as to closely t therein,

(d) an engageable and disengageable strip fastener means between said flange and window frame for securing said sheet thereto,

(e) said strip fastener means comprising a pair of continuous strip elements each having an exposed nap formation provided on one side thereof,

(f) one strip element being secured to said window frame completely around its inside perimeter normal to the window sash and the other strip element being secured to the outer face of said flange, whereby on positioning of the sheet with its ange directed away from the window sash within the window frame and placing the strip element on the ange thereof in opposed contacting relation to the window frame strip element and applying pressure thereon, said nap formations will interlock to secure the sheet in xed position within said window frame,

(g) a pair of nger hold means at the lower side of said sheet adjacent to and inwardly of the flange thereat,

(h) a flap cut out from said sheet having parallel vertical sides and a horizontal top side, the lower side of said flap forming a hinge connection with said sheet adjacent to the lower side thereof and above said linger hold means,

(i) slide fastener means securing the free vertical sides and top side of the flap to said sheet, and

(j) said ap when disconnected from said sheet providing an access opening therein.

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HARRISON R. MOSELEY, Primary Examiner.

P. M. CAUN, Assistant Examiner.

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International ClassificationE06B3/28
Cooperative ClassificationY10S52/13, E06B3/285
European ClassificationE06B3/28F