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Publication numberUS325551 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 1, 1885
Publication numberUS 325551 A, US 325551A, US-A-325551, US325551 A, US325551A
InventorsCharles M. Lux Ens
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Head-rest for embalming-tables
US 325551 A
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(1&0 Model.)



Patented Sept. 1, 1885.


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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 325,551, dated September 1, 1885.

Application filed October 3, 1884.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, CHARLES M. LUKENS, of the city of Springfield, county of Ola-rk,and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in HeadRests for Embalming-Tables, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to headrests to be used with embalming-tables and other apparatus.

Heretofore head rests as applied to embalming-tablcs have been fixed to the frame work of the table, and have been capable of but one adjustment.

The object of my invention is to provide a head-rest for embalming-tables of such construction that it may be adjusted to different angles to suit the subject and which may be retained in position without being fastened to the table. This is a great desideratuni, as it permits the-head-rest to be placed in position without disturbing the subject, and it permits the head to be quickly positioned, as is desirable when an operation is to be performed.

My invention consists in a headrest for embalming-ta-bles and othersiniilar apparatus, having a base provided with a hinged headrest-supporting standard and a hinged headrest, substantially as and for the purpose hereinafter described.

It also consists in a head-rest the base of which is provided with an adjustable headrest-supporting standard, said standard being hinged to the base and provided with a ratchet-wheel, in combination with mechanism to regulate the adjustment of the supportingstandard and retain it in adjusted position, said standard being provided with a head-rest plate hinged thereto, substantially as and for the purpose hereinafter described.

It also consists in an embalming-table headrest having an oblong base adapted to extend down between the shoulders of the subject, said base being provided with a head-rest-supporting standard provided with a ratchet wheel and hinged to the base, said standard being also provided with a head-rest plate hinged thereto,provided with a ratchet-wheel, and pawls pivoted to the base and standard, to engage the said ratchet-wheels to regulate the adjustment of the said standard and head (No model.)

rest plate, substantially as and for the purpose hereinafter described.

It also consists in certain details of construction hereinafter fully set forth.

Figure 1 represents in plan view a headrest for enibalming-ta-bles constructed in accordance with my invention; Fig. 2, a side elevation of the same; Fig. 3, a vertical longitudinal section on dotted line :0 a", Fig. 1; and Fig. 4, a front elevation of the head-rest,looking in the direction of the arrow, Fig. 2.

The base of the headrest A, preferably of wood and oblong in shape, as shown in the drawings, is provided with a raised portion or block, A, to which is hinged at a a head-restsupporting standard,B. The said standard B is provided at its lower end with a toothed segment or ratchet, B, which is engaged by a pawl, B", pivoted to the base A, and has its movement in a slot, C, in the said base, a spring, D, being provided to retain the pawl in engagement with the ratchet.

The standard B is also provided with a plate, E, secured thereto, said plate having ears F at its upper end, which ears act as the sides of a hinge, to which is pivoted a ratchetwheel, G, of a head supporting plate, H, said ratchet being interposed between the said ears F. The ratchet-wheel G will preferably be formeda part integral with the head-rest plate H. They may, however, be formed in separate pieces. The head-rest plate H will be shaped to correspond to the contour of a persons head, and is cut away in the center, as shown in the drawings.

Pi voted to the plate E, upon lugs I, is a pawl, J, which pawl engages with the ratchet-wheel G to regulate its adjustment, a spring,i,being provided to retain the pawl in engagement with the said ratchet.

. By this construction it will readily be seen that the head-rest may be adjusted to many different angles, which is a great convenience, as it is in practice often necessary to change the position of the head of the subject, especially when an operation is necessary, and by constructing the head-rest with along baseplate I am enabled to adjust it to a subject and retain it in place without fastening, as the base will extend down between the shoulders of the subject, and will thereby be held in place.

As will be noticed, the pawls which engage the ratchets are each provided with a free end or thumb-piece, which free end is pressed downward to disengage the pawl from its ratchet to permit the parts to be adjusted,the springs bearing against the said pawls insuring engagement of the pawls with the ratchet.

The operation of the head-rest being obviously apparent,it will be unnecessary to enter more fully into its manipulation.

I claim 1. A head-rest the base of which is provided with a hinged adjustable head-rest-supportingstandardprovided witharatchet-wheel or segment,in combination with a pawl or other equivalent to regulate the movement of the said supporting-standard and retain it in adjusted position, said standard being provided with a headrest plate adjustably connected thereto, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

2. The combination,with a head-rest having an oblong base provided with an adjustable head-rest-supporting standard and mechanism to regulate the adjustment of the same, of a head-rest plate of a shape conforming to the shape of a head, provided with a ratchet-wheel and adjnstably connected to the supportingstandard, and a pawl connected with the said standard to engage the said ratchet-wheel to regulate and retain the head-rest plate in adjusted position,-substantially as and for the purpose described.

3. The combination, in a head-rest for embalming-tables, of the base A, slotted at one end,and provided with a pawl and spring,the supporting-standard B, having the ratchet B to be engaged by the said pawl, said standard being hinged to the base, as described, the open head-rest plate H, having a ratchetwheel, G, and hinged thereby to a face-plate, E, connected to the said standard B, and the ratchet-engaging pawl J, and its spring pivoted to the plate E to engage the ratchet wheel and regulate the movement of the headrest plate, all as and for the purpose described.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, at Springfield, Ohio, this 20th In presence of- CHASE STEWART, N. E. G. WHITNEY.

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