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Publication numberUS3256577 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1966
Filing dateFeb 10, 1965
Priority dateSep 15, 1964
Also published asDE1450953A1
Publication numberUS 3256577 A, US 3256577A, US-A-3256577, US3256577 A, US3256577A
InventorsBright Robert Granville
Original AssigneeDraftex Ltd
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US 3256577 A
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R. G. BRIGHT June 2l, 1966 CLIPS Filed Feb. l0, 1965 IHHIHIHHIHHH 3,256,577 CLIPS Robert Granville Bright, Leamington Spa, England, assignor to Draftex Limited, Coventry, England Filed Feb. 10, 1965, Ser. No. 431,502 Claims priority, application Great Britain, Sept. 15, 1964, 37,581/64 2 Claims. (Cl. 24-81) This application is a continuation in part of my United States patent application Serial No. 368,667, iiled May 19, 1964.

This invention relates to clips -for use in the attachment of draught excluding or trimming and sealing strips .to a

. supporting flange, such clips being of substantially inverted U shape in cross-section and designed to straddle the supporting flange on which they are mounted, the clips lfrictionally gripping the flange either 4directly or through the medium of the covering material.

The clip forming the subject of the present invention has certain features in common with that forming the subject lof IU.S. patent application No. 368,6'67 tiled on May 19, 1964 in that it is produced from strip or sheet or sheet material which is slit transversely at spaced points, the material being stretched longitudinally after slitting to open the slits and increase its effective length, the slitting process combined with the separation of the parts of the clip by stretching rendering the finished clip capable of universal bending movement.

The clip in accordance with the present invent-ion is produced from a somewhat wider blank than that used in constructing the clip previously proposed, the blank as previously being slit transversely Vat spaced points throughout its length, the slit-s extending across almost the full width of the blank, the blank being yformed with additional slits intermediate the first mentioned slits which extend from the longitudinal edges of the blank inwardly towards the longitudinal center line of the blank, the longitudinal edges of the blank being bent prior to or subsequent to the blank being bent transversely into substantially inverted U shape, inwardly and upwardly so that they grip directly or indirectly a supporting flange on which the clip is mounted.

The inwardly and upwardly bent parts form a spine or vertibrae including -a series of spaced tangs, the extremities of which lie substantially midway of the depth of the clip, the extremities lying on or near the longitudinal bending axis of the clip.

The action of stretching the blank which may be done prior to or subsequent to the blank being bent into substantially inverted U shape has the efr'ect -of opening the slits, the second mentioned slits assuming a narrow angle of V shape.

Consequently if the clip is bent in a plane containing the flange and in either direction one set of slits tends to open and the other to close and consequently if the blank has been stretched to open the slits the -requisite amount, the clip will be capable of bein-g bent to a comparatively small radius of curvature.

Referring to the accompanying drawings:

FIGURE 1 is a fragmentary plan view of the blank from which the clip is formed;

FIGURE 2 is a side elevation of a part of the finished clip;

FIGURE 3 is a plan view;

FIGURE 4 is a sectional perspective View of a trimming strip incorporating the clip; and

FIGURE 5 is a perspective view of a modified trimming strip incorporating the clip.

The clip may be constructed from any suitable material but it is preferred to construct it from .a blank composed of carbon or mild steel or aluminum. The blank 1 shown AUnited States Patent O 3,256,577 Patented June 21, 1966 ICC in FIGURE 1 is formed with longitudinally spaced transverse slits 2 which extend across substantially the full width of the strip and with intervening shorter slits 3 which extend inwa-rdly from the opposite longitudinal edges of the blank.

The blank shown is bent transversely into substantially inverted U shape, the slit longitudinal edges of the blank being bent inwardly and upwardly into the interior of the clip as shown in FIGURE 3, the extremities of the longitudinal edges being preferably inwardly and upwardly inclined as at 4 in FIGURE 4, to engage a supporting -fiange on which the clip is mounted and to provide a lead to `facilitate pressing the clip into position on the ange.

The blank is stretched longitudinally in any suitable way prior to or subsequent to it being bent transversely, this stretching operation causing the slits v2 to open as shown in FIGURE 2 and the slits 3 to assume a narrolw V shape. The apices of the V shaped slits preferably lie approximately midway of the depth of the clip, corresponding to the 4clips neutral bending axis.

Consequently if the clip is bent in a vertical plane the slits on opposite sides of the neutral axis open and close respectively, thus enabling the clip to be bent around small radius curves.

The clip is likewise flexible when bent in a horizontal plane, the slits 2 on one side of the longitudinal axis of the clip tending to open and those on the opposite side tending to close.

In FIGURE 4 the clip is shown enclosed in a covering 5 of suitable flexible material so that it forms a trimming strip.

The covering 5 may consist of a woven or pile fabric, a rubber or thermo-plastic extrusion or -other suitable material the longitudinal edges 6 of the covering being turned inwardly and upwardly into the interior :of the clip. As shown the longitudinal edges lie just below the parts 4, so that the latter engage the opposite sides of a supporting ilange directly, but it is within the scope of the invention to extend the covering upwardly over the extremities of the parts 4 so that the ange is gripped by the parts 4 indirectly through the covering thereby holding the covering rmly in position upon the clip.

As a woven or pile covering is fairly expensive the covering may be -of narrower width and secured to a thin cheap material, the longitudinal edges of which extend upwardly into the clip.

The covering may be adhesively or otherwise secured to the clip but if extruded from rubber or a thermo-plastic mouldable material it will be extruded to the form shown and consequently will be self-retaining in position upon the clip.

Alternatively the plastic covering 5 may take the -form of a moulding or extrusion which encloses the clip, including the parts 4 and as shown clearly :in lFIGURE 5 fills up the space between the sides of the clip and the inwardly and upwardly turned edges.

If the strip is to be used for draught excluding or sealing purposes the covering will carry or incorporate a resilient eective sealing portion which when compressed or deected by engagement with a door or -other part will provide a good seal.

I claim:

1. A clipfor the purpose specified comprising a length of sheet metal, a rst group of lengthwisely spaced-apart slits extending transversely across substantially the entire 'width of said metal, said irst group of slits terminating in end portions disposed in proximate spaced relation to the marginal edges of said sheet, a second group of intermediate slits interposed between the slits of said iirst group, the slits of said second group projecting transversely inwardly from the opposite side marginal edges of said metal, the slits of said second group terminating in end portions outwardly located with respect to the longitudinal center line of said metal, the metal being stretched lengthwise to open the slits and increase the effective length of the metal, the metal being bent transversely into substantially inverted U shape in cross-section, the longitudinal edges of the metal being turned inwardly and upwardly into the interior of the clip, each of the terminal ends of the slits of both said groups being disposed, in said bent configuration, in substantial alignment with a plane parallel to the base of said U and intersecting the neutral bendingaxis of said cl-ip.

2. A clip as claimed in claim 1, wherein the extremities of the inwardly and upwardly turned edges yof the clip are inclined inwardly and upwardly to provide a lead and facilitate the clip being pressed into position upon a supporting ange, the spread terminal ends of the slits of said second group augmenting the anchoring of said clip to a clip support.

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WILLIAM FELDMAN, Primary Examiner.

D. GRIFFIN, Assistant Examiner.

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