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Publication numberUS3262666 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 26, 1966
Filing dateMar 24, 1964
Priority dateApr 2, 1963
Publication numberUS 3262666 A, US 3262666A, US-A-3262666, US3262666 A, US3262666A
InventorsWalter Solum Odd
Original AssigneeWalter Solum Odd
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Supporting means for a copy holder
US 3262666 A
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United States Patent 4 Claims. (a. 248226) The present invention relates to a copy holder of the type which consists of a suitable holder for the copy itself or the like, supported at the end by the mainly horizontal part of an L-shaped arm whose vertical part is received in a bore of a clamp, which can be fastened to the edge of a table top or the like. The copy holder is provided with friction means for keeping the arm in a desired position.

Various embodiments of such copy holders are known. To get the desired friction between the vertical branch of the copy holder arm and the clamp, there have previously been suggested various types of inlaid spring elements or screws. These prior types however have been rather complicated and are expensive to make and have not always provided suitable friction, so that the copy holder arm had a tendency to glide down or not to stay in the desired position.

It is the object of the invention to provide by particularly cheap and simple means the desired friction connection between the arm of the copy holder and the clamp. Thereby such copy holders can be made at a considerably lower cost than before, at the same time as better friction connection is obtained than by the usual solutions.

According to the invention the above-mentioned object is obtained by said friction means consisting of a piece of tube of elastic or resilient material and with an inner diameter approximately like the diameter of the vertical arm, which piece of tube by compression is pressed into an extended part of said bore where it is kept in place by a disc secured in the mouth of the bore which is preferably shaped for press fit in said mouth.

To give a better understanding of the invention, it is further described below in connection with an embodiment shown in the drawing. tion a part of a copy holder made according to the invention.

By 1 is designated a usual pressure clamp between whose projecting parts 2 and 3 can be wedged a table top 12 or the like by aid of the screw spindle 4 Wl'llOh' is threaded through the projection 3, and at the upper end has a contact plate 5, and at the lower end has means 6 for turning of the screw spindle 4.

Through the back part of the pressure clamp 1 there is an elongated vertical bore of circular cross section of a size to slideably receive the vertical branch 7 of the copy holder arm, the copy holder arm also having a horizontal branch 8. At the upper end of the vertical bore there is an enlarged bore section defining a pocket 9. Into this pocket is pressed a piece of a tube of elastic material as for example plastic or rubber, the elastic tube member having an internal diameter of a size to snugly embrace the branch 7 of the copy holder arm which, as illustrated, is also of circular cross section. The tube piece 10 has a somewhat smaller length than the enlarged section 9 and is kept in place in this by a This shows partly in sec-' ice disc 11, which at the same time closes the mouth of the bore. The disc 11 is preferably press fitted in the mouth opening of the bore 9 to compress the tubular member 19. The connection can however also take place by aid of threads or in another suitable way. The disc 11 may in a modification be given a thickness so that its top side extends a little above the top side of the pressure clamp, so that readjustment of the friction arrangement after 'Wear can take place by pressing or hammering the disc 11 further into the bore 9.

By the described friction arrangement is obtained an effective optional secured position of the arm 7, 8 of the copy tholder. At the same time it will immediately be understood that the production and mounting take place by unusually simple means and thus can be effected quickly without special tools and at a reasonable cost.

I claim:

1. Support means for a copy holder or the like including an arm member of generally circular cross section comprising a clamp adapted to be fastened to the edge of a table top or the like, means defining an elongated bore of circular cross section through the clamp of a size to receive the arm of the copy holder, means defining an enlarge-d 'bore section defining a pocket adjacent one end of the elongated bore in the clamp, a hallow tubular member of resilient material mounted in said pocket having an internal diameter to snugly embrace the arm of the copy holder and a disc member mounted in the pocket in pressure applying relation with said tubular member.

2. Support means as claimed in claim 1, wherein said disc member is press fitted in said pocket.

3. Support means as claimed in claim 2 wherein said disc member protrudes above the top edge of said pocket and is adapted to be pressed into the pocket to increase the frictional engagement of the tubular member with the arm.

4. ,Support means as claimed in claim 1 wherein said clamp is a C-shaped clamp including a pair of projecting arms and a screw spindle in one of said arms.

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CLAUDE A. LE ROY, Primary Examiner.


E. SIMONSEN, Assistant Examiner.

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