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Publication numberUS327129 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 29, 1885
Publication numberUS 327129 A, US 327129A, US-A-327129, US327129 A, US327129A
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US 327129 A
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Patented Sept. 29, 1885.

/ W mi Mum IJVVEJVTOR N. PEI'ERS. vhowulhq n her, Wnhington. D. C.




SPECIIlIC-A'IION forming part of Letters Patent No. 327,129, dated Septifi 1835- after set forth, and specifically pointed out in the claim.

The invention is designed as an improvement upon that class of brackets shown in Patent No. 139.408 of 1873, in which each bracket had to be passed for a considerable distance along the standard, and connection couldnot be made at any desired poi nt.

' My invention is illustrated in the accompanying-drawing's. in which Figure 1 isafront elevation of one of the standards; Fig. 2, a perspective view ofthe bracket, and Fig. 3 a

cross-section taken on the line at a: of Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawings, A designates the standard, having an open face at a and a longitudinal dovetailed interior, a. Formed in the face of the standard are equidistantsqnare 3o recesses a, having horizontal shoulders a, andbetween these recesses the central aperture is dovetailed, as shown MC. The square reeesses a are adapted to receive bodily the dovetailedhead b of the bracket B, the apert-ures a to receive the vertical flange b. and the shoulders ato support the ledge b m the said brackets. The head b of the brack t is dovetailed in' two directions to correspond Application filed September 28, 1883. (Modem with the form of the reces pposite the points 0, and the parts b an b are so ar- 0 ranged with relation to each other t t w en v the latter has its bearing up n th shoulders a the head b is locked in tllfi T530688 C, S0 that. a similar ledge, b, upon all ef nt bracket may bear upon the shoulder? (1 Of t recess a.

My bracket may be insert or removed with only a vertical movelll t equal to the distance between the u er and l wer surfaces of the apertures a, and may h te any point without disturbing 0th? hfackets- 5 The flange 6 serves as a guide in the reoess a until the parts b and b @Q pposite Iecesses a, and the proportion are Such that when the bracket is forced d wn {is far as It will go it has a positive connection at two points. a

I attach importance to full f t e head bin its relation to the stahdfi the (1011MB dovetail assuring a sure hol t that point without regard to the ledge b, I

I am aware that bracket 11BX65 een arranged with a slipping hold tt ve a bearing below, and such features {We oa ly d18- claimed in this application \Vhat I claim as newis= The standard A, having open face with apertnrcs a to form shoulders tt P8068888, 88 0, between, combined with bra t B, having flange 5, double dovetailed he b, and ledge b, as and for the purposes t t-b forth. 7c

In testimony whereof I al llli my s g aturein presence of two witnesses.


\Vitnesses: t V

F. P. Bnornnnrort, M. E. ROBISON.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47B57/42