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Publication numberUS327212 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 29, 1885
Filing dateApr 3, 1885
Publication numberUS 327212 A, US 327212A, US-A-327212, US327212 A, US327212A
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US 327212 A
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(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1. L. G. WILLIAMS.


No. 327,212. Patented Sept. 29, 1885.

CZ 0V N. PETERS. PhatL'rLilhcgmphln Walhintom D c,

(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 2.



No. 327,212. Patented Sept. 29, 1885.

w'ckneas in?) r 7 Ci??? 9% Je qwZ alum I IE)? U ITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 327,212, dated September 29, 1885.

Application filed April 3, 1885.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LEMUEL G. WILLIAMS, of Boston, county of Suffolk, and State of Massachusetts, haveinvented an Improvement in Hat-Flanging Apparatus, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like letters on the drawings representing like parts.

This invention has for its object to produce a simple apparatus for flanging hat-bodies, the said apparatus being constructed in parts, so as to be opened or separated one from the other to permit the ready removal of what is termed bell-crowned hats, after the same have been properly flanged.

With devices heretofore known to me for flanging hats it has been impossible to flange bell-crowned hats, because, the crown being much larger in diameter than the head-size, the hat could not be afterward removed; consequently hats of this design, previously placed upon a suitable hand-block, have been flanged by hand.

This invention consists in a hat-flanging apparatus composed, essentially, of a separable frame having separable flange-supports cut away or shaped at their top and inner sides to conform to the curve desired for the flange or brim of the hat and to the head-size of the hat, the said parts being suitably hinged together and provided with looking devices, whereby the flanging apparatus may be locked in position, as will be hereinafter described.

Figure 1 shows in side elevation a hat-flanging apparatus constructed in accordance with this invention Figs. 2 and 3, top and end views thereof, respectively; and Fig. 4 shows the apparatus open.

The flanging apparatus herein shown as adapted to receive and support a bell-crowned hat is composed of a frame having two feet or bars, a a, provided with the upright portions 7) b, of suitable height to accommodate the highest crowned hat it is desired to flange, the said upright portions having secured to them by suitable screws, b 12 the flangesupports 0 c, the said flange-supports being divided in this instance into two portions, one for each portion a a of the apparatus. Each flange-support is cut away at its inner side to conform with the head-size of the hat, and its (No model.)

scribed, are hinged together at one end by a hinge, d, as shown in Figs. 1 and 4, and at their other ends the said parts are provided with a locking device. To aid in retaining the parts closed and in fixed position, I have provided the supporting-frame with a suitable dowel-pin, e.

The locking device herein shown is composed of a lever, 2, provided with an adjustable nut, 4, and pivoted on a bracket, 3, secured to the flange portion 0, and of a camlever, 5, pivoted to a bracket, 6, on the flange portion 0, the said lever 5 having a forked head to receive the lever 2 and act on the nut 4 thereof. By turning the cam-lever 5 on its pivot, after the lever 2 and nut 4 are engaged by the said lever 5, will draw the parts 0 0 together. The cam-lever is so shaped and pivoted that when turned back against the part c, as in dotted lines Fig. 2, the strain will be such as to keep the lever in such position until raised positively.

As it is of the utmost importance in flanging hats that the surface of the flange be as smooth as possible, this construction of fastener is of considerable advantage, as should any of the parts become worn or bent the adj usting-nut 4 may be turned, to thus shorten or lengthen the lever 2, compensating for such wear.

It will be seen that by releasing the fastening the two parts may be spread apart and a hat-body having a bell-crown be placed therein, the parts closed upon the hat-body and the brim flanged, and thereafter the cam-lever may be turned, releasing the fastening, and permitting the apparatus to be spread, as in Fig. 4; also permitting the hat to be removed.

I am aware that a device for flanging hatbodies has been made in which a two-part frame inclosed asolid removable section; but such construction I do not herein claim, as it is obvious that a bell-crowned hat could not be removed after it has been flanged.

I claim 1. A hat-flanging apparatus composed of two hinged portions, a a", having attached a separable flange-supporting portions 0 0, shaped, as described, to embrace the crown or body of the hat and support its flange or brim, substantially as described.

supporting-frame and flange attaohed thereto, a hinge connecting the same, and a fastening composed of a pivoted lever, adjusting-nut thereon, and cam-lever engaging said adjusting-nut, all operating substan- 2. A hat-flanging apparatus composed of i tially as described.

two hinged portions, a a, having attached Intestimony whereof I havesigned myname flange-supporting portions 0 c, shaped, as deto this specification in the presence of two subscribed, to embrace the crown or body of the scribing witnesses.

hat and support its flange or brim, combined LEMUEL G. WILLIAMS. with a locking device, substantially as de- Witnesses: scribed. BERNIOE J. NoYEs,

3. The hat-Hanging apparatus comprising F. CUTTER.

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Cooperative ClassificationA42C1/06