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Publication numberUS3272323 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 13, 1966
Filing dateNov 3, 1964
Priority dateNov 3, 1964
Publication numberUS 3272323 A, US 3272323A, US-A-3272323, US3272323 A, US3272323A
InventorsEdwin Ewry
Original AssigneeAvoset Company
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Device for the securance of an article such as a safety razor to an aerosol container
US 3272323 A
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Sept. 13, 1966 E. EWRY 3,272,323

DEVICE FOR THE SECURANCE OF AN ARTICLE SUCH AS A SAFETY RAZOR TO AN AEROSOL CONTAINER Filed Nov. 3, 1964 INVENTOR. EDWI N EWRY A ORNEVS United States Patent 3,272,323 DEVICE FOR THE SECURANCE OF AN ARTICLE SUCH AS A SAFETY RAZOR TO AN AEROSOL CONTAINER Edwin Ewry, Mill Valley, Califi, assignor to Avoset Company, Oakland, Calif., a corporation of Delaware Filed Nov. 3, 1964, Ser. No. 408,534 2 Claims. (Cl. 20647) The present invention relates generally to composite packages or kits of the type wherein several articles may be secured together as a unit for purposes of storage or the like and yet be separated to facilitate their use, and is more particularly directed towards a device for adapting a conventional aerosol container of for example shaving cream for the removable securance of a safety razor or other article thereto.

Various separate articles are frequently combined in the form of a composite package or kit in order to promote the saleability of the articles as a package deal as well as to subsequently afford the purchaser a convenient means of storing .the articles as a composite unit when not in individual use. It may be desirable, for example, for a manufacturer of shaving commodities to provide an aerosol container of shaving cream and a safety razor as a composite unit. Whatever the contents of the aerosol container and the particular article to be incorporaated therewith in providing a composite unit, it is desirable that existing aerosol containers be adapted for the removable securance of the other article thereto, rather than a modified form of container be designed specifically for this purpose.

It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide an adapter which is arranged to fit upon an existing aerosol container and to releasably support another article, such as a safety razor, to thereby provide a composite package or unit.

Another object of the invention is the provision of a simple cheap support collar of molded plastic, or the like, which is complementary to upper portions of a conventional aerosol can so as to be readily mountable thereon and which includes a yoke arranged for the releasable securance of another article thereto.

It is a further object of the invention to provide an adapter collar of the class described which in no way interferes with the normal operation and use of the aerosol container upon which it is mounted.

A still further and more specific object of the invention is the provision of an adapter collar of the class described by which existing safety razors and aerosol cans of shaving cream may be incorporated as a composite sales package.

The invention possesses other objects and features of advantage, some of which, with the foregoing, will be set forth in the following description of the preferred form of the invention which is illustrated in the drawing accompanying and forming part of the specification. It is to be understood, however, that variations in the showing made by the said drawing and description may be adopted within the scope of the invention as set forth in the claims.

FIGURE 1 is an elevation view of an aerosol container embodying an adapter in accordance with the invention which in the illustrated case facilitates the releasable securance of a safety razor to the container.

FIGURE 2 is a plan view of the adapter.

FIGURE 3 is a sectional view taken at line 33 of FIGURE 2.

Referring to FIGURE 1 of the drawing in greater detail, there is shown a conventional aerosol container 11, in the present case of the type popularly employed to dispense shaving cream. The container is of a cylindrical configuration with a substantially bell shaped dome '12 at 3,272,323 Patented Sept. 13, 1966 its uper end. An annular bead 13 is provided coaxially of the end surface of the dome and a tubular dispensing spout 14 projects centrally therefrom. The spout is flexi- \bl6 and so arranged that upon flexing the spout, the shaving cream or other contents is dispensed from the cont ainer. The spout is also threaded, as indicated at 16, to facilitate securance of a cap 17 thereto. In this regard, the cap is provided with a centrally depending internally threaded bushing 18 which is adapted to threadably engage the threaded portion of the spout and thereby secure the cap upon the container in protective encompassing relation to the spout to prevent unintentional flexing thereof.

I It may be desirable to incorporate an article such as a conventional safety razor 19 with the conventional aerosol container [11 of shaving cream, or the like, in order to provide a composite sales package which may also serve as a composite unit for facilitating convenient storage of the constituent articles when not in use. The present invention facilitates the foregoing by providing an adapter col- "lar 21 which is securable to the dome 12 of the container 11, and which includes securing means 22 for releasably engaging the razor 19, or other article. Thus, with the collar secured to the container, the razor may be releasably secured thereto to provide a composite unit.

Basically, the collar 21 is of cylindrical onfiguration and preferably tapered for the sake of appearance and to minimize the material requirements thereof. The collar is hollow and open at its lower end so as to receive the upper end portion of an aerosol container upon which the collar is to be installed. The upper end of the collar is provided with a central circular opening 23 to permit traversal by the dispensing spout of the container. The collar is fabricated from hard plastic, or equivalent material, and the upper end portion of the collar interior is suitably dimensioned and configured to provide a snap fit when the collar is mounted upon the upper end of the container. The securing means 22 is then provided as a substantially U-shaped yoke 24 which projects radially from the collar periphery and defines a notch 26 adapted to receive the razor 19 or other article which is to be composited with the container. The wall of the notch is formed complementary to a portion of the article to be received therein, and the notch is dimensioned to provide a force fit with this portion of the article when same is engaged in the notch. In the case of the razor 19 the notch walls are preferably complementary to the upper portion of the shank or handle thereof so as to releasably engage the same. The yoke has some degree of resiliency which effects releasable retention of the razor or other article.

Considering now the collar 21 in -greater detail as to the illustrated embodiment, an annular rib 27 preferably depends from the interior of the upper end wall thereof in circumscribing relation to the opening 23. The lower surface 28 of the rib is conformed to the portion of the dome 12 of container 11 which lies immediately outward-' ly adjacent the head 13. The inner peripheral wall of the rib is formed with an annular groove 29 having a substantially semi-circular cross section. The groove 29 is complementary to the bead 13 and arranged to engage same with a snap fit. Thus, the collar 21 may be placed upon the upper end of the container and urged downwardly to engage the head in the groove and firmly secure the collar to the container.

In the illustrated embodiment of the adapter collar which is arranged to support the razor 19, the notch 26 of yoke 24 is formed complementary to the upper portion of the shank or handle of the razor, as previously mentioned. In the instant case the razor is of the type having an adjustable blade inclination which may be set by rotation of a calibrated micrometer dial in the form upper end of the shank. The notch"26 is accordingly substantially semicircular in plan view and the notch Wallis formed with stepped portions, as shown in FIG- shaped dome at its upper end, said container having an annulan bead 'coakiauy of the "end sur'face or said dome and flexible dispensing spout projecting centrally therefrom, said spout having an externallythreaded portion,

URE Which a 0II1PIeII1eI1tarY the PP' end of 5 a tapered cylindrical collarofhardplastic," said collar the razor shank including the collar 31 mounted thereon. The razor may thus be disposedvvith "thecollar"-31 and upper end portion of the shank engaging the notch 26 in close fitting relation thereto, the razor being thus releasably retained by virtue of the resiliency of the' relatively thin portions of the Web 24 on opposite sides of the notch. i What isclair'ned .is:

1. An adapter for compositing a safety razor and ing an operi lower'end'for receiving 'said dome and an upper end vvith-a central opening circumscribed by adepending annular rib, said rib having an inner peripheral groove complementary to said bead-and dimensioned to engage 'same'with'a snap fit, sai d rib, having "a lowersur face conformed to' a portion of said domeirrimediately outwardly. adjacent said bead, s'aid collar having a'substanti'ally U-shaped yoke projecting radially from the periphery thereof and'defining an outwardly facing notch with a'substantially' semi-circular 'cros's-section; said notch having a'wall'coniplementary to an upper portion of the shank. of said' razor and dimensioned to engage same in a close fit.

2. A composite package comprising a substantially cylindrical aerosol container having a generally bellhaving an open lower end receivingsa-id-dome and ani upp .;e.n z.w a e r ly im l o en rave by said spout, said collar having an annular'riodepending from its upper 'end, saidi-rib having an"iri ner.peripherall 10 groove complerne ntaryio said'beadfland jengagingsame in snap fitting-relation, said collar having-a substantially U-shaped yoke projecting radially from the periphery thereof. and, defining an .outwardlyiacing mmwnha I substantially semi-circular cross-section, ,a safetyfrazor. aerosol container havmg a bell shaped dome at' oneend 15 having a shank with an'upper portion r'leleasablyfengag'ed with an annularbead'coaxially of the end surface-therein saidnotch, and a cap having"ajdependingfinternally. of, comprising a plastic tapered cylindrical collar'hav-' threaded bushing engagingsaid externally ,threade'gl'pon tion of said 'spoutand securing said cap'the'reto with the cap engaging said collar. I

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U.S. Classification206/229, 220/735, 215/390
International ClassificationB65D23/12, B65D83/14, B65D23/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65D23/12, B65D83/285
European ClassificationB65D83/28B, B65D23/12
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Jun 19, 1981ASAssignment
Owner name: ANDERSON, CLAYTON & CO., 1200 LOUISIANA, 3800 FIRS
Effective date: 19810531
Effective date: 19791116