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Publication numberUS327673 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1885
Filing dateMay 6, 1884
Publication numberUS 327673 A, US 327673A, US-A-327673, US327673 A, US327673A
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Ella neilson gaillabd
US 327673 A
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(No Model.) 2` Sheets- Sheet 1.` E. N. GAILLARD.


No. 327,673. .Rafaented Oct. 6, 1885.

Il l

WITN ESS ES- INVENTOR- @MJ/@W n. mtl; hm-Lamm. um nc.

(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 2. E. N. GAILLARD.


No. 327,673. Patented 00u. 6, 1885.

M927' jai/adora' @ff/ MM @M @Mlo/9M ya/Jz/ay- Firms, Phmwmmgnpcm. mmm, D.



SPECIFICATTON forming part of Letters Application filed May (i, 1884.

To all whom it may concern,.-

Beit known that I, ELLA N. GAILLARD, av citizen of the United States, residing at New York city, in the county and State of New York, have invented new and useful Improvements in Fountains, of which the following is a specification.

My invention consists of a combined portable fountain and music-box in which aspring and a liexible diaphragm are contrived with an inclosing-case within the basin of afountain for confining a quantity of water to bev subjected to pressure by the spring and the diaphragm to force up a `jet through a nozzle attached to the top of the dome, to provide a simple and efficient ornamental portable fountain for use in the drawing-room and elsewhere about the house when required. Said fountain also comprises means for readily resetting the spring and refilling the forcingcase when a charge has been expelled through the nozzle, and also an arrangement of the basin for receiving and retaining the water suitably for the return of it to the forcingcase when the diaphragm is reset, and for a receptacle for cut iowers to be exhibitedand at the same time to be nourished by the fountain.

My invention also consists of the springpower musical attachment to thefountain, so contrived that the mechanism of the same will be automatically released from the holdingstop and be let free by the action of the jetforcing spring when the fountain is in play to combine the sound of the music with the play of the fountain, and the arrangement is such that the play of the music will be automatically interrupted with intervals of rest during the run of the forcing-spring, and the arrangement is also such that the resetting of the spring-power of the music attachment is effected by the resetting of the fountain-spring, all as hereinafter fully described, reference being made to the accompanying drawings ,in which- Figurc l is a perspective View of my improved fountain. Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional elevation, and Fig. 3 is a detail.

The letter a represents the exterior rim of a basin, the bottom of which is preferably raised up in a dome, b, to form the upper part of an inclosing-shell of a forcing case or cham- Patent No. 327,673, dated October 6,1885.

Serial No 130,500. (No model.)

ber, c, the bottom of which consists of a flexible diaphragm, d, ofrubber or other approved material,and is provided with astrong spring, c. suitably arranged under the center of said diaphragm, and also seated on a supportingplate, j', to exert sufficient pressure on the water inchamber c to force ajet up through the nozzle g when said spring is compressed and the chamber c is filled with water above it. The base IL of the riin a and of the dome b 'is rmly screwed down on the margin of the diaphragm and thesupporting-plate fto make a tightjoint for preventing the escape of the wate1',and the center of the diaphragm is clamped between cap i, attached to the top of rod j, on the upper side ofthe diaphragm, and the plate s,also attached to said rod below the diaphragm to provide a practicable bearing lfor the spring against the diaphragm. The rod j extends down through the spring for a guiding-stay to it, and also for a means of compressing and setting the spring,for which said rod is toothed along one side to gear with a pinion, Z, located under supporting-plate f, and fitted on a winding-post, m, that extends out through the side ofthe stand a, and has a square shank for the application of a socketkey for turning it to force down the rod and compress the spring. Near the base of the dome several valved apertures, o, are made in it, through which the water that falls into chamber p from the jet flows into the forcingehamber c when the spring is forced down, the nozzle being closed by pressure of the 1inger on the top, or by other suitable means, so that a vacuum is produced in said pressingvalves q are self-closing, and the pressure of the diaphragm on the water tends to keep them closed. When the spring e is thus coinpressed and the pressing-case filled, the jet will begin to iiow at once on the removal of the winding-key from the post and removing the obstruction of the nozzle.

The musical attachment consists of any approved well-known form of music-box having a comb of turning forks s, pin-barrel t, and a coiled driving-spring, u, of any approved contrivance, as the connection of the inner end of the coil of the spring a to a permanentlyfixed post, o, and the outer end of said spring connected to the crown-wheelw, turning loosely chamber by depressing the diaphragm. The l on the post above the collar x, and gearing with the pinion Q, connected with the end of the pin-barrel t by a ratchet-wheel, z, and a pawl, a,which drives the barrel when turned forward by the spring, but turns backward loosely when the spring is wound up7 said pinion being geared by the intermediate wheels, b,with the pinion Z on the winding-post m, so that when the key-post is turned to force the spring e down it will also wind up the spring u of the music-box.

The contrivances for periodically stopping the music apparatus and releasing it during the run ofthe fountain-spring consist of the stopcateh c', which drops into a hole, e', in the end of the pin-barrel t at each revolution of the latter, and the notched bar f', that is made to pull out said stop-catch as often as the stud-pin g', tted in the lower end of the toothed bar j, passes one of the points z" of the notched bar f', said notched bar being t ted on a pivot, j', and ranging therefrom along up one side of toothed bar j, and having an arm, lc', and spring Zp to press the notched side forward against the stud-pin .0',and allow the stop-cateh c, to which it is connected by wire m', to drop into the hole of the pin-barrel. rIhe notched bar f has a hook7 n, at the upper end that holds the rodj and the spring e at the predetermined limit of their range.

Inside of the basin a, I arrange the taper ring o,of sheet metahto partition the annular V-shaped space p from the water-space p, for a receptacle in which a border of eut flowers or growing plants may be arranged around the water-space.

Vhat I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. The combined portable spring power fountain and miisic-box,liaviiig the respective spring-power mechanism geared to one and. the same key-post7 substantially as described.

2. The combined portable springpower fountain and musicbox, having the respective spring-power mechanism geared to one and the same key or winding-post,the music-train having a trip-catch, and the fountain-spring having the tripper arranged therewith for releasing said t-rip-eatch, substantially as described.

3. In a combined portable fountain and music-boX, the combination ol" a tripper, f with the spring-stop c of the music barrel, and with the rod j actuated by the fountainsprin g when forcing the watcr-jet,a1id having pin g', and said music-barrel having holes e for releasing the music-barrel by the action of the fountaiuspring,to furnish the music when the fountain plays, substantially as described.

4. In a combined portable `fountain and mu sic-box having spring-power mechanism for actuating the fountain, the combination of the stop-catch with the musicbarrel for automatically stopping the play of the music during the run ofthe music driving-spring, the notched tripping bar for releasing said catch, said notched bar being connected with the fountainspring mechanism for periodically tripping said stop during the run ot' the fountainspring, substantially as described.

In witness whereot1 I have hereunto signed my nalne in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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