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Publication numberUS328559 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1885
Filing dateMay 12, 1885
Publication numberUS 328559 A, US 328559A, US-A-328559, US328559 A, US328559A
InventorsChristian E. Bakes
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Propeller for vessels
US 328559 A
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(No Model.)


PROPBLLBR POR VBssBLs, No. 328,55@ Patented OotfZO, 1885.



SPECIFICATION Application filed May 12, 18H5.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, CHRISTIAN E. BAKER,

a citizen of the United States of America, re-y boa-t which may be propelled. at a high rate of speed, one which will be of simple construction, and in which the propelling power will be simple and effective.

To the accomplishment of the above the invention consists, first, in oating the boat upon suitable air or gas cylinders, the boat being at all times clear of the water, and, secondly, in propelling the boat throughthe medium of the cylinders referred to.

Reference will be made to the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a longitudinal section through the boat; Fig. 2, a top plan of the boat with certain of the cylinders broken away; Fig. 3, a cross-section, and Fig. 4 a detail, of twoof the cylinders.

Like letters refer to like parts in each view.

A represents the iioor or deck of the boat, and Bthe rudder of the same.- Mounted upon deck A and upon each side thereof are a series of uprights, C, upon 'the upper ends of which are formed or supported segmental guides C. Upon the under side of the deck there are formed guides or tracks D, one upon each side.

Grooved rollers E are adapted to move upon tracks C D, such rollers being loosely mounted upon rods F, passed through cylinders G and protruding beyond each end thereof. Rods F are connected by the links of sprocketchains H, with which the teeth of sprocketwheels K K' are adapted to engage. v

forming part of Letters Pate'nt No. 328,559, dated October 20, 1885.

Serial-No. 165,184. (N o model.)

Formed in deck A aresuitable openings, L L', the former near the bow of the boat and the latter near the stern thereof. Through openings L L the cylinders G are passed, as clearly shown in Fig. 1, while the wheels K K are suitably mounted upon shafts located near such openings. The shaft M of' wheel K is a double-crank shaft, and isconnected by suitable pitmen with the rod of a piston moving in a steam-cylinder, N, such cylinder being connected by pipeOwith the dome of a boiler, P, as shown. v

By the arrangement of part-s as thus far described it will be seen that when the piston referred to is operated the shaft of wheel K is operated, and with it the wheel itself. As wheel K is revolved its teeth engage with the chains H, and the cylinders G are moved forward. This operation, it will be understood, will serve to move the boat forward. The cylinders G are to be illed with air, gas, or vany other suitable agent which will adapt them to oat and support the boat above the water.

By the use of my device it will be found .that a high rate of speed may be obtained.

The combination, with boat A, of the segmental tracks C and straight tracks D, the seriesof cylinders G, supported by rollers E, traveling upon said tracks, the endless chains H, the sprocket-wheels K K', located at the front and rear ends of the boat, respectively, and mechanism for operatingthe parts, substantiallyas described.

In testimony whereof I aix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

. Witnesses:




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