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Publication numberUS3286297 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 22, 1966
Filing dateOct 13, 1965
Priority dateOct 13, 1965
Publication numberUS 3286297 A, US 3286297A, US-A-3286297, US3286297 A, US3286297A
InventorsMacfarland Charles H
Original AssigneeScott & Fetzer Co
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Floor waxer
US 3286297 A
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Nov. 22, 1966 c. H. MaGF RLAND FLOOR WAXER Original Filed Jan. 27, 1964 INVENTOR.

CHARLES H. BY 7fi MocFA LAND ATTORNEYS United States Patent 3,286,297 FLOOR WAXER Charles H. MacFarland, Rocky River, Ohio, assignor to The Scott & Fetzer Company, Cleveland, Ohio, a corporation of Ohio Continuation of application Ser. No. 340,240, Jan. 27, 1964. This application Oct. 13, 1965, Ser. No. 515,270

2 Claims. (Cl. 15555) This application is a continuation of my copending application Serial No. 340,240, filed January 27, 1964, now abandoned.

This invention relates to a device for applying paste wax to a floor.

The invention contemplates the provision of a roller applicator which employs a floor-contacting porous means together with combined handle and wax storing and feeding means for controllably expressing stored wax toward the floor-contacting porous means.

In the drawings:

FIGURE 1 is a side elevation of a device embodying the invention with certain elements seen in phantom view.

FIGURE 2 is a fragmenttary, partly sectional view taken from the plane of line 22 in FIGURE 1, and omitting the elements that are shown in phantom view in FIGURE 1.

In the illustrated example, roller means is provided including reticular or perforate rotating hollow core means, such as the cylindrical screening 11, together with porous, cylindrical, floor-contacting, wax-applying means 12 which may comprise two layers as shown, the inner layer preferably having larger pores than the outer layer. The layers 12 may comprise polyurethane foam or the like of a suffieient porosity to allow the transmission therethrough of paste wax under low pressure.

Non-rotating means is provided extending axially through the roller means 11, 12. This non-rotating means supplies paste wax under pressure against the interior of the core 11, and also provides for bearing support of the core and, therefore, support of the roller means 11, 12. In the illustrated embodiment, the non-rotating means comprises a tube 15 having end walls or end caps 16 and 17 and defining an interior chamber 18 which communicates, as through openings 19, with the interior of the core 11. A bolt 21 clamps the end wall 17 against the tube 15 to hold it in place. The bolt 21 is threadedly received in the end wall 16.

The above described roller means including elements 11, 12 turns on the above described non-rotating means including elements 15, 16, 17.

Combined handle and wax storing and feeding means is provided above the roller means 11, 12. A rigid metal tube 23 extends downwardly from the discharge end of a cartridge 24. The upper portion of the tube 23 is preferably straight and is coaxial with the cartridge 24. This straight portion is preferably aligned with the longitudinal center of the roller means 11, 12. The lower portion of the tube 23 is curved out to one side and back as seen in the drawings. The tube 23 is rigidly fixed to the end wall 16, as by brazing. The tube 23 communicates with the space 18 as through openings 25. The cartridge 24 contains a charge of paste wax but in other respects it may be identical with or similar to caulking gun cartridges designed for use with known constructions of caulking guns, such as those shown in U.S. Patents 2,786,604 and 2,933,221. Caulking guns of such construction are proice vided with a pistol grip 26 and an actuating lever 27, which when alternately squeezed and released advance a push rod 28 to thereby advance the plunger within the cartridge 24 and express the paste or mastic charge contained within the cartridge 24.

In the present device, the user applies wax by manipulating the pistol grip 26 in such a way as to roll the roller on the floor. As additional wax is required, the user manipulates the lever 27 to express paste wax from the cartridge 24 through the tube 23 to the chamber 18 and through the opening 19 and against the interior of the core 11, whence the wax works its way radially outwardly through the porous layers 12.

Alternately the wax dispenser may be of the twist-handle type wherein the dispenser plunger is advanced by twisting a threaded plunger stem. Dispensers of this type have been used for dispensing greases and paste inks and an example of such a dispenser in combination with an applicator member is shown in US. Patent 2,070,206. Such patent relates to a paste ink applicator.

A removable cover may be provided for the roller means 11, 12. Such cover may comprise upper and lower flanged halves 31 and 32 of a longitudinally divided cylindrical shell having closed ends with fasteners such as thumbscrews 33 for releasing the lower half. The upper half may also be releasable, or it may be affixed to the combined handle and wax storing structure, as by being brazed to the tube 23.

What is claimed is:

1. A device for applying paste wax to a floor and which may be normally vertically stored, comprising roller means including a perforated tubular rotating core means, cylindrical porous means for contacting a floor and applying wax thereto surrounding and rotating with said core means, non-rotating core support means for rotatably supporting said core means and for receiving and supplying paste wax under super-gravitational pressure against the inner surface of said core means, said core support means having an axially extending wall disposed within said core means and radially extending end walls, valveless paste wax storage and pressure generating supply means remote from said roller means including a paste wax storage cartridge and a hand operated pump means for exerting a super-gravitational pressure upon the paste wax in said cartridge, and a combined handle and paste wax supply tube extending from said cartridge to said core support means, said supply tube having an end portion thereof extending axially within said core support means, said end portion of said supply tube having outlet openings therein establishing communication between said cartridge and said core support means, said porous means including an inner cylindrical layer of material having a high degree of porosity and an outer cylindrical layer of a material having a lower degree of porosity than said inner layer whereby the wax flows with less resistance through said inner layer than through said outer layer and is thereby evenly distributed in said outer layer, and said supply tube being secured in an off-center relationship to one radial end wall of said core support means and being disposed closely adjacent the portion of the axially extending wall of said core support means immediately adjacent the floor.

2. A device for applying wax to a floor, comprising roller means including rotatable cylindrical porous means for contacting a floor and applying wax thereto, nonrotating support means for rotatably supporting said cylindrical porous means and for receiving and applying wax against the inner surface of said cylindrical porous means, said support means having a longitudinally extending cylindrical wall disposed within said cylindrical porous means and said support means having radially extending end walls, Wax storage means remote from said roller means, and a combined handle and wax supply tube extending from said storage means to said support means, said supply tube having an end portion thereof with outlet openings therein extending longitudinally Within said support means and being secured in an oil-center relationship to one radial end Wall of said support means so that said longitudinally extending end portion is disposed closely adjacent the longitudinally extending cylindrical wall of said support means immediately adjacent the floor.

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15 ROBERT W. MICHELL, Primary Examiner.

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Legal Events
Mar 19, 1987ASAssignment
Effective date: 19861126