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Publication numberUS328926 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1885
Filing dateJun 1, 1885
Publication numberUS 328926 A, US 328926A, US-A-328926, US328926 A, US328926A
InventorsSarah A. Elliott
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US 328926 A
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(No Model.)

' 2 Sheet-s--Sheet 1. S. A. ELLIOTT. FLOWER FRAME.

Patented 001:. 27, 1885.

'lilil" maeyaior' I paw/eases:

2 Sheets-Sheet 2. S. A. ELLIOTT. FLOWER FRAME.

(No Model.)

No. 328,926 Patented Oct. 27, 1885.

%M J JZW Harman Snares Parana Erica.-



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 328,926, datedOctober 27,1885.

Application filed June 1, 1885.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, SARAH A. ELLIOTT, a citizen of the United States, residing at Norfolk, in the county of Norfolk and State of Virginia, have invented certain newand useful Improvements in FloWer-Frames, of which the following is aspecification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings.

My invention relates to flower frames or stands; and it consists in the construction and ariangement of the parts, which will be more fully hereinafter described, and definitely pointed out in the claims.

The object of my invention is to provide a flower-frame or plant-holder which shall be capable of holding potted plants, and adapted to be attached to the outside or inside portion of a window-sill, or to any other portion of a house, and one which is light, simple, and durable in its construction, easily and readily understood and handled, and cheaply manufactured. I attain these objects by the device illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein like letters of reference indicate similar parts in the several views, and in which Figure l is a perspective view of my improved plant-holder, showing it attached to the outside of awindow-sill. Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the device detached, showing a row of smaller rings on the outside of the frame.

At the back portion of the frame a rod or support, A, of iron wire or other suitable material, is situated adjacent to the windowsill. To each end of this rod A two or more clasps, B B, of thin strap metal are secured or looped upon said rod, and are arranged so as to pivot or turn on the said rod A. These clasps B are made of such length as to extend from the inside portion of the sill to the outside thereof, or vice versa, and are so constructed that they will conform to the general contour of the sill and securely hold the frame thereto.

Secured to the outside of the rod A is a series of rings, 0 O, and are rigidly attached thereto by soldering them to the said rod; or they may be secured by any other suitable means, as may be desired. As many of these rings 0 0 may be used as are found necessary, and are joined and strengthened by tierods c c, which are secured to the rings in any wellknown manner. These rings 0 are adapted Sel'ldl No. 167,359. (No model.)

to hold flower-pots D, which rest in the same, the smaller portions of the pots extending below the under surface of the frame.

To the front row of rings of the frame bracerods E E are rigidly secured, which extend back underneath the frame and rest against the wall of the house. These braces E support the front portion of the frame, and may be constructed of any required length to suit the style of architecture of the building. As illustrated in Fig. 2, an ornamental bar, F, may be placed around the outside row of rings 0, and on the outside of this bar a row of smaller rings, ff, may be secured in a manner similar to the inside rings, 0.

When the frame is to be used on the internal portion of the house, an ordinary pot-saucer, G, is placed under the pot, which is held in place by supporting-rods g g, which are suitably looped over the top of the pot.

As illustrated in the drawings, the frameis placed outside of the window and the clasps B mounted over the window-sill, fitting every part snugly, so that it will not form projections thereon, and thereby render it inconvenient. The pots of flowers are then placed in the rings 0, and the weight of the pots upon the frame bears down against the brace-rods E, which support the same from the under side.

This device is adapted to be used in any portion of the house, either inside or outside thereof, and is especially applicable to the balustrades of the stairs or porch, and when thus used the braces E are extended a sufficient distance so that they firm base.

By clearing the frame of the pots of plants the same may be turned up against the window-sash, and secured thereto by a suitable padlock and staple, and thus render the window burglar-proof.

It is obvious that the device can be used for many other purposes, and that various minor mechanical changes could be substituted for those shown and described without in the least departing from the nature and principle of my invention.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letmay rest upon a ters Patent, is

1. In a flower-stand, the combination of a supporting-rod, rings secured thereto for hold- I 3. In a flower stand or frame, the combinaing potted plants, having suitable tie-rods, tion of the rod A, rings CG, tie-rods 0c, clasps clasps for attaching the same, and the front B B, and the brace-rods E E, substantially as 15 brace-rods, substantially as described. described, and for the purposes specified.

5 2. In a flower-stand, the combination of a In testimony whereof I affix my signature in supporting-rod, rings secured to said rod for presence of two Witnesses. holding potted plants, and suitable tie-rods, a row of smaller rings on the outside thereof, SARAH A. ELLIOTT. means for holding the water-drain under the Y 10 pots, the attaching-clasps, and the brace-rods Witnesses:

secured to the front of the stand, substantially JAMES A. KERR, as described. I L. D. STARKE.

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