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Publication numberUS3291984 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 13, 1966
Filing dateMay 27, 1964
Priority dateMay 27, 1963
Publication numberUS 3291984 A, US 3291984A, US-A-3291984, US3291984 A, US3291984A
InventorsWasser Eric Sigvard
Original AssigneeWasser Eric Sigvard
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Flexible hermetically sealed X-ray film pack with elastic material in compression therein
US 3291984 A
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3,291,984 FLEXEBLE HERMETICALLY SEALED X-RAY FILM PACK WITH ELASTIC MATERIAL IN COMPRES- SION THEREIN Eric Sigvard Wasser, Kungsholmsstrand 185, Stockholm, Sweden N Drawing. Filed May 27, 1964, Ser. No. 370,700 Claims priority, applicationggveden, May 27, 1963, 9 9 1 Claim. (Cl. 25068) The invention relates to an X-ray film pack comprising a covering which is closed in air-tight manner at its edge and encloses an X-ray film as well as intensifier foils bearing against said film under pressure.

With X-ray exposures for medical and technical purposes, there are usually employed intensifier foils which bear on the two emulsion sides of the light-sensitive X-ray film. When the X-ray radiation strikes on these intensifier foils, they fiuoresce and produce visible light, which acts on the X-ray film. In order in such cases to obtain sharp images, it is necessary that the contact between the intensifier foils and the emulsions of the X-ray film is sufiiciently good.

One known process for achieving such a good contact consists in that the intensifier foils, with the X-ray film disposed therebetween, are arranged in a rubber cassette and that thereafter the air is removed from the cassette. In this way, there is obtained a uniformly distributed pressure over the entire cassette and the foils are pressed against the film. This method presupposes, however, that the cassette has a valve and a suitable closure device; in addition, a suction pump is required for the evacuation.

A more simple method of obtaining a satisfactory vacuum in an X-ray film pack of the type initially referred to consists according to the invention in arranging, between the covering and an intensifier foil, a layer of United States Patent 0 "ice an elastically compressible material which is enclosed in the compressed condition in the pack. In the production of the pack, the insert consisting of film, intensifier foils and the layer of elastically compressible material are placed in a rubber sheath or in a sheath of soft plastic, thereafter a pressure is exerted on the sheath from outside, which compresses the layer of elastically compressible material and then, while maintaining the pressure on the sheath, the latter is sealed, either by adhesives or by another mechanical method, or if it is a plastic sheath, it is heat bonded. The result hereby achieved is that after the air-tight closure of the sheath and after removing the external pressure acting on the sheath, the external air pressure and the intrinsic elasticity of the compressible material force the intensifier foil satisfactorily against the X-ray film. It is not necessary in this case to use a pump for the evacuation of the covering.

The elastically compressible material expediently consists of foam rubber or foam plastic.

What I claim is:

An X-ray film pack comprising a hermetically sealed envelope of soft and flexible material of the class consisting of rubber and plastic, and within the envelope an X-ray film, intensifier foils on either side of the X-ray film, and an elastically compressible solid material in compression between the envelope and a said foil.

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W. F. LINDQUIST, Assistant Examiner.

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U.S. Classification378/184, 206/455, 378/187
International ClassificationG03B17/34, G03B42/04
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European ClassificationG03B17/34, G03B42/04