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Publication numberUS3293779 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1966
Filing dateAug 25, 1964
Priority dateAug 25, 1964
Publication numberUS 3293779 A, US 3293779A, US-A-3293779, US3293779 A, US3293779A
InventorsSr James C Vogeli
Original AssigneeSr James C Vogeli
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Registration card holder
US 3293779 A
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Dec. 27, 1966 J c. VOGELI, SR 3,293,779

REGSTRATON CARD HOLDER F11ed Aug 25 1964 2 ShegtS-Sheet 1 Dec. 27, 1966 c. VOGELL SR 3,293,779

REGISTRATION CARD HOLDER United States Patent ()1 3,z93,77, REGISTRATIN CARD HOLDER James c. voge", sl'., 6413 Clara way, N0th }Iighands, Calif. 54450 Filed Aug. 2S, 14, Ser. N0. 39l,94, l claim. (CI. 40lo) The ptesent invention relates t0 autom0bile access0fies generauy and in particular to a holdef for the registration card of an aut0mobile.

In m0st calities the registration laws 0f the 10cality require that the Tegistration card of an aut0mobile be at all times available to an Occupant of the aut0mobile. Previously planned and in use are holders for registration cards of vari0us Styles and designs C0mmonly iIl use is a Sleeve fabricated of transparent Inaterial, plastic or the like and held by a Spring wrapped afound the column of the Steering gear such a device is inadequate for the Support Of the Tegistrati011 card and Subjects the card to unnecessafy wear and tear.

An object of the present invention is to provide therefore a holder for a registration card 0f an automobile vvhich nlay be attached to the windshield trim of the au tomobile or Set upon and held against the daSh of the aut0mobile Another object of the present invention is to provide a holder for the registration card of an automobile vvhich exposes the contents of the card to view without removing it from the holder.

A further object 0f the invention is to provide a holder for the registration card of an automobile which Inay be 3-,293,779 Patented Dec. 27,- 1966 FIGIJRE 14 is an elevational vievv of still anothet m0died form of the invention,

FIGURE lj is a rear elevati0nal view of the f0rm shown in FIGURE 14 FI(...JRE 16 iS a view on an enlarged scale taken on the line ll Of FIGURE 14 FIGURE 17 is a view on an enlar ed scale taken on the line 1717 0f FIGURE l, FIGIRE 18 is yet another In0dification of the invention Shown in elevational view,

FIGURE 19 is a rear view of the f01m of the invention Shown in FIGURE 18,

FI(...[RE 20 is a vievv on an enlarged scale taken on the line 2020 0f FIGURE 18,

FIGURE 21 is a view on an enlarged scale taken on the line z1zl of FIGURE 19 FI(...IRE 22 is an elevational view of a final form of the invention Shown in elevation,

FIGURE 23 is a rear elevationa1 view of the form 0f the invention shown in FIGURE 22, the dotted li11es il dicating a pencil held in place on the holder,

- merals indicate like parts throughout the several vievvs,

in FI(...IRE l the Teference numeral 10 designates gen erally the windshield of an aut0nobile having a frame trim 12, the Windshield 10 being Inounted over the dash 14 0f the a11ton10bile iI1 the conventiona1 Inann r.

manufactured of Stiif cardboard, lastic, sheet metal, Or

any 0ther bendable and f01dable matefial which is suitable.

A still further object of the present invention is to provide a holder for the registration card of an autom0- bile which is simple in structure, one easily manufactufed and assembled, and one which is economica1ly feasible These and other 0bjects and advantages of the present invention vvill be fully apparent ff0In the f0110wing descripti0n vvhen taken in connection vvith the annexed drawing in Which:

FIGURE 1 iS an elevati0na1 view of the Windshield of an aut0mobile vvith two embodiments of the present il1 vention installed thereon,

FI(IJRE 2 is an elevational view of the lower embodiment Shown in FIGURE 1 FIGURE 3 iS a view taken on the line 33 0f FIG- IJRE 2 and on an enlarged scale,

FIGURE 4 is a view taken on the line 44 0f FI(}- IJRE 2 and OI1 an enlarged Scale,

FI(...JRE is an elevational vievv 0f the emb0diment of the invention shown at the upper end of the Wind Shield in FIGURE 1,

FIGURE 6 is a view on an enlar ed scale taken on the line 6 0f FIGURE S,

FIGURE 7 is a view on an enlar ed scale taken on the line 77 of FIGURE S,

FIGURE 8 is an elevationa1 view of a Still further modified form of the inventi0n,

FI(...JRE 9 is a vievv taken on an enlarged Scale taken along the line 9 0f FIGURE 8,

FIGURE 10 is a modmed form of the invention in elevational vievv based upon the form of the invention Shown in FIGURES 8 and 9 FI(IRE 11 is a view on an enlarged scale, taken on the line llll of FIGURE 10,

FI(...URE 12 is an elevational view of still another m0died form of the invention based upon the form of the invention shown in FIGURES 6, and 7,

FIGIJRE 13 is a vievv taken 011 the line l313 0f FI(IJRE 12 and on an enlarged Scale,

In 1 I(...IJIE Z a rSt form of the invention is Shovv11 and designated generally by the Tefefence numeral l, the holder 16 having a bott0m member l8, a rst side member 20 Tising from one end of the bottom nlember 18 and another side member zz Tising fron1 the other end of the b0ttom member 18.

A b0ttom magnet 24 is secured t0 the underside 0f the bottom member 18 and is used to hold the holder l in an upright condition and the dash 14 0f the aut0mobile aS Shown in FIGURE 1.

AS shown in FIGURES 3 and 4 the bott0m member 18 and both of the Side members 20 and 22 are provided With an invvardly facing gr0ove, as at z for holding the edge of a Tegistration card (I10t Shovvn When inserted thereint0 fr0m the open top of the holder 16.

In the form of the inventi0n shown in FIGURES S, 6, and 7, the holder is designated generally by the Teference numeral z8 and it has the same bottom and side members as previously described vvith feference t0 the forIn of the invention shown in FIGURES 2, 3, and 4.

The holder 28 is pr0vided on the upper end vvith a tab 30 Which is bent over to the position Shown i11 d0tted jnes in FIGURE 7 S0 that it may be emp10yed to Suspend the holder from an overhead Supp0rt such as the frame tfim lz of the windshield 10 as shown in FIG URE l.

This form of the invention has a s0lid back 3z vvhereas the fSt form of the invention described iS Open at b0th fr0nt and back.

In the f01nl of the invention Shovv11 in FIGIJR]S 8 and 9 the holder 34 iS Similar t0 b0th the holders 16 and 28 vvith the exception that the tab 3z iS 0mitted and the magnet 24' is moved to the back 0f the h01der 34 and secured to the back wall 3z A fourth form of the invention is shown in FIGURES 10 and ll and is based upon the form of the invention sh0wn in FIGURES 8 and 9 in Which the holder 36 is provided on its back Wall vvith a sachet container 38 having h0les 40 and there being provided a hole 4z in the back wall 44 0f the holder 3.

In this fornl of the invention pellets hav1g a deodriz in or fragrant characteristic are inserted throu h the hole 4z for perfuming or deodorizing the intefi0r of the aut0mobile in the conventional manne When the fegistration card is Within the holder 36 the hole 42 is C10Sed,

In the form of the invention Shown in FIGIJRES 12 and 13 the holder previously described vvith reference t0 FIGURES 6, and 7, is provided on its rear vvall with the sachet container 38 described vvith Teference to FI(...- IJRES 10 and ll, the holder in this form of the invention being designated by the refefence numeral z8.

Another form of the invention is Shown in FI(...[RES 14, 1S, l6, and 17 in vvhich thefe is a holder 4 having on its rear vvall raised ridges 48 forn1ing coin containefs of conventional design.

This form of the inventi0n is Shown t0 be based upon the form of the invention shown in FIGIJRE 8 vvith the magnet z4 in the rearward wall p0sition.

In FIGURES 18, 19, 20, and 21 a mOdied form of the invention is shovvl in which the Tidges 48' are on the back wall of a h01der Similar to that Shown in FIGURE j, the Tidges 48 providing coin holders of the conventional type, the registration card holder of this embodiment being designated generally by the reference nll meral 50.

In the final forn1 0f the invention Shown in FIGURES 22 23 24 and 2S the holder iS designated by the nu[neral 52 and it has on its back a coin holding device S4 as previously described and also has a tubular element int0 Which is insertable a pencil shown in dotted lines at 58 in FIGURES 23 and 2.

This form of the invention also empys the magnet z4 as previously described With refefence to the forms of the invention shown in FIGURES 4, 11, and FIG URE 17.

vvhile only prefefred embodiments of the inV nti0n are shown and descfibed it is to be understood that other embodiments may be made and practiced as found pTac tical and that nurnerous modiiications Inay be made in 5 the inventi011 Without departing from the spirit thereof as set forth in the appended claim.

What is claimed is:

A license holder c0mprising a sheet Of material having its bottom edge reverted upwardly and its side edges Teverted inwardly t0 dene bottom and side license receiving Slots, the adjacent ends of the reverted ortions being cut away to dene mitered joints, the top of said h0ldel being open to facilitate insertion and Tetnoval of the license, a air of inwardly iianged IShaped nlexnbers de ning c0in receiving elements Xedly Secured to the rear of Said sheet, and a peInanent Inagnet Xedly Secured to the Tear of Said Sheet transversely between the bights 0f said U-Shaped membets for Securing the holder to a Inetallic surface Referellces ced by lle Examiuer UNITED STATES PATENTS 1)683 64S 9/1928 Abbe 40l0 x l,728,74l 9/1929 vvykes 4010 2,097,4l9 10/l937 Schmidt 40lo z,887,804 /1959 wise 40lz9 FOREIGN PATENTS 7z2 249 1z/193l France.

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