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Publication numberUS329660 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1885
Publication numberUS 329660 A, US 329660A, US-A-329660, US329660 A, US329660A
Original AssigneeRichard j
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Henry x
US 329660 A
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(N0 Model.)



N0. 329,660. Patented Nov. 3, 1885.



'PECII-ICATION forming part of Letters Patent N0. 329,660, dated November 3, 1885.

Svria1No. 175,701. (N0 model.)

T0 all wh0m z't mag concern:

Be it known that I HENRY S. LORD, 0f Hartford. in the county 0f Hartford and State ofOonneeticut, have invented a new Improvement in Auger-Bits; and I do hereby declare the following, when taken in connection With accompanying drawings and the lebters 0f reference marked thereon, t0 be a full, clear, and exacb description of Ehe same, and which said drawings constitute pa1t 0f bhis specification, and representz, in-

Figure 1, a side view 0f the auger complete; Fig. 2, a side view 0f head eomplete; Fig. 3, a side view 0f head,showingvertical cencral section through bhe point; Fig. 4, a side view 0f Ehe point detached.

' This invention relates t0 an improvement in augers aud augew bits, and particularly to t-hut dass in which the cutter 01 head is forged from steel, then Ehe body 0f the bit cast there- 0n, the said head provided with a pointed screw, and is an improve1nent 011 the invention f01 which Letters Patent were granted t0 Thos. W0od and J a1nes Morris, February 20, 1882, N0. 254,184. In the manufacture 0f the heads f0r this dass 0f bit in which the poinb is integral therewith the point 1's frequently overheat-ed and many times broken, thereby destroying thehead; and, again, after the completion 0f the bit the pointis frequently broken in use, rendering the bin useless.

The objeet of thisinvention is t0 avoid these difficulties; and it consists in constructing bhe head upon which the body is cast with a eentra1 hole internally sorew-threaded, and the point With a shank upon its npperend, externally screw-threaded, corresponding to the thread in ehe head.

A represents the head, of substanti a1ly the usual form, and is forged froxn steel in Ehe usu a1 manner, constructed With dovetail-shaped ribs upon its back, upon which the body Bis east. The ribs a a may be 0f any well-known form 130 secure a firn1 interlocking with the body.

The head A is eonstructed with a central hole, b, internally screw-threaded.

C represents a pointed screw construeted wibh a shank, e, upon it-s head end the said shank externally serew-threaded, correspond-' ing t0 the thread in the head.

The body B is cast upon the head A, the metal flowing around the flanges a a to securely interlock therewibh. The auger is then finished, and the point G applied.

Ib Will be readily seen thab augers nmy be constvucted in the above manner without danger ofbreaking 0r otherwise injuring the point and also in case the poiut is broken it nmy be readily replaced, thus saving the auger,which otherwise would beeoxne useless.

I claim In an auger-bib, the head A, constructed with a central hole, b, internallysorewthreaded, the body B, cast onbo the head A, the head being constructed t0 inberloek with 13116 cast meta1 0f the body, combin'ed with the poinb O, constructed with ashank, e, upon its head end, Ehe said shank externally screw-threaded, 001- responding to bhescrew-thread in the hole b in the head. substanbially aus and for the purpose described.




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Cooperative ClassificationB27G15/00