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Publication numberUS3297034 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 10, 1967
Filing dateMay 21, 1963
Priority dateMay 21, 1963
Publication numberUS 3297034 A, US 3297034A, US-A-3297034, US3297034 A, US3297034A
InventorsPaulina Peavy
Original AssigneePaulina Peavy
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Beneficial skin and tissue cover device
US 3297034 A
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Jan. 10, 1967 P. PEAVY 3,297,034


Paulina Peavy United States Patent O 3,297,034 i BENEFICIAL SKIN AND TISSUE CUVER DEVICE Paulina Peavy, 390 West End Ave., New York, NKY. 10024 Filed ll/lay 21, i963, Ser. No. 281,991 1 (Claim. (Cl. t28-390) This invention relates to improvements in devices for covering application to `areas of the body, and for providing beneficial effects to the said areas.

An object of the invention is to provide a novel and improved device and article of manufacture, which is easily and readily placed upon the selected portion of the body in close contiguity of the skin, for imparting beneficial effects to the `areas of the skin with which it is in contact and the body portions related thereto.

Another object of the invention is to provide a novel and improved device and article of manufacture, which is flexible and bendable, so as to be easily and readily shaped to conform to the contours of the portion of the body upon which it is to be placed, so as to be wholly in continuous contact with the underlying skin of such portion of the users body for achieving optimum benefits from the action of the device.

A further object of the invention is to provide a novel and improved device and article of manufacture, which is preshapable to the contours of the particular portion of the body and skin to which it is to be applied, such yas for example, to the nose -and/ or immediately contiguous areas of the face, so as to conform to such skin contours, the device being provided with a plurality of layers the innermost of which layers is formed with adhesive mate rial incorporated therein so as to readily adhere to the skin by mere placing thereagainst, such innermost layer also being formed with material incorporated or impregnated therein which has a beneficial heat stimulating effect on the skin against which it is placed, so that skin warmth ensues, and blood circulation in the skin and underlying tissues is enhanced with beneficial effects on the user of the device.

Another object of the invention is to provide a novel and improved device and article of manufacture, which, while being readily adherent to the skin of the user and which has carried or impregnated therein an agent or combination of agents for inducing warmth in the skin, is capable of continuous adherence to the skin as long as the user desires the stimulation therefrom, and is readily and easily removable from contact with the skin when such use is no longer desired, without need for employment of complex procedures for such removal and disengagement.

Still a further object of the invention is to provide a novel and improved device and article of manufacture of the type described, which is formed in several layers of flexible material, the innermost of which is both adhesive and carries a heat stimulating agent or combination of agents, and an outer layer of which is formed either of `a fabric or felted material which is flexible yet sufficiently strong to serve its purpose as a backing layer, and which may be colored or tinted to closely match the coloring of the skin of the user, so that to the casual observer, the attached device, even when worn on the face or nose, for example, is relatively inconspicuous and relatively unnoticeable.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a novel and improved device for wearing on a localized area of the skin of the user, such for example on the face or a portion thereof, such as the nose, and/or contigous areas thereto, for beneicial heat imparting or inducement in the underlying skin and immediately ad jacent areas, by means of which heating inducement in ZQM Patented Jan. l, i967 the skin, beneficial effects may also be induced in the sinus and nasal and other cavities and passages in the frontal portion of the head, which may result in a feeling of relief for the user, during a period of suffering from a cold, or nasal or sinus congestion.

Still a desirable further object of the invention is to provide a novel and improved device and article of manufacture of the type described, in which the potency of the agents and impregnants of the device is controllable so that it may be left in place on the skin for a predetermined length of time, or for such time as is needed for inducement of desirable warmth and its continuance for a period suicing to aid the user as desired, without harmful irritating or burning effects on the skin of the user, either during use or following such use.

Another object of the invention is to provide a novel and improved cover device of the type described, which can be made of readily accessible sheet and other materials, and at low cost, with a high `degree of simplicity of fabrication needed, so that it can be made by mass production methods, and wherein a further layer of material may be provided to cover the adhesive layer on its skinengaging face, which layer is readily disengaged from the adhesive layer when the device is to be used, protecting the same against contamination or rubbing off during storage and shipment, and maintaining the potency of the active agent-bearing layer until brought into use.

These and other objects of the invention will become apparent from the following description of `a preferred embodiment there-of, `as illustrated in the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof, and in which:

FIGURE l is a face view of a rst form of the device.

FIGURE 2 is a vertical sectional elevational view of the device shown in FIGURE 1, as taken on plane 2 2 of FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 3 is a sectional plan view taken substantially on plane 3-3 of FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 4 is a rear elevational View of the device shown in FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 5 is a view showing a device according to the invention, as applied to the nose portion of the face of the user thereof, the device being clearly outlined for clarity of illustration only, to show its disposition thereon, it being understood as explained, that for cosmetic reasons, the visibility and conspicuousness of the device on the face may be minimized.

FIGURE 6 is a View similar to that of FIGURE 5, but showing a 4device smaller in size and slightly different in contour, which is usable for smaller persons and children.

It has been a source of constant concern to individual persons that they may suffer from aches and pains which either do not respond to various medical remedies or medicines, or the person may be averse to use of such medicines or remedies for one reason or another, either due to unfamiliarity therewith, fear of their possible harmful effects on the body due to excessive potency or side effects, or a mere reluctance to employ such medicines. Where the party is suffering from a common cold, blocked nasal or sinus passages, accompanied by headaches or the like effects suspected to be due to the cold or other present ailment, the person may still not be desirous of resorting to medicines which are taken by mouth and wind up in the stomach, for obtaining relief for Iwhat appears to be something not involving the stomach, but rather closer to the surface of the face and body. The present invention provides easily usable means for applying means to the local area of the skin, such as to the nasal skin areas and contiguous areas, for stimulating and inducing heat production therein due to agent carried in or impregnated in the skin contacting area surfaces ofthe device, and enabling the user to benefit by such comfort and relief as may be felt from such Alocalized heating effect on the skin, and underlying passages and cavities of the face, for example. The potency of such agents may be readily controlled and regulated, so that the degree of heat inducement may be no more than is desired, or needful for the particular users requirements, and also so that it may be left in position on the skin for as long or short a period of time as may suffice for the needs or desires of the user, without harinful effects.

In order to understand clearly the nature of the invention, and the best means for carrying it out, reference may be had to the drawings, in which like numerals denote similar parts throughout the several views.

As shown, the device may be formed with a main body or outermost layer element formed of sheet material such as a felted material, woven textile material or other sheet materials which are exible so as to be readily deformed to the contour of the underlying skin areas of the body of the wearer. For use in connection with the nose area of the "face, as seen in FIGURE 5, for example, the device may be narrowed down somewhat as at l2 to conform to the usual narrowing of the nose at that location, while being somewhat wider in the upper portion as at 14, to spread out and overlie a greater area of the skin of the wearer in the area at the upper portion of the nose and the lower portion of the forehead of the user. The top edge 16 of the device 18 may be suitably shaped as in FIGURE 1, roundedly to conform to the nose-forehead contour of the user, or may as in FIG- URES v4 and 6, be somewhat more straightened out as as 16a, in FIGURE 4, 0r 16]) in FIGURE 6 to t other users contours at this area of the face.

As seen in FIGURE 1, the main body layer element 10 may be widened out somewhat below the narrow or waist portion 12, as at 2t? so that the device may be deformed and downfolded to tit along the side surfaces of the nose of the user, so as to conform to and lie against the skin of the indicated portion of the body of the user. To further conform to the nasal contour of the skin, the lower portion of the device 18 may be suitably reduced as at 24, so as not to block the entrances to the nostrils `of the user, and hence not to interfere with breathing, but yet to overlie the tip of the nose and cover the same.

Referring again to FIGURES 1, 2 and 3, it is seen that the device 18 not only has the outermost layer element 10, but also at least one other layer element 26, which is carried by and adherent to the inner surface 28 of the outer layer element 10, whose outer surface is seen at 30. The activating layer element 26 is intended not only to cause adherence of the device 18 to the skin of the user, and hence being of a pressure-sensi` tive nature by means of which mere placing in contact with the slight pressure against the skin will cause it to adhere to the skin of the user, but also to contain activating materials and agents, which will act upon the underlying skin and tissues in order to influence the production of increased blood circulation therein and elevation of the temperature thereof, and in `the walls of the underlying passages and sinuses of the head, with beneficial effects to the user thereof.

The activating layer element 26 may thus be formed of suitable flexible non-drying material forming an adhesive compound, such for example as natural rubber or latex matrix mixed with a binder such as tincture of benzoin and glycerin as a softener, and containing an activating and counter-irritating element, such for example as one of the herbs having such heating effect when placed in contact with the skin. For example, it is preferred to employ as the activating and heating element such a material as an oleo resin of capsicum, which is known as a plant of a genus of tropical shrubs of the nightshade family, yielding dry, many-seeded berries known as chillies or peppers,'the dried ripe fruit being also known as Capscum fruescens. Such element is ground up finely and in such finely divided or powdered state is mixed with the compound forming the matrix or adherent layer element 26 so as to become an integrated part thereof. FIGURES 2 and 3 exaggerate somewhat the thickness of the various layers of the device 18, for clarity of illustration, and it is understood that they may be made of suitable `thicknesses to suit the purpose of the device and the circumstances under which it is used.

The inner surface 28 of the adherent or adhesive lalyer element 26 of the device 18 shows in FIGURES 2 and 3 as adherent to the main body or layer 10, and it is seen that the other layer surface 32 of the adhesive layer element 26 is intended to be placed against the skin of the user for such treatment as is needed under the objects of the invention. Due to the self-adherent nature of the layer element 26, it will adhere to the skin without anything more than a slight pressure thereon, as is well known `with all known pressure-sensitive adhesives, one of which is commonly known as adhesive plaster and another of which is commonly known as Scotch tape (trade name). When the device 18 is placed upon the skin, such as shown in FIGURE 5, for example, so as to overlie the nose and the immediately contiguous areas covering the sinus 'passages and the like, it has been found that, due to the inducement of heating by the activating agents in the Vlayer element 26, upon the underlying skin and tissues of the body, increased blood circulation and heating and elevating of temperature and other beneficial effects, in many cases have resulted in relieving congestion, pain and other ill-effects therefrom, without the need for use of internal medicines or the like remedies. The device may be placed on the skin and left thereon for a suitably long period of time, and then removed easily annd without complication, by peeling it off.

While the agents mentioned may be mixed with the adhesive material in a mechanical mixing machine, it is understood that such agents may also be `sprayed in the form of a tincture or mixture with a Huid upon the undersurface 32 of the activating layer material 26 so lthat it is immediately in complete intimate Contact with the skin of the user without delay when placed thereon.

FIGURES 4 and 6 show how the size and contour of the devices may be varied to suit the individuals needs and desires, such as to t various shapes of nose and foreheads and surrounding skin areas, and also for persons who are small, in stature and size, and for children and elderly persons. As seen in FIGURES 2 and 3, also, a protective cover layer element 36 may be provided to be placed against the outer surface 32 of the adhesive activating layer 26 of the device. Such layer element 36 may be formed of suitable material which is not permanently adherent to the layer element 26, and may be of plastic material, such as polyethylene soft plastic sheeting, or other well known material which will cover the same and protect it against damage or abrasion, in storage, shipment and before use, and is easily stripped oif just before application to the body surface. Cellophane is another plastic material usable as at 36 for this purpose.

For cosmetic purposes, the coloring of the outer layer ll@ may be varied to match the coloring of the skin of the user, to minimize obviousness to others, and similarly with the other layers if desired, but mainly the outer layer 30. For ease in peeling off, the protective layer element 36 may be extended at the margins, as at 40, beyond the other layers, so that the user may easily grip same and peel it oft.

Although I have described my invention in 4specific terms, it is understood that various changes may be made in size, shape, materials and arrangement without departing from, the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.A

According -to a modified form of the invention, it is also understood that, instead of making the article out Wardly colored so as to match the skin'of the face of the user, it may be otherwise colored. Thus, for example, where the user is in the North and her skin is at that time light in coloration, she would purchase such a colored article. However, if she contemplates flying to Florida, where due to action of the Sun she might acquire Ia quick tanning of the skin, then she would probably desire to at the same time purchase several differently colored articles to use as her skin coloration becomes successively and progressively more and more tanned, to match the coloration at such time. All this would be done at the store in the North, so that she would not be without such articles and their beneficial effects, if unable to obtain them at her Southern destination.

In addition, she may desire to employ such articles which are of a coloration contrasting with her natural coloration, for example to match the coloration of her dress or bathing suit, or to a hat, for fashion interest and appearance. A-t the same time, for a gay party or mardi-gras, she may also desire either a fashionable pastel coloration of the article, or something readily visible, such as bright red, blue, yellow, or other brightly visible color. The shaping of the articles would then also be of interest, for they might be given ornate and elaborate shapes, such as are used for masks used at masquerade parties, and in such event, only selected areas of the articles would be medicated or carry therapeutic agents as mentioned, the other areas being unmedicated, so that only the desired skin areas are subjected to temperature elevation.

I claim:

An article of manufacture for covering limited facial areas of the body in the vicinity of the nose and on the nose and over sinus containing areas thereof for benecially therapeutically elevating the temperature thereof while applied thereto, said article of manufacture comprising a main article body formed of flexible sheet material, a layer of temperature elevation provoking therapeutic agent carried on an undersurface of said main article body, a self adhesive agent also carried by said surface and intermixed with said therapeutic agent, for rendering said main article body and said agents self adherent to a limited surface area 0f the body of the user in the facial nose and sinus areas, and a releasably adherently secured layer of fiexible covering material adhered to said self adhesive agent layer for protectively covering the same before application to said body surfaces, said covering material being formed of material relatively impervious to penetration by said self adhesive agent so as to render the same readily removable by peeling when it is to be used, to expose said self adhesive layer for placement against the said skin surface and adherence thereto so as to expose said skin surface to said heat and temperature elevating beneficial effect of said therapeutic agent while covered by said main article body layer, and where said main article body layer is formed with a main central area portion, left and right wing portions for covering respectively the nose of the user, and the immediately adjacent face portions on left and right sides thereof, and an upwardly extending top area portion secured to and carried by said main central area portion, for covering portions of the forehead of the user, all for rendering said beneficial therapeutic effects thereto and to the underlying skin and sinus portions thereof, and wherein said temperature elevation provoking therapeutic agent comprises an activating and heat provoking agent selected from the class consisting of oleo resin of capsicum, chillies, peppers, and Capscum frutescens.

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