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Publication numberUS331149 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1885
Filing dateJul 9, 1885
Publication numberUS 331149 A, US 331149A, US-A-331149, US331149 A, US331149A
InventorsJesse D. Mcoluee
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US 331149 A
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(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1.'

' J. D. McOLURE, Dec d. S. S. JOHNSON, Administrator. BOOK BEST FOR CHAIRS.

Patented Nov. 24, 1885.

j'zlg fly .2,

N. PETERS. PhoIzrLlflwgrlphnr, Washingtam DC.

J. D. MQOLURE, Deod. S S JOHNSON Admmlstrator (No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 2.


No. 331,149. Patnted-Nov. 24, 1885 E? l/ F 7 I v WITNESSES Attorney l UNITEEISTATES PATENT O EIGE."

Q citizen of the United States, residing at Jef- 1 the attachments of the main standard. Fig.

and I do hereby declarethe following to be a full, clear, and exact description'of the inven- -rests which are designed .to be attached-to strong-may be enabled tooper'ate and use the JEssE D. MQCLURE, OF JE EEEs NYILL'E, INDIANA; SIMEON. s. JoHNsoN ADMINISTRATOR OF SAID JEssE D. MoCLURE,, DECEASED.


sPE-cIF'IcArioN'rbrming ars r I etters Patent No. 331,149, dated November '24, 1e35,:

i d I epplication filed July .5, 1885.; Seria1No.1 'I1,071. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern: 1

Be it known that I, JESSE D. MoOLURE, a

fersonville, in th'e county of Clark and State of Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Book-Rests for Chairs;

tion,'such aswill enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same. a t i This invention relates to that class'of bockchairs; and i-ts object is, first,;.to hold abook in. a convenient position :to be read by a personsittingin the chair to which it is attached; second, to hold a copy bookor paperin such relation to the first-named book that the copybook may be convenient tobe written-upon, while the other is convenient :for referenceor comparison; third, to so adapt the parts of the device that invalids anduotherswho are not device. i 1 1 To this end my invention consists in the construction and combination of parts forming' a book-rest, hereinafter described and claimed, reference being had tothe accompanying drawings, in whichi Figure 1 is a side elevation-of a chair with my invention attached. Fig.2'is a plan view of the same. Fig. 3 is a vertical section of 4 is a side elevation -showing the rest in a different position. Fig. dis aplan of the same.

Figs. 5, 7, and -8 are detail views of a hingesnpport for one shelf of the rest.

A represents a chair, which may be of any usual construction. B is the standard-holder, securable to the chair. by means of clampscrew, 0, and vertically perforated to receive the standard D, which is a straight rod of round iron having a socket, F, firmly secured to its top end. The piece F is bored completely through its length, and the principal portion of its body extends above the standard, serving as a socket to receive one vertical portion of the arm G. Upon the other vertical portion of this arm one shelf, N, of my bookeasy to be turned.

1 rest is mounted by means of a peculiar joint and socket. The portion 0 of this joint is provided with three arms," which are screwed to theback of the shelf N, and the "portion Pf volve to face the shelf to any point of the com pass, and to which it maybe securedateny point by a set-screw," Q.

two circular plates, R and 'S, centrally perfo-' rated, meeting face to face'and secured together by a pivot-bolt,"T, and thumb-nutU.

The joint consists of :The perforation in the plate R is square, and the bolt T is squared under" its head to fit therein, tobe held'while thennt is turned on it. The plate R joins at one" edge the portion O, which has a counterbored shoulder, a, cor- "I responding to the circle of the plate. Against v I this shoulder the-circular edge of the plate S fits-with a' revolving bearing. The portion]? .hasa similarcounterbored shoulder, 5, against which the circular edge of the plate R has a revolving bearing. By this means the'bolt T is very little depended on to support any weight, whereby it accommodatesitselfreadily to the thumb-nut, rendering the latter more '75 The countcrbored shoulders a and b terminate atthe ends'of their arcs in radial shoulderscand 01, adapted to meet dotted lines, Fig. 4. Tofurther enable this each other whenthe portion'O is moved to either extremity of its arc, thereby serving as" rigid stops to hold the shelf when-not in use. -The shelf is shown in one; such p-os'ition' in i joint toresist being turned by a heavy book on the shelf, I have adapted it to bear at'the circumference only by making one plate-of thejoint dishin'gyas shownat e,Fig'.'7.' This" M circumferential bearing-gives the necessary" I V, the table may rest,or the table may be-turned heightv only. By this means the two. shelves 'are'both together raised, or lowered,, and by "ing the table M in such relation tothe shelf N place the book, squarely with the line of sight or at any angle desired. The; joint. at, the, pivot-bolt T enables the shelf to be inclined at any angle desired. F v

By means of the crank-arm and the joint at T the shelf N may first be set, vertical, as shown in dotted lines, Fig. 4, and then it may be swung aroundagains't the side of the chair-- back and be there set at any point of the compass on the wrist to put it out, of the wayof general use of the chair. Theset-screws H and Q and the nut U may fix the said parts tohold the shelf securely in any of. the positions. described.

The shelf or table M is hinged upo'n-ahorizontal rod, L, which has an offset upon which over the rod as a hinge-pin to hang down when not. needed, This table and bent hinge-rod,

are the subjectof a former patent. to myself, and are not here claimed, but the manner ofattaching the hinge-rod to; the; supporting,- standard. as here shown, is thought tobenew. The socket Eon the standard D is reduced indiameter at its upper end, forming acylindribearing, f, may fix the socket, J and the rodand table thereby supported at any point of the compass The standard Dis adj ustable as to the set-screw E are fixed at the height desired, The arm G may be turnedin the socket F to set the shelf N at the desired point, and. the. arm 'L may be turned upon the socket, bringthat it may holdacopy-book and the shelf M serve as awriting-tablawhereby the operator'sitting i'n hischair mayv have both his-readiing book "and memorandum-sheet heldin such 'relation to each other and, to himself that he may conveniently use both at once.

Inthis, device either shelf may be turned and'fixed at anydesired anglewithout dis-- curbing the other, and both may, be folded back atthe side of the chair, as in Figs..4= and 6, whennot in use, wherebythe chair is open.v

forf"general, use, and is not so likelyjto be,

tipped over byv the weight of the shelvesas when they project from the corner, thereof in support or memorandum-shelf have both been attached to. avertically-adjustable-standard,

and yet per as mine-have.

andthat atbook-rest hasbeenmounted on such a standard to revolvehorizontally without descending of its own weight; but such a book-rest and such an arm-support have not both been provided with shouldered or floored bearings, which. would. prevent them from, descending, mit them to revolve horizontally,

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters; Patent, is

I. The combination of a clamp shaped to be attached to a chair and having a perforation vertically through. it,,a.set-screw extending to the said perforation, a standard fitted into the said perforation and provided with a socket fixed to its upper end for the reception of a -book-rest, the saidsocket. reducedlcircumfer entiallyto a bearing: having a shoulder at the lower. end thereof, and. amemorandum-shelf' or arm-rest, provided with: a supporting-arm having-a headperforated tozfit: uponrthe said? bearing and shoulder: and. provided witha: set-screw, substantiallyas shown and described,-

whereby the arm, when. loosened,willxrevolve= -8o v horizontally upon: the-socket. without. descend-- calfbearing, f,, on which a socket, J,.is'fitt.e d; t0 revolve. Inthissocket-piece the, rod Iris rigidly," fixed, and; a. set-screw, h, toengage the ingr 2. The combination of a clamp shaped'r'toi .be attached tola chair and: having a. pe'rfora: ;tion;-vertica1ly throughdt, aset-screw extend: -ing;into the-saidperforation, axstandardt fittedif into thesaidjperforation andprovided'at' its upper end; with afixed socket openingupward and having'an interior bottom, thefsaid socket reduced circumferentiallyto a bearing 0 havingashoulder at. its lower end, amemorandum-shelf: or arm-restprovided with asupporting-arm: having a head perforated tofit- .uponrthe, saidbearing; and:- shoulderand. 3186i].- screw to :bind on; the bearinggiand a. book-restv 5 provided with acrank-shaped arm fitted at=its lower end-within the said socket to rest on the bottom thereof, and a set-screw inthe sock-.-

et,; substantially as shown. and: described,

whereby the shelf and the book-rest may both be held in any desireidEpositiontin relation to each other, or'either maybeloosenediand re-.

volvedto change its position-horizontally with-1" out descending, and without disturbing the other, as set forth. 7 In, testimony whereof- Laffix mysignature'in" presence of two;witnesses JEss 1 MoonuRE.



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