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Publication numberUS3316669 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1967
Filing dateSep 8, 1964
Priority dateSep 8, 1964
Publication numberUS 3316669 A, US 3316669A, US-A-3316669, US3316669 A, US3316669A
InventorsEdith G Nachbar
Original AssigneePeter Goetz
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Educational device
US 3316669 A
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2, 1967 E. G. NACHBAR 3,316,669

EDUCA'IIONAL DEVICE Filed Sept. s, 1964 INVENTOR. EDITH G. NACHBAR ATTORNEYS United States Patent O 3,316,669 EDUCATIONAL DEVICE Edith G. Nachbar, Brooklyn, N.Y., assignor of fifty percent to Peter Goetz Filed Sept. 8, 1964, Sei. N0. 394,901 3 Claims. (CH. 40-4142) The present invention relates to educational devices and more particularly to hooks and the like having removable and interchangeable elements incorporated therewith.

In the production of educational devices having removable and interchangeable articles associated there- With, especially childrens hooks, durability and facility cf use are two of the more important criteria that have been constantly sought. Therefore, as an important aspect of the invention, a new and improved combination of elements has been devised to provide a durable and simply useable educational device.

Specifically, the invention includes a relatively rigid base sheet, which is typically a page of a book, but may alternately take the form of a two-dimensional object such as a doll, for example, and a superimposed, relatively flexible, shaped attachable article. The form of the attachable article is dependent upon the specific function or information desired to be taught, and will be re lated to the form of the base sheet, itself, or to indicia carried by the base sheet. Thus, fr example, the attachable article rnay be in the shape of a predeterrnined object, a pieee of fruit, and article of clothing or the like, which is placed in registration with or superimposfi tion With the base sheet in association with a corresponding outline or other indication of the -object.

As an important aspect of the invention, the attachable article is removably and interchangeably secured to the base sheet by means of readily reuseable, extremely durable, tWo-piece fastem'ng tapes, commercially available under the trade designation of Velcro. Such a fastening rneans normally include a strip having hooks formed thereon and a stl'ip having loops forrned thereon, which hooks and loops may be joined by the application thereto of slight pressure to unite the strips, and which may be separated by a prying movement of the strips to release one from the other. In accordance with the invention, relatively small pieces of Velcro fastening tape are positioned and adhered well inwardly of at least 0ertain free edges of the attachable article, which may then be rernovably secured co a similarly sized mating section of Velcro tape adhered to the base sheet in association With predetermined indicia corresponding to and representative of the attachable article. This novel and advantageous structure permits easy grasping of the overlying article, especially by a child, for prying it loose and freeing it from the bottom sheet.

For a more complete understanding of the principles of the invention and its attendant advantages, reference should be made to the following detailed description taken in conjunction With the accornpanying drawing, in which FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a childrens book embodying the principles of the present invention;

FIG. 2 is an enlarged, fragmentary elevational view of a page of the book shown in FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken along line 3-3 of FIG. 2;

FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of a top sheet in the process of being manually removed from a base sheet in accordance with the principles of the invention;

FIG. 5 is an enlarged, cross-sectional view cf the hooked and looped fastening tapes employed in the illustrated embodiments of FIGS. 1 and 6; and

FIG. 6 is an elevational view of a two-dimensional doll embodying the principles of the invention.

Referring to FIG. 1, a preferred embodiment of the invention is in the -fonn of a childrens book 10, including a plurality of relatively rigid base sheet pages 11, typically made from paperboard or the like, disposed between cover mernbers 12. Suitable binders such as rings 13 may be employed to rnaintain the base sheets 11 in book form. As shown in FIG. 1, the base sheet includes a predetermined indicia in the form of a graphic representation 14, which may additionally include a predetermined color, and/er written designation 15. Advantageously, more than one indicia is included per page to present a choice to the user on each page as well as among all the pages, the educational purpose of which choice will be understood.

In accordance with the invention, a plurality of shaped two-dimensional articles 16 are formed from a relatively flexible sheet material, most advantageonsly a light, durable fabric, and are specifically formed to correspond to the indicia 14, 15 on the base sheets 11. As an important specific aspect of the invention, relatively small pieces of plastic fastening tape 17 (FIG. 5) having mating hooked and looped strips 18, 19, respectively, are employed to removably and interchangeably secure the articles to appropriate areas of the base sheets containing indicia 14, 15 corresponding to the shape of the top sheets. The strips 18, 19 are secured by adhesive 25 or other suitable means, to their supporting sheets 11, 16, respectively. More specifically and as shown clearly in FIGS. 3 and 4, the fastening tapes, which are fabricated from hooked and looped tape material commercially available under the trade name Velcro," more specific details of which may be had from United States Patents No. 2717437 and N0. 3114951 are located substantially inwardly of the free edges 20 of the attachable articles 16. This advantageous construction accommodates the manual grasping of the overlying top sheet 16, as shown in FIG. 4, and the application of leverage through the flexing thereof t o separate the looped Velcro strip 19 from the hooked Velcro strip, advantageously maintained relatively rigid by the base sheet 11.

In the case 0f a book or the like, consisting of more than one base sheet or having more than one attaching loeation, all of the Velcro tapes on the base sheet ations will be of the same type (usually hooked) and all -of the attachable articles Will carry tapes of the opposite or mating type (i.e. looped) It is of particular significance in this invention that the area of the Velcro tapes be small relative to the area of the associated attachable articles. This has an important functional advantage in that it enables a child insert bis .numb under a free margin of the flexible article as shown in FIG. 4, and a desirable esthetic advantage in that the attached articles have an attractive, casual appearance and also a sornewhat three-dimensional eifect because of the spacing 21 between the article and the base sheet.

A pocket 26 is provided on the inside of a cover 12 to hold the preshaped articles 16 when they are not removably attached t0 the base sheets 11. A child using the book rnay select a shaped article 16 from the pocket and rernovably, but securely, adhere it to the page comtaining proper corresponding indicia. It should be understood that the indicia may be so arranged and designed that a single attachable article may have more than one possible appropriate location in the book, or that more than one article may be appropriate for a single indicia.

Accordingly, if the indicia were to be in the form 0f an outline 0f a doll 30, for example, as shown in FIG. 6, the attachable article might take the form of any number of articles of apparel such as a dress 16'. As a more spe-cific aspect of the invention, the base sheet itself may be formed into a predetermined shape as is the case in 3 the ernbodiment shown in FIG. 6, where a base sheet 11' is actually a two-dimensional doll. All of the attributes of the above-clescribed book 10 are present in this particular embodiment of the invention, thus, for the sake of clarity and brevity, corresponding elements have been given the same reference numerals With the addition of a prime character.

Where the back sheet is a doll or indicia corresponding to a doll, the structure f the invention includes a pair cf srnall-area Velcro tapes located at the shoulder areas of the doll outline and at corresponding areas of the attachable article of clothing. In the assembled combination, the clothing articles are, in effect, suspended from the shoulders, and are free elsewhere, which imparts an attractive, realistic three-dimensional eflect to the completed doll.

Educational devices produced in accordance with the principles of the present invention will be unusually durable as well as extremely simple to use. Employment of Velcro strips in the inventive manner between a relatively flexible top sheet and a relatively rigid base sheet, provides for manual grasping and removal of the top sheet with a minimum of force and efiort, in a manner readily achievable by any child.

It should be understood that the specific structure herein illustrated and described is intended to be representative only, as certain changes may be made therein without departing from the clear teachings of the disclosure. Accordingly, reference should be made to the following appended claims in determining the full scope of the invention.

I claim:

1. An educational device comprising,

(a) a two-dimensional base supporting sheet including predetermined indicia on the face thereof,

(b) a first Velcro fastening tape section associated with said indicia and secured to said base sheet,

(c) a two-dimensional preformed attachable article graphically representative of said first predetermined indicia, and

(d) a second mating Velcro fastening tape section matably cooperable with said first tape section to effect a temporary union therewith,

(e) said second tape section being secured to the underside of said preformed article,

(f) whereby said base sheet and article may be selectively joined in a predetermined -spaced relationship by said first and second tape sections,

(g) at least said second tape section being of substantially limited area relative to the area of said attachable article,

(h) said spaced relationship of said article to said base sheet being suflicient to provide said combined article and base sheet with a three-dirnensional appearance and to define a gap which provides grasping access to said underside of said article.

Z. An educational device in accordance with claim 1,

in Which (a) said base sheet is relatively inflexible in comparison with said attachable article, and

(b) said article is produced from a light, durable fabric.

3. An educational device in accordance with claim 1,

in which (a) said base sheet includes second predetermined indicia on the face thereof,

(b) a third Velcro fastening tape section is included in association with said second predetermined indicia, and

(c) said preformed article is selectively adherable to said first or second tape sections.

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WALTER W. NIELSEN, Assistant Examiner.

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