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Publication numberUS3317724 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1967
Filing dateSep 16, 1964
Priority dateSep 16, 1964
Publication numberUS 3317724 A, US 3317724A, US-A-3317724, US3317724 A, US3317724A
InventorsJohn Kepenach, Pfaff Jr Henry C
Original AssigneePfaff & Kendall
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Lighting device
US 3317724 A
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y 2, 1957 H. c. PFAFF, JR. ETAL 3,317,724

LIGHTING DEVICE 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Sept. 16, 1964 PEG. 2

IN VENTO 5- H. C. PFAFF J. KEPENACH ATTORNEY y 2, 1967 H. c. PFAFF, JR, ETAL 3,317,724

LIGHTING DEVICE 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Sept. 16, 1964 FIG.3

FIG. 5

FIG. 4-

INVENTORS H. C. PFAFF J. KEPE/VA CH KWMJ A TTO/PNEV United States Patent 3.317,724 LIGHTING DEVICE Henry C. Pfalf, Jr., Summit, and John Kepenach, Middlesex, N.J., assignors to Pfaif and Kendall, Newark, N.J., a corporation of New Jersey Filed Sept. 16, 1964, Ser. No. 396,932 2 Claims. (Cl. 240-84) This invention relates to lighting devices and more particularly to a lighting device adapted to be secured to a surface such as a suitable ground support or to anchor rods or bolts extending from a foundation or base. Pursuant to the invention a streamlined lighting device is provided, so constructed that electrical components such as ballasts, transformers, relays and other accessory devices useful in connection with the lighting unit may be readily positioned within the post below the lighting unit. This end is attained, pursuant to the invention, by forming the post with a substantial lower portion thereof of relatively constant diameter or cross section and enlarging the upper end of the post to progressively greater, outwardly flared diameter, so that the electrical accessory devices above noted are adapted to be seated in the upper flared end of the post.

Further features of the invention comprise the combining of a light support post with a tapered upper end as above noted with novel means for conveniently securing an electrical lighting device housing thereto.

The drawings, illustrating procedures and devices useful in carrying out the invention, and the description below, are exemplary only of the invention, which shall be deemed to cover all other devices and procedures coming within the scope and purview of the appended claims.

In the drawings, wherein similar reference characters indicate like parts:

FIG. 1 is a fragmentary, partly sectional view of the upper end of a support post of the invention,

FIG. 2 is a side elevational view of a lighting device embodying the invention, with the supporting surface shown fragmentarily,

FIG. 3 is an enlarged, fragmentary cross sectional view with the gasket omitted of the upper end of the post and associated parts embodying the invention,

FIG. 4 is a transverse fragmentary enlarged sectional view, taken at line 4-4 of FIG. 1, and

FIG. 5 is an enlarged fragmentary transverse sectional view, taken at line 5--5 of FIG. 2.

As shown in the drawings, the device of the invention comprises a post which may be of substantially constant or tapering diameter from the lower end thereof to the upper end thereof and may be secured to a supporting surface 12 by bolts, anchoring rods or the like extending from said surface, or by other means, preferably enclosed by the post or by the base 13- thereof. A door 14 may be provided for access to the lower interior of the post. The post 10 may be progressively outwardly flared at the upper end 15 as shown in FIG. 2. As more readily noted from FIG. 1, the flared portion 15 is of greater diameter or the same diameter as the lower portion 10 of the post. A pin 16 is welded or otherwise secured to the interior of the upper end 15 of the post and extends inwardly for facility of mounting a hanger 18 thereon and thereby suspending the accessory electrical units 19 for the lighting device 20 having the housing 21' positioned on the post.

The electrical units 19' may be freely inserted through the open end of the tapered enlarged upper end of the post 10 and suspended as by the bracket, to align themselves with the narrower portion of the post adjacent (below) the tapered upper end 15 of the post 10.

A lamp globe retaining ring 22, preferably having a recess at the upper and at the lower outer edges (FIG. 2) is telescopically positioned on the outwardly flared upper end 15 of the post and may be secured thereto as by rivets 23 or the like. The lamp globe 21 has a lower edge 24 (FIG. 5) which may be covered with a plastic or other suitable gasket 30 (FIG. 5) proportioned to rest on the shouldered margin 31 of the ring 23. The lamp globe is not necessarily spherical or curved in cross-section, but does have a central opening at the bottom thereof with the adjacent peripheral portion extending inwardly toward the edge of the opening. A bracket 26 with offset portions 26, 27, may be secured to the lamp globe retaining ring 22 and thereby to the upper end of the post by suitable means such as rivets 28 or the like (FIG. 5). A cover 29 may be provided for the lighting device (FIG. 2) and rapid connect-disconnect means may also (not shown) be provided therefor as will be apparent to those skilled in the art. For ready access to the interior of the devise one need only remove the rivets 26 and then tilt the lamp globe 21 to the dotted line (FIG. 3) position. A safety chain may be connected to the lamp globe retaining ring 22 and bracket 32 for the fixture supporting bulb 20.

From the foregoing it will be noted that we have provided a sturdy, easily assembled lighting unit which may be fabricated of standard and readily assembled parts. The device may be stocked in prefabricated form to be readily assembled at the point of installation and is efficient and durable in use;

Having thus described our invention, what We claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A street lamp unit comprising:

(a) a base rigidly mounted on the ground;

(b) an elongated upright hollow post integral with said base at its lower end and having an outwardly flared upper end section;

(0) a support member disposed Within said flared upper end of said hollow post;

(d) a lamp socket mounted on said support member and projecting up and out of said flared upper end;

(e) electrical accessories connected to said lamp socket and mounted on the inside wall of said post adjacent the upper end thereof;

(f) a lamp globe retaining ring fitted on the upper edge of said hollow post;

(g) said lamp globe retaining ring having a recess at the lower section thereof for receiving the upper edge of said hollow post;

(h) a lamp globe mounted on said lamp globe retaining ring and covering said lamp socket;

(i) said lamp globe having a central opening at the bottom thereof with the adjacent peripheral portion extending radially inwardly to define the opening and engaging said lamp globe retaining ring;

(j) said lamp globe retaining ring having an upper peripheral recess adjacent the top thereof for receiving the said edge of the lamp globe;

(k) lamp globe locking means on said lamp globe retaining ring adjacent said inwardly extending peripheral portion which clamps said peripheral portion of said lamp globe on said lamp globe retaining ring; and

(l) fastening means for holding said globe housing retaining ring in position on said flared upper end of said post,

(m) an elongated hanger member connected to the inside wall of said flared end section of the post below said support member; and

(11) said electrical accessories are supported along said elongated hanger member.

2. A street lamp unit as set forth in claim 1, wherein:

(a) a threaded stud member is integral and projects outwardly from the inside wall of said flared end section of the post below said support member;

(b) said elongated hanger member has a hole adjacent the top thereof through which said threaded stud member projects; and

(c) a nut on said threaded stud member which holds said elongated hanger member on said threaded stud members.

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C. C. LOGAN, Assistant Examiner.

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U.S. Classification362/311.6
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Legal Events
Mar 2, 1983ASAssignment
Effective date: 19830223