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Publication numberUS3320962 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1967
Filing dateMay 22, 1962
Priority dateMay 22, 1962
Publication numberUS 3320962 A, US 3320962A, US-A-3320962, US3320962 A, US3320962A
InventorsFae Moriber, Leonard Moriber
Original AssigneeFae Moriber, Leonard Moriber
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Cosmetic holder and applicator
US 3320962 A
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y 3, 1967 F. MORIBER ETAL 3,320,962


INVENTORS Fae Mor i b e r" BY Leonard Moriber E- H- dvwla t Attorney May 23, 1967 F. MORIBER ETAL COSMETIC HOLDER AND APPLICATOR 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed May 22, 1962 FlG-6 INVENTORE Po 2 M ori b er FIG--3 BY Leonard Member SXH-M Attorney United States Patent Ofifice 3,320,962 Patented May 23, 1967 3,320 962 COSMETIC HOLDER AND APPLICATOR Fae Moriber and Leonard Moriber, both of 2077 NE. 120th Road, North Miami, Fla. 33161 Filed May 22, 1962, Ser. No. 196,739 4- Claims. (Cl. 13279) Our invention relates to beauty aids or cosmetics and is directed particularly to a holder for a plurality of various commonly-used cosmetics including mechanism for presenting for application, selectively, one at a time of the cosmetics as needed for making-up.

It is common knowledge that women today, for the most part, aften carry with them several different cos metics, many in stick form, such as lipstick, eye-brow pencils, lip-liners, mascara etc., all considered necessary for proper making-up. These various cosmetics items are usually carried separately in the purse, necessitating rummaging through the purse to find them from time to time as needed. On such occasions when a large enough purse cannot be carried, as when in formal dress for example, the escort is often called upon to carry in his pockets the various cosmetics required, a generally unpopular and unsought chore because of the lumpiness of the pockets thereby resulting in the possibility of soiling the suit due to container leakage.

It is accordingly the principal object of our invention to obviate the above-described nuisances by the provision of a unitary novel container operative to retain a plurality of commonly-used cosmetics and present them, selectively, as needed, by a simple thumb movement while holding the device in one hand.

A more particular object is to provide a combination holder and applicator for various cosmetics of the character described which is in the form of a fountain pen and which can be conveniently carried as a fountain pen.

Yet another object of the invention is to provide a holder and applicator for a plurality of cosmetics of the character described, wherein the individual cosmetics may be both in stick and liquid form and are easily and inexpensively replaced or replenished, when consumed.

Still another object is to provide a holder for cosmetics as described above which will be compact, attractive in appearance, convenient to carry, fool-proof in operation and durable and time-saving in use.

Other objects, features and advantages of this invention will be apparent from the following description when read with reference to the accompanying drawings:

In the drawings, wherein like reference numerals denote corresponding parts throughout the several views:

FIG. 1 is an oblique view of a cosmetics holder and applicator embodying the invention;

FIG. 2 is a view similar to FIG. 1, but with the cap removed to expose the lipstick and its carrier, and with one of the stick cosmetic units pushed forward in position for use;

FIG. 3 is a vertical cross-sectional view, on an enlarged scale, of the lower end of the holder;

FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line 4-4 of FIG. 3 in the direction of the arrows;

FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line 55 of FIG. 3 in the direction of the arrows;

FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line 6-6 of FIG. 3 in the direction of the arrows;

FIG. 7 is an oblique view of the retainer member, shown separately;

FIG. 8 is an oblique View of one of the retainer springs, shown separately;

FIG. 9 is a side view of one of the stick cosmetic retainer tubes, with a stick cosmetic therein;

FIG. 10 illustrates the retainer tube of FIG. 9 in longitudinal cross-section;

FIG. 11 illustrates a liquid cosmetic retainer tube with the cosmetic container tube therein, in longitudinal crosssection; and

FIG. 12 illustrates the liquid cosmetic applicator wand of FIG. 11 unscrewed from its container tube and ready for application.

Referring now in detail to the drawings, 10 in FIG. 1 designates, generally, a unitary cosmetics holder embodying the invention, the same being substantially in the form of a fountain pen and having a cylindrical body portion 11 and a removable, frictionally retained tubular cap portion 12 provided with a pocket clip 13.

As illustrated best in FIG. 3, the body portion 11 comprises a tubular outer case or housing 14 which may be of metal or molded of a synthetic plastic, one end of which decreases gradually in diameter in dome-like form as indicated at 15 to terminate in a coaxial opening 16 of decreased diameter through which cosmetics are individually and selectively presented for use as is hereinbelow more fully described. The other end of the tubular outer housing 14 has press fitted-therein, or otherwise secured therein, a generally cylindrical retainer member 17 of substantially the same diameter as the inside diameter of said housing so as to fit snugly therein as illustrated in FIG. 3 with a portion projecting outwardly of said housing to receive the cap portion 12. The outer end of retainer member 17 is provided with a central, cylindrical recess 18 adapted to receive and frictionally support therein the base 19 of a standard lipstick carrier case 2.0. As illustrated in FIG. 2, lipstick 20a is made available for use merely by removal of the cap portion 12 of the unitary holder 10 and turning the outer case 20. Since the spiral guide mechanism controlling projection and withdrawal of the lipstick in such commercial cosmetic carrier cases is well known to those skilled in the art, and forms no part of the present. invention, it is not described herein in detail.

Means is provided for retaining in the housing 14 and presenting for application through the opening 16, selectively, one of a plurality, four in the embodiment illustrated, of individual cosmetics. To this end, the inner end of the retainer member 17 is formed with recesses 21, U-shaped in cross section, opening into the peripheral wall thereof and equidistantly spaced thereabout. The bottom of each recess 21 is provided with a substantially rectangular, longitudinally-extending guide slot 22, for the purpose hereinafter appearing. The inner end of the retainer member 17 is also formed with a short, central, axially-projecting rivet stud 23 serving to anchor four retainer leaf springs 24, one for each of four cosmetic carrier tubes 25 adapted to be slidingly withdrawn into the individual recesses 21 in the retainer member 17, as herein below more fully described.

Each of the carrier tubes 25, preferably of a metal such as brass, is provided at its inner end with short, diametrically-opposed longitudinal slots 26 (see FIG. 11) within which are received a transverse leg portion 27 of a flat push tab 28. Each push tab 28 is integrally formed with a toothed edge portion 29 which extends out wardly of its carrier tube at one side thereof, the leg portion 27 projecting somewhat outwardly of the other side. The push tabs 28 are soldered or otherwise se curely fixed in place at the inner ends of their respective carrier tubes 25.

As illustrated in FIGS. '1 through 6, the peripheral wall of the housing 14 is provided with four longitudinal slots 30, one for each of the recesses 21 in the retainer member 17 and in radial alignment with one each of the guide slots 22 in said recesses. The four carrier tubes 25, when in fully withdrawn position, are disposed with their inner end portions one each in the recesses 21 of the retainer member 17, with the projecting leg portions 27 of the push tabs 28 received within their respective guide slots 22, and with the toothed edge portions 29 of said push tabs projecting outwardly of their respective guide slots 30 in the housing 14. p

' The leaf springs 24- are provided for resiliently guiding the selected carrier tubes 25 forwardly so that they project slightly through the opening 16 in the housing 14 when their push tabs 28 are selectively pushed all the way forward in their housing slots 30 to the position illustrated by the left-hand carrier tube in FIG. 3.

As illustrated in FIGS. 3 and 8, the leaf springs 2 are substantially L-shaped, having a square base portion 32 and an elongated spring portion 33 provided with a central elongated slot 34 beginning at said base portion and extending to a point somewhat short of the outer end of said spring portion. The outside of the outer end of said spring portion, moreover, is concavely bent, as indicated at 35 in FIG. 8. The base portions 32 of the leaf springs 24 are provided with central openings 36 by means of which they are mounted in overlying nested relation on the rivet stud 23 of the retainer member 17 and secured in place by peening over said stud as indicated at 37 in FIG. 3. It Will be seen that the leaf springs 24 are so fixed with respect to the retainer member 17 that they bear one each against the inner surfaces of the carrier tubes 25 for their entire distance of longitudinal travel in the housing 14, and that the elongated slots 34 of said springs are in register, respectively, with the slots 22 in said retainer member, so as to receive and guide the projecting leg portions 27 of the push tabs 28 after the carrier tubes have moved out of their respective recesses '21 in said retainer member upon sliding a push tab forward. As illustrated in FIG. 3, the carrier tubes 25 are limited in their forward movement by the push tabs 28 coming into abutment at the outside with the forward ends of the slots 30 in the housing 14' and at the inside with the slots 34 in the leaf springs 24. In this terminal forward position, the front end of a carrier tube 25 projects slightly from the opening 16 at the front end of the housing 14. It will be obvious that only one carrier tube 25 at a. time can be slid forward to project or dispensing position.

Three of the carrier tubes 25 are adapted to support a cosmetic unit for carrying cosmetics in stick form, such as eye-brown pencil, eye shadow and eye liner, as illustrated in FIG. 10, and the remaining carrier tube 25 is used'for holding a liquid or paste cosmetic such as mascara, together with an applicator or Wand, as illustrated in FIG. 11. Thus, as illustrated in FIG. 10, cosmetic support units 38 having tubular outer shells 39 are fitted and frictionally retained within three of the carrier tubes 25. Assembled within each of the outer shells 39 is a spiral guide mechanism, indicated generally at 40, actuated by a frusto-conical twist member 41 extending outwardly of the forward end of its shell which, when turned, projects a cosmetic stick 42 forwardly through an axial opening 43 in said twist member into adjustably exposed position ready for application in making-up, as illustrated for example in FIG. 2. Since the spiral guide control mechanism by means of which the cosmetic stick is moved forwardly is of Well known construction and commonly used in mechanical or automatic pencils, and since such mechanism in itself forms no part of the present invention, it is not deemed necessary to describe it in greater detail herein. It will be understood that when application of a particular stick cosmetic is completed, it will be withdrawn into its cosmetic support unit 38 by a turn of its twist member 41, the outer surface of which is preferably knurled as indicated at 44 to facilitate manipulation, and the pertaining push tab 28 slid back to withdraw its carrier tube back into the position of rest in the retainer member 17. Suitable indicia can be appropriately supplied on or near the individual push tabs 28 to identify the particular associated cosmetic. It will thus be seen that the various stick cosmetics are easily made available and ready for application in the desired sequence.

As illustrated in FIGS. 11 and 12, the remaining carrier tube 25, which as mentioned above is adapted to hold a liquid or thin paste cosmetic such as mascara together with an applicator wand, is fitted with a tubular outer shell 45 similar to the outer shells 39 of stick cosmetic support units 38. The inner end of the outer shell 45 is closed off with a short cylindrical plug 46 soldered or otherwise secured in place to provide a leakproof seal. An annular resilient seal member 47, preferably of a rubber-like material such as neoprene, is fitted coaxially Within the shell member 415 near the front end thereof, being secured in place by a pair of front and back cylindrical seal retainers 48, press fitted in said shell member. The cylindrical chamber defined by the outer shell 45, the plug 46 and the seal member 47 is charged with a liquid cosmetic indicated at 54 in FIG. 11. The central opening in the seal member is adapted to snugly receive one end of a rod-like applicator wand 50, the other end being secured in a frusto-conical screw cap 51 having a coaxial, externallythreaded portion 52 received within an internally-threaded bushing 53 fitted Within the outer end of the outer shell 45. Preferably, the outer end of the wand 50 is threaded or otherwise formed with peripheral grooves, as indicated at 49, to carry an appropriate quantity of mascara or other liquid or paste cosmetic when the screw cap 51 is unscrewed and the wand is withdrawn for use as illustrated in FIG. 12.

While there is illustrated and described herein only one form in which the invention may conveniently be embodied in practice, it is to be understood that this embodiment is given by way of example only, and not in a limiting sense. The invention, in brief, includes all the modifications and embodiments coming within the scope and spirit of the following claims:

What we claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In a cosmetics holder and applicator, the combination comprising, an elongated hollow housing member having an opening at one end, a plurality of elongated tubular carrier members in said housing, mechanism for guiding each of said carrier members, selectively, between a position fully within said housing and a position whereat one end of the carrier member projects through said housing opening, a cosmetic support unit having a tubular outer shell telescopingly received within each of said tubular carrier members, said cosmetic support units being closely embraced within their respective tubular carrier members for frictional retention therein and operative to be manually withdrawn outwardly of said housing member opening, and means for dispensing for application the cosmetic in a support unit either when retained in its carrier member in projecting position or when withdrawn from its carrier member.

2. A cosmetics holder and applicator as defined in claim 1, wherein one of said cosmetics is in stick form, its support unit having an axial through opening in which said stick cosmetic is disposed, and wherein said dispensing means comprises mechanism for moving said stick cosmetic in projecting relation with respect to said through opening.

3. In a cosmetic holder, the combination comprising, an elongated tubular housing member, said housing member being of hollow dome shape at one end and having an axial opening of reduced diameter at said one end, a retainer member within the other end of said housing and having means for supporting a cylindrical lipstick holder in coaxial projecting relation with respect to said other end of said housing, a tubular cap member of substantially the same diameter as said housing member, means removably assembling said cap member in end-to-end coaxial relation with respect to said other end of said housing and in covering relation with respect to said means for supporting a cylindrical lipstick holder in said retainer member, a plurality of elongated tubular carrier members in said housing, each of said carrier members being of lesser diameter than the diameter of said reduced diameter opening at said one end of said housing, mechanism for guiding each of said carrier members, selectively, between a position fully within said housing and a position whereat one end of the carrier member projects through said reduced diameter opening of said housing member, a cosmetic support unit having a tubular outer shell telescopingly received within each of said carrier members, said cosmetic support units being frictionally retained in their respective tubular carrier members and operative to be manually withdrawn outwardly of said reduced diam eter housing opening, a cosmetic carried in each of said support units, and means for dispensing for application the cosmetic in a support unit when its carrier member is in projecting or withdrawn position.

4. A cosmetic holder and applicator as defined in claim 3, wherein said carrier members guiding means comprises a plurality of leaf springs bearing one each against the sides of said carrier members to resiliently urge them References Cited by the Examiner UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,142,312 1/1939 Heinz 13279.3 2,264,482 12/ 1941 Ridner et a1 13279.3 2,579,887 12/1951 Vierling --14.5 2,624,315 1/1953 Weisser et a1 12014.5 3,001,531 1/1961 Gazdik 132-79 3,071,143 1/1963 Bau.

RICHARD A. GAUDET, Primary Examiner.

G. E. MCNEILL, Assistant Examiner.

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