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Publication numberUS3323643 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 6, 1967
Filing dateSep 23, 1965
Priority dateSep 23, 1965
Publication numberUS 3323643 A, US 3323643A, US-A-3323643, US3323643 A, US3323643A
InventorsRush David H
Original AssigneeAcr Electronics Corp
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Package and the method for making same
US 3323643 A
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NWNWMMUW United States Patent O 3,323,643 PACKAGE AND THE METHOD FOR MAKING AME The present invention relates to a package and the method for making same. This invention is particularly adaptable for the making of package structures to serve as first-aid and survival kits, but not necessarily limited to such specific uses.

An object of this invention is to provide a novel and improved package structure and a method for producing same. The package comprises a container holding a multiplicity of article-laden containers releasably fixed in position, which are densely grouped when the main container is closed in which they may even lie one over another, but upon opening the main container and then with a simple manipulation, a looseness and partial separation will occur in the contents, thereby making every item readily accessible.

Another object thereof is to provide the package with a directory of its contents, including the uses therefor and other information relating thereto, and to have the contents readily identifiable.

A further object thereof is to have the laden containers automatically attach themselves to the main container upon being set therein or applied thereto, whereby the inner containers are either fixed or swingable and always entirely removable and replaceable.

Still a further object thereof is to provide a novel and improved packaging system of the character described, which is easy to practice at a reasonable cost and which is eflcient in carrying out the purposes for which it is designed.

Other objects and advantages will become apparent as this disclosure proceeds.

For one practice of this invention, the individual articles are in separate packages or containers of plastic and they are numbered. A main container for them is a plastic box whose interior surface is given a coating of a pressuresensitive adhesive so when the individual packages are set therein, they will adhere thereto and of course be easily releasable therefrom. Many of the packages are envelopes or sleeves having end ilaps. It is the flaps that are applied to the adhesive-coated surface, so it is possible to have them swingably mounted. The main container has a cover which is shiftable to open position or entirely separable. Of importance is that the box is made of a fiat blank so the adhesive can be applied to it while flat before it is folded into box form. To bring the blank into box form, various flaps extending from its bottom wall section, are swung up to constitute the upright walls, but they are not secured to make the box form permanent, so when the box is uncovered, its parts can be spread out flat again. Packages swingably mounted on the wall sections can be swung into the confines of the box. When the box is opened, such packages can be swung to extend outside the blank perimeter. If desired, the panel of the cover member which is opposite the box floor, may also be adhesivecoated so it will carry several of the packages. One or more tlat sleeves or envelopes so attached to the adhesive coating that they are swingable on the rim line of the box member, may be included to carry an inventory of box contents and corresponding identifying numbers and various instruction sheets, writing paper and pencil and the like.

3,323,643 Patented June 6, 1967 In the accompanying drawing forming part of this specication, similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the views.

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the cover member of a box.

FIG. 2 is the face view of a blank which is to be folded into a Ibox form. The exposed surface of this bank is shown coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive onto which the individual packages are to be applied, in accordance with the teachings of this invention.

FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing one form of such package. This view is drawn to an enlarged scale.

FIG. 4 is an enlarged top plan view showing a laden box, in open, spread out and ready-to--use condition.

FIG. 5 is a perspective view of the laden box, about ready to be covered.

In the drawing, the numeral 25 designates generally a one-piece die-cut ilat blank, which in one form thereof as shown, comprises a comparatively` large rectangular middle section 26, along each side of which is a relatively smaller rectangular extension whose junction with said section 26, is defined by a score line. When these extensions or ilaps 27, 28, 29, 30 are swung upwardly about the score lines 27 28', 29', 30 respectively, a box indicated generally by the numeral 31 is formed. But While the blank 25 is still at, the surface thereof which is to be the boxs interior, is provided with a coating of a pressure-sensitive adhesive 32, and the individual packages identified and marked with the numerals 1--20` respectively, are applied in compact arrangement onto the adhesive coat so when the laden flaps 27-30 are swung up, the boxs contents are densely packed. Thin packages like those numbered 20, are set to adhere along one of their longitudinal edges so when the box is opened, they will swing like book pages. It is preferred that package forms shall be as shown in FIG. 3, Where possible. Here the item is within a plastic sleeve Wrapping 33, which is heat-sealed at each end to form the end tabs 34, so this package 35 can be attached by only having one of its end tabs adhering to the inner box surface, as for instance the end tabs 36 and 37 onto the ilap 30, which permits the packages 7 and 8 to be swung beyond the blanks perimeter when the box is opened as in FIG. 4, and to be swung to lie over the items numbered 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17, when the box is set up to be closed by the cover member 24. The composite may also include transparent sleeves 38, 39 hingedly attached to the flap 29, to carry a printed inventory 40, listing the box contents with identification and use instructions, or other articles which can fit in such sleeves.

The assembled ite-ms 1-20 may constitute a rst-aid kit for general use, a survival kit for the military forces, or any other collection of items for various purposes. Pastes may be in squeeze tubes as 13, liquids in bottles as 12, pills may be in a box as 15, or in envelopes as 1. The numeral 20 indicates separately packed band-aids. The box structure 31 and its cover 24 may be of plastic material as polyethylene, or of a compressed ber paper or other suitable easily bendale material, and same may be of different structural forms as are Well known in the box art, but preferably the box blanks should be capable of rbeing spread ilat to receive the adhesive coat where required and to present the -box contents to be readily accessible when the box is opened and its wall flaps swung downwardly outwardly.

This invention is capable of numerous forms and various applications without departing from the essential features herein disclosed. It is therefore intended and desired that the embodiment herein shall be deemed merely illustrative and not restrictive and that the patent shall cover all patentable novelty herein set forth; reference be had to the following claim rather than to the specific description herein, to indicate the scope of this invention.

I claim:

A package construction of the character described, comprising a bendable blank formed into a box structure having a `bottom Wall and upright Walls; said upright Walls being swingable downwardly outwardly; the inner surface of said l,box structure being covered by a coating of pressure-sensitive adhesive, a multiplicity of separate packages containing predetermined items respectively, releasably adhered to said adhesive coating and contained Within said box structure; some of said Separate packages being swingably mounted in relation to that portion of the inner surface of the box structure they are respec- 4 tively mounted on, and a cover member closing said box structure, and shiftable to open said box structure.

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International ClassificationA61F17/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61F17/00
European ClassificationA61F17/00
Legal Events
Dec 31, 1990ASAssignment
Effective date: 19901011