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Publication numberUS3323739 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 6, 1967
Filing dateJun 8, 1965
Priority dateJun 8, 1965
Publication numberUS 3323739 A, US 3323739A, US-A-3323739, US3323739 A, US3323739A
InventorsDeming Arthur T
Original AssigneeDeming Arthur T
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Paper mill knife and mounting therefor
US 3323739 A
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June 6, 1967 A. T. DEMING 3,323,739


United States Patent 3,323,739 PAPER MILL KNIFE AND MOUNTING THEREFOR Arthur T. Deming, 1330 Shortridge Lane, Albany, Oreg. 97321 Filed June 8, 1965, Ser. No. 462,299 8 Claims. (Cl. 24256) This invention relates to paper mill knives and their mountings, and more particularly to a device which is utilized to sever a continuous discharge from a paper making machine after a first roll of paper is wound and to immediately thereafter :begin the winding of a second paper roll.

Devices are known in the prior art which both sever a continuous web of paper and which place the severed end of the continuous web adjacent a core for starting a new roll. Generally these devices are characterized by a plurality of rollers over which the continuous web moves. Often a shear plate is used beneath a cutter as a support for the paper to be cut. Likewise, the devices of the prior artoften fail to eflect complete adhesion of the severed continuous web to a new core.

It is an object of the instant invention to provide a paper mill knife and mounting which. insures adhesion of the continuous web to a new core on which the web may be wound.

Another object of the instant invention is to provide a simplified means for starting a continuous web of paper on a new core.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a means for severing a continuous web of paper utilizing the tension of a winding roll to avoid the requirement of shear plates.

A further object of this invention is to provide a paper mill knife and mounting which is inexpensively manufactured and installed, which requires little maintenance, and which is substantially foolproof in operation.

Other objects and advantages of the instant invention will be in part apparent and will be in part more fully pointed out hereinafter and disclosed in the accompanying drawing, wherein there is shown a preferred embodiment of this inventive concept.

In the drawings:

FIGURE 1 is a side elevational view of the paper mill knife and mounting of the instant invention, certain parts being broken away for clarity of illustration;

FIGURE 2 is a side elevational view of a movable turret on which paper may be wound;

FIGURE 3 is a cross-sectional view of the device of FIGURE 1, taken along line 3-3 thereof and viewing in the direction of the arrows;

FIGURE 4 is a view of the knife of FIGURE 1 taken along line 44 and viewing in the direction of the indicated lines, showing a flattened knife; and

FIGURE 5 is a cross-sectional view of the knife of FIGURE 4 taken along line 55 thereof and viewing in the direction of the arrows.

Referring now to the drawings, wherein like reference characters designate like elements throughout the several views thereof, there is indicated generally at a device for severing a continuous web of paper comprising a turret shown generally at 12 and a paper mill knife and mounting indicated generally at 14.

Movable turret 12 comprises a substantially circular plate 16 having a centrally disposed pivot axis 18 of any conventional type. Located about the periphery of plate 16 are a series of radially extending arms 20 having a rotatable pin 22 secured on the outer end thereof to accommodate a core 24 on which may be wound a roll of paper 26. As shown in FIGURE 2., plate 16 provides 3,323,739 Patented June 6, 1967 eight equally spaced radially extending lugs 20 for purposes more fully explained hereinafter. Pins 22 may be rotatably powered in any suitable manner to provide the motive means necessary to wind a continuous Web of paper 28 on core 24.

As shown in FIGURE 1, continuous web 28 exits from the discharge of a paper making machine or the like in a substantially horizontal plane and trails over uppermost core 24 onto paper roll 26. Paper mill knife 14 comprises an elongate regular geometric shaped member such as a substantially cylindrical body 30 having a longitudinal axis 32 pivotally mounted by eccentrically placed pivot pins 34 on a suitable mount above uppermost core 24 and toward the discharge of a paper making machine as shown in FIGURE 1.

Fixedly secured to the periphery of cylindrical body 30 is a knife holder shown generally at 36. Knife holder 36 includes a transverse body 38 extending throughout the length of cylindrical member 30' and core 24 and a pivot connection shown generally at 40 comprising a pair of arms 42 having a transversely aligned pair of apertures into which an operating means may be pivotally secured as more fully explained hereinafter.

Secured to the outer end of knife holder 36 is a knife blade 44 which has a radius of curvature coaxial with the curvature of cylindrical core 24 as shown in FIG- URE 1. Knife blade 44 includes a pair of centrally converging front edges 46, 48 which would be straight if blade 44 were planar, but which describe a pair of intersecting reversed cylindrical spirals when blade 44 is for-med about a radius of curvature as shown in FIG- URES 3 and 4. Front edges 46, 48 converge into a forwardly disposed apex 50' which is centrally disposed with respect to cylindrical member 30 and core 24.

Secured along each of front edges 46, 48' is a replaceable cutting edge indicated generally at 52, 54, each of which is an elongated substantially trapezoidal metal strip and each of which is a substantial mirror image of the other. Cutting edges 52, 54 include a series of spaced frusto-conical apertures 56 in' which resides a flush head screw 58 which may be secured to front edges 48, 50 by a series of threaded apertures 60. Cutting edges 52, 54 includes a series of forwardly disposed teeth 62'having an initial cutting point 64, a sharply inwardly inclined cutting edge 66 and a gradual outwardly inclined cutting edge 68.

Although not essential to the operation of paper cutter It a spray of water or glue may be effected by any suitable means to wet core 24 so that web 28 will readily adhere thereto.

When it is desired to sever continuous web 28 knife blade 44 is rotated about pivot axis 34, as more fully pointed out hereinafter, such that the forwardmost cutting points of cutting edges 52, 54 engages the tensioned web 28. Continued rotation of knife blade 44 about pivot axis 34 results in additional lateral cutting of tensioned web 28. Immediately prior to the complete severance of continuous web 28 the first cut portion thereof, i.e. that portion cut by cutting points adjacent apex 50, will be placed into contact with core 24 so that core 24 may accommodate the discharge of a paper making machine.

The retraction of blade 44, as more fully explained hereinafter, allows core 24 to build up a paper 1'O1l l26 since rotatable pins 22 are drivingly connected to core 24. It has been found that the placing of continuous web 28 adjacent the next core 24 in such a manner precludes web 28 from backlashing and allows rapid and convenient winding of rolls 26. Roll 26 is removed from pins 22, either manually or by automatic means so that the next roll may build to a convenient size.

Paper mill knife and mounting 14 is also equipped with a pneumatic cylinder indicated generally at 70 com- 'thereto by a pin 82.

When paper roll 26 has achieved its desired size, pneumatic cylinder 70 is operated, either by manual actuation of a pressure control valve or by the automatic operation thereof to pivot knifeblade 44 about pivot axis 34 as previously mentioned.

It is important that knife blade 44 extends throughout the width of paper web 28 so that the severed end thereof may be juxtaposed to rotating core 24 prior to or contemporaneous with the complete severance of web 28. Failing to do so allows web 28 to back lash thus creating confusion and wastage of paper.

It is now seen that there is herein provided an improved paper mill kite and mounting having all the objects of this invention and others, including many advantages of great practical utility and commercial importance.

Since many embodiments may be made of the instant inventive concept, and since many modifications may be made of the embodiment hereinbefore shown and described, it is to be understood that the foregoing explanation is to be interpreted merely as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.


' 1. Apapermill knife comprising a cylindrical core adapted to receive a paper winding havinga circumference, a length and a radius of curvature; I a knife blade having a length, a radius of curvature perpendicular to said length, two forwardly converging front edges which describe intersecting reversed cylindrical spirals forming an apex midway of said length, and a central semicircular cross-section, said'semicircular cross-section being coaxial with and closely fitting said circumference of said core when said blade is placed around said core; means mounting said core for rotatable movement; and means pivotally mounting said blade adjacent said core for selectively placing said blade coaxial with said core. 2. The structure of claim 1 wherein said blade length is equal to said core length. a

'3. The structure of claim '1 wherein said mounting means includes an elongate regular geometric shaped member having an axis, and an aligned pivot pin positioned on said member eccentrically spaced from said axis, said member being secured to said blade.

- includes a blade holder secured to the periphery of said regular geometric shaped member.

5. The structure of claim 4 wherein said blade holder includes a pivot connection, and further comprising fluid power means pivotally connected with said pivot connection for pivoting said blade and blade holder.

6. The invention of claim 1 wherein the blade mounting means comprises: v

an eccentrically pivotally mounted elongate member; a blade holder secured intermediate the ends thereof to the elongate member for mounting the blade on one end; and i 7 means secured to the other end of the blade holder for moving said other end to thereby eccentrically pivot the blade holder for moving the blade holder in a pivotal and translational path from a osition spaced from said core to a position adjacent said core.

7. The invention of claim 6 wherein the means for moving the other end of the blade holder comprises:

a substantially linearly operating fluid motor.

8. The invention of claim 6 wherein the blade mounting means comprises:

a blade holder, comprising a first generally linear portion, a second generally linear portion,

a first arcuate portion connecting one end of the for moving the second arcuate portion in a pivotal V and translational path from a position spaced from 7 said core to a position closely adjacent said core for cutting a paper web and directing said web onto said core, said first generally linear portion being adjacent and generally parallel to the line of travel of said web in the last named position.

References Cited 7 UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,492,900 12/1949 Swenson 242-56 2,789,774 4/ 1957 Petersen et a1 242-56 3,128,057 4/ 19 64 Barnhart et a l 24256 FRANK I. COHEN, Primary Examiner.


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