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Publication numberUS3324856 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 13, 1967
Filing dateJun 9, 1964
Priority dateJun 9, 1964
Publication numberUS 3324856 A, US 3324856A, US-A-3324856, US3324856 A, US3324856A
InventorsYoung Clara B
Original AssigneeYoung Clara B
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Colostomy garment
US 3324856 A
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June 13, 1967 c. B YOUNG COLOSTOMY GARMENT Filed June 9, 1964 FIG.2

INVENTOR *k r M ATTORNEYS United States Patent 3,324,856 COLOSTOMY GARMENT Ciara B. Young, P.0. Box 653, Hobe Sound, Fla. 33455 Fiied June 9, 1964, Ser. No. 373,712 4 Claims. (Cl. 128-283) This invention relates to undergarments and especially to a colostomy garment.

A colostomy results in the creation of an opening in the abdominal Wall, called a stoma, into which the intestine is secured and through which fecal matter is discharged. At periods when experience indicates that discharge is not to be expected, it is customary to cover the stoma with a pad or dressing of absorbent material, and means must be provided to keep such material in position.

It is important that such means should be comfortable to the user both during daytime andnighttime. Also, it is desirable that such means should be inconspicuous and resemble a conventional undergarment so that the person wearing the garment can conceal the fact of the colostomy as much a sposible and prevent sufiering of mental depression or anxiety which might occur if appearance is considered unnatural. A further element of importance is that the means to hold the absorbent material in position must cover the entire abdomen from the navel to the pelvis, because the stoma may be located in almost any part of such region. It is also important that the holding means should remain in firm position securing the absorbent pad upon the stoma, even when a portion of the garment is displaced to permit urination.

It is therefore an object of this invention to provide a colostomy garment in the form of pants to effect the advantages and features above indicated.

In construction, the garment of this invention includes a shaped panel having front and rear sections and side panels one of which extends forwardly across the abdomen and releasably fastens to the other. The front section of the shaped panel then releasably fastens to the outside of that extended side panel, and a moisture-proof lining or covering is releasably fastened to the inside abdominal area of that extended panel.

Further details of an embodiment of the invention, along with other objects and advantages, will become apparent upon reading the appended claims and the following detailed description of an embodiment of the invention, in conjunction with the drawing, in which,

FIGURE 1 illustrates the garment when fully opened fiat, viewed from the interior,

FIGURE 2 illustrates a perspective view of a garment assembled as in wearing, and

FIGURE 3 is a side elevational view of a garment positioned on a wearer.

In FIGURE 1 the side bands or panels 1 and 2 are different lengths, side panel 2 being shorter, while side panel 1 is of sufiicient length to extend forwardly and across the abdomen of the wearer. Panel 2 includes an elastic strip 3, while panel 1 includes an elastic strip 4. Secured to the outer edge of elastic strip 3, set in a fabric strip, are five elements 5a of snap fasteners 5 or the like, which have mating elements 5b set along the outer edge of the fabric Which makes up the remainder of panel 1. Fasteners 5 may be of the snap fastening type, for example.

As is apparent, the lower edges of the side panels 1 and 2, when in position upon the wearer, are below the widest part of the hip bones and above the joints of the hip and thigh bones, while the upper edges of the panels are above the wearers navel, in the area of the waistline.


Secured to the inner ends of side panels 1 and 2 is a shaped fabric panel 6, which has a rear section 6a and a front section 6b. As illustrated in FIGURES 1 and 2, the rear section 6a has a width sufficient to cover the buttocks of the wearer, with its lower portion diminishing in width to the crotch area 60. The front section 6b extends from the crotch area in increasing width toward its outer (upper) end, which has a width and height sufficient to cover the abdomen when it is folded upwardly as indicated in FIGURES 2 and 3.

Fabric fasteners 7a on the inside of the upper end of front section 6b cooperate with fabric fasteners 7b on the outside of panels 1 and 2. Such fabric fasteners are preferably of the adhesive type which fasten by pressure and release when pulled apart, for example, of a type similar to that in the Dexter Patent, 2,931,747, and which may be opened manually by slight stripping force. The front section 6b is therefore releasable and may be folded down and out of the way, without needing to open fasteners 5 and remove the garment from the wearer.

Preferably, the lower edges of both the front and rear sections 6a and 6b are gathered or contracted as indicated by the marks 8, so that they will lie closely against the body of the wearer, to provide a temporary retention of any unexpected discharge. Additionally, the upper edge of the rear section 6a is also shortened by means of darts or gatherings 9, to aid in making a more closely fitting garment.

Secured to the inner side of panel 1 is a moisture-proof lining 10, which is coextensive with the abdomen and prevents any moisture from the pad or dressing of absorbent material which covers the stoma from soiling other garments of the wearer. This lining or cover 10 is releasably fastened to the inside portion of panel 1 by any type of fabric fasteners 11 which may be similar to fasteners 7 above described.

From the foregoing description, it is apparent that the objects and advantages of this invention have been provided for in the described embodiment. Besides carrying for the physical necessities connected with a colostomy, it is apparent the garment presents a conventional and pleasing appearance. When worn by a person having a colostomy, the garment relieves the person of embarrassment and anxiety generally associated with the use of prior colostomy belts and girdles.

Variations of the garment are contemplated, and it is to be understood that the foregoing description is of an exemplary embodiment, limitations to which is not intended, the invention being defined by the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A colostomy garment in the form of pants comprising:

a shaped panel having a rear section with a width sufficient to cover the buttocks of a wearer and a height extending from about the waistline downwardly in diminishing width to the crotch and a front section connectedly extending therefrom upwardly at least partially in increasing width toward said waistline,

a first side panel extending laterally from one edge of said rear section,

a second side panel extending laterally from the other edge of said rear section and of at least abdomen height and of width sufficient to extend forwardly around said abdomen to the other side thereof to meet said first side panel,

means for releasably securing the outer ends of said side panels together,

means for releasably securing the said front section of J said shaped panel to the outside abdominal area of said second panel, so that the front section can be Opened all the way to the area of the crotch without disturbing the securement of the side panels, and

a moisture proof lining releasably secured to, and substantially coextensive with, only the inside abdominal area of said second panel.

2. A garment as in claim 1 wherein at least a portion of at least one of said side panels is of elastic material.

3. A garment as in claim 1, wherein the upper end of said rear section of the shaped panel and the lower edge thereof and of the said front section are gathered to cause same to hug the body of the wearer.

4. A garment as in claim 1 wherein said second side 1,163,793 12/1915 Taylor 128-287 2,493,113 1/1950 Dance 128-287 2,611,364 9/1952 Mann 128--283 2,649,858 8/1953 LeBolt 128-284 2,745,404 5/1956 W00d-Minor 128283 2,778,362 1/1957 PollOck et a1. 128283 RICHARD A. GAUDET, Primary Examiner.

panel includes a strip of elastic material adjacent the said 15 L. W. TRAPP, Assistant Examiner.

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