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Publication numberUS3328822 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1967
Filing dateFeb 23, 1965
Priority dateMar 7, 1964
Publication numberUS 3328822 A, US 3328822A, US-A-3328822, US3328822 A, US3328822A
InventorsLicio Sellesi
Original AssigneeLicio Sellesi
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Removable holder for mops and the like
US 3328822 A
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July 4, 1967 L. SELLESI REMOVABLEHOLDER FOR MOPS AND THE LIKE Filed Feb. 23, 1965 United States Patent 3,328,822 REMOVABLE HOLDER FOR MOPS AND THE LIKE Licio Sellesi, Carnello, Italy Filed Feb. 23, 1965, Ser. No. 434,354

Claims priority, application Italy, Mar. 7, 1964,

1 Claim. (Cl. 15-151) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The removable holder comprises a body having a pair of spaced slots with means at its upper portion for a stick or the like. A removable plate has tongues adjacent its The present invention relates to a rechangeable attachment device for mops and the like.

The purpose of this invention is that of embodying a device of the related kind having high features of efficacity and of practical use.

According to this invention a device is provided com prising in combination a body having a substantially prismatical shape, made either of plastic material or any other technologically equivalent material, furnished with a conventional stick and provided with a pair of slots, into which are snap inserted two shaped teeth, carried by a rechangeable element bodily formed with the mop.

Said rechangeable element, in one preferred embodiment of this invention consists of a plate provided with two longitudinal serrated edges, destined to engage the mop proper which is mounted between said teeth and a counterplate which is forcedly applied against the first cited plate.

This invention will be now described with reference to a preferred embodiment, shown by way of non-limitative example in the attached drawings, wherein:

FIG. 1 is an exploded View of the device according to this invention;

FIG. 2 is a sectional view of the mounted unit.

With reference to FIG. 1, the device according to this invention includes a body 1, having a substantially prismatic shape, madeof either plastic material or any other suitable material, provided with a sleeve 2 into which a conventional stick (not shown in the figure) is inserted. At the base of the body 1, a plane 3 is provided with a pair of slots 4 into which a corresponding pair of elastic teeth or tongues 5 is snap introduced, said teeth being carried by a plate 6 with a pair of downwards projecting serrated edges 7 and upwardly projecting rims 22. Longitudinal slots 23 are provided in the body 1 to receive the rims 22.

Between the aforesaid pair of serrated edges 7 ,and the counterplate 8 (see also FIG. 2) the mop 9 is tightened under pressure, so that the tooth shaped projections 10 of the counterplate 8 which have conical heads will be steadily inserted into the holes 11 provided in the plate 6. The serrated edges 7 serve to uniformly distribute the strands of the mop along the plates 6 and 8. Of course this fastening operation of the mop 9 between the plate 6 and the counterplate 8 will be effected in the factory, whereby the aforesaid elements will appear as a single assembly which will be easily mounted on the body 1, by inserting the two teeth 5 provided with the surfaces 12 into the slots 4 of the body itself. When the mop has been consumed by use, the attachment element will be released by outwardly pushing the teeth 5 so as to enable a new unit to be substituted for the worn one.

I claim:

A removable holder for mops and the like, comprising a substantially prismatic body having a pair of spaced slots and at its upper portion a sleeve for a conventional stick, a removable rectangular plate having at each end portion thereof a tongue adapted to snap in a slot of said prismatic body, said plate having a plurality of bores and upwardly and downwardly projecting rims at its longitudinal sides, said downwardly projecting rims having serrated edges to uniformly distribute mop strands along said plate, said body having longitudinally extending recesses, said upwardly projecting rim portions engaging within said recesses to avoid any displacement of said plate, and a counter-plate having a plurality of teeth provided with conical heads adapted to be forcedly inserted into said plurality of bores of said plate for pressing a mop against said plate.

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CHARLES A. WILLMUTH, Primary Examiner. D. BLUM, Assistant Examiner.

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U.S. Classification15/151, 15/229.2, 15/195
International ClassificationA47L13/255, A47L13/20, A47L13/254
Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/255, A47L13/254
European ClassificationA47L13/255, A47L13/254