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Publication numberUS333590 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1886
Publication numberUS 333590 A, US 333590A, US-A-333590, US333590 A, US333590A
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US 333590 A
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'No'Model'.) v



No. 333,590. Pater ited Jan. 5, 1886 T "or. I Q-w 7 *rflvq 41 l "fl ooillso oi sins Fries Ur see.

sonny o. BENSON, or new zoos, n; v


SPBCEFICATZQN forming part of Letters Yer/ant No. 331586, dated January 5, .1886.

Application filed October $7, 1885. Seiiol No 191,051. (X0 znollell- To aZZ whom may corwern:

Be it known thesLHENRY G. BENSON,'0 the eiey, ooonby, and State of New York, have invented a certain new and useful improve- 31s, of vvloioli till? following knowledge are thet'tlie jews wlijlelge vine o spring action needefi to enoble'rliem to clasp the pencil, are also bodily movable to end from one a-noiiier so that the same jaws will eoeonr modate and mlept themselves to widely-oil" ferenb sizes of pencils, and are also so formed and arranged that the pencil can be i'oirosiooell between the jaws either from the frontori'rorn eillzer end of the clasp, which letter feature enhances much the convenient use of the levice The nature of my improvement will be reaclily understood by reference to theeooomponying drawings, in which- Figures landfila-re respeotively a perspective View en-cl. a transverse section of a pencilclasp embodying my improvement, 3 and 4i are I corresponding views of a modified form of the some 5 and 6 are corresponding views of still another modification.

the device represented in Figs 1 and 2, the clasp consists of e base-pleie, A, provided vfli oustomery pin. and book, so or equiv ele'oi means for eiteohing the device to the garment; of the user. On the base-plate are mounted so to stand iii: about right angles thereto the parallel or approximatelyparallel jaws B C, which ati'slieir outer edges, 0, flare or round outwardly, to permit the pencil to be easily introduced between them from the front. At the same time the pencil can be inbrodneerl also from either end of she jaws; if required, for which purpose the ends may also be mode outwardly rounding or flaring, if desirecl The jaws, mode, preferably, of sheetloiass or oilierspring motel, have each a basepieee, (E: This besepieeeis attached to sdisk, e, in the rear oflzlie plate A by a pin, f, which passes through a rransverse slot, in. said plate. The jaws are thus held in place on the ease-plate, while at the seine-time they can slide 60 and from one another a distance equal to the combined length of the two slots g. A. coiled sprisg, 72 ezteogling between and fastenerl to the 'awopinsf, serves to draw she jaws together in yielding force, so as is permit ilaem to expand or move bodily aperiwhenever occasion demands.

The clasp hown in Figs. 3 and 4: is substantially the saw o as that elreeclyfieseribefi, erenoe 'T 1/6 our one of the jaws is move-ore on to ease eizeA. fiber-movable jaw 18, in this i stance, lies a hose-piece, l, which slioles in guides i on plate A, and has the form along its longitudinal center of a.

sleeve, ;i, ivlzioii encircles and slides on a oylindrieol plug or block, in on the base-plate. in the sleeve is a spring, l, that presses the jaw '3 toward its fellow jaw G. I

The device shown in Figs. 5 and 6 mainly "bin those shown in the preceding figrat the jaws and base-1) late formed single St-i'lf) of spring shoes metal bent into one form indicated clearly in Fig. 6,

The port A of the strip constitutes the baseplote to which the pin anal book a E are as taolietl, es customary, and the parts l3 3' eonstitute the jaws, These jaws (which have rounrlefi outer edges, e) are spring-controlled yielding jaws, aml at the same time are copw bio of moving bodily apart; by reason of the feet that, they are susceptible of movement; to enrl from each other an die points god 311 Otner modifications might, be illustrated but foregoing are snfiieient to indicate to one skilled in the art theniimerous ways in which the improvemens me be carried into ell'eot.

What I claim tion is 1. [The combine-lion, with the base or sops newonfiof my own invem to said base plate, pvovided with fizi'ring 0r ing spring-jaws B 0', provided with flaring er :0 rounded outer edges, 0, and susceptible of rounded outer edges, substantially as and for bodilyxnovement 'to and from one another, the purposes set forth.

snbstanbi-(illyas and for the purposes hereinbm In testimony whereof I have hereunto set fore set forth. myimnrfl. 1

2. A pencil clasp the body of which is HENRY O. BENSON. formed of a single strip of spring sheet metal, -Witnesses: beat; as hereinbe'fore shown and described, so SAMUEL KRANS,

as to form a base-plate, A, and bodily-yield- ANDREW VEDDER.

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