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Publication numberUS3337073 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1967
Filing dateMar 24, 1966
Priority dateMar 24, 1966
Publication numberUS 3337073 A, US 3337073A, US-A-3337073, US3337073 A, US3337073A
InventorsDonald Angelo
Original AssigneeDonald Angelo
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Vacuum bottle
US 3337073 A
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Aug. 22, 19$? ANGELO 3,337,073

VACUUM BOTTLE Filed March 24, 1966 2 Sheets-Sheet l .2700 0/0 4098/0 INVENTOR ATTORNEY D. ANGELO VACUUM BOTTLE Aug. 22, 1967 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed March 24, 1966 V N e m My M Wm 0 v A 4 d M a W O B a United States Patent 3,337,073 VACUUM BOTTLE Donald Angelo, 514 Gammon Drive, Houston, Tex. 77022 Filed Mar. 24, 1966, Ser. No. 537,054 Claims. (Cl. 2156) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A vacuum bottle having a sectioned housing and having a pair of fillers therein shaped to conform to the shape of the housing on one side and to present flat, closely spaced, adjacent faces on the other side, with means for maintaining the fillers out of contact with each other, and having overturned portions at the necks of said fillers to receive a readily removable stopper, and having a handle in alignment with the divider between said fillers.

Summary of the invention This invention relates to new and useful improvements in a vacuum bottle.

It is an object of this invention to provide a vacuum bottle having dual fillers and a single housing.

It is another object of the invention to provide a vacuum bottle having means for multiple fillers and singular housing, having novel means for maintaining the fillers out of contact with each other.

It is another object of the invention to provide a vacuum bottle having multiple fillers, and having novel means for retaining and replacing said fillers.

With the above and other objects in view, the invention has relation to certain novel features of construction, operation and arrangement of parts more particularly defined in the following specifications and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

FIGURE 1 is a side elevational view, in cross section, of the assembled device.

FIGURE 2 is an elevational view of the bottle housing, ShOWing the position of the handle.

FIGURE 3 is a cross sectional end view taken on the line 33 of FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 4 is a cross sectional elevational view of the bottle stopper employed, and

FIGURE 5 is a side elevational view, partially in cross section, illustrating another form of the invention.

Referring now more particularly to the drawings, the numerals 1, 2 designate the top and bottom sections, respectively, of the housing, which may be formed of plastic, or the like, andeach section will be substantially conical in shape, and the two sections will be shaped to form a threaded joint 3 at the larger ends of the respective cones. The section 1 has the externally threaded cup receiving flange 4 at its smaller end and the smaller end of the section 2 has the annular base member 5.

Fillers as 6, 6 are formed with the flat adjacent sides 7, 7 and are tapered inwardly at each end on the outside wall to conform to the shape of the housing sections 1, 2. Yieldable pads 8, 8 are mounted on the bottom of each of the fillers 6, 6. A yieldable collar 9 is mounted around the necks 10, 10 of the respective fillers and the ends of the fillers are overturned as at 11, forming the receiving lips for the stoppers 12, 12. The stoppers as 12 are hollow and shaped to fit snugly in the half-moon shaped openings of the fillers 6, 6. The upper margin of the stoppers 12 are overturned as at 13, so that the overturned ends of the fillers will be tightly enclosed in the overturned ends of the stoppers when the stoppers are in stopping position.

Extending downwardly from the collar 10 is the divider 14 having a flexible bumper 15, adapted to maintain the filgers in close proximity without actual contact with each ot er.

A suitable cup 17 is mounted on the flange 4, and a handle 16 is provided on the side of the housing 1, in vertical alignment with the divider 14.

In use, the sections 1, 2 may be readily separated, and the fillers 6 mounted therein by thrusting the necks of the fillers up through the collar 9, with the flat sides of the fillers in close proximity, and the lower section of the housing 2 mounted on the upper section 1. Hot and cold fluids may be carried in the respective fillers and the contents sealed against leakage by the stoppers 12 and maintained at the temperature when placed in the respective fillers in the usual manner, and maintained out of contact with each other by means of the divider 14. When the user wants to consume the contents of either filler, the cup is removed and the respective stopper is removed and the handle will provide means for pouring from either filler, without leakage from the other filler.

Each of the stoppers 12, 12 have an annular flange 18 mounted on the respective lips 13, so that in removing a stopper, pressure may be applied upwardly on the flange 18 to disengage the lip 13 from the overturned ends 11.

In the form shown in FIGURE 5, the housing 18 is a straight sided cylinder, with the bottom removable, as 20, to replace'the respective fillers and with dual cups 19 mounted in the top and a handle 21 on a plane with the division line between the two fillers 22, 23 mounted in the collar 24.

While the foregoing are considered preferred forms of the invention, they are by way of illustration only, the broad principle of the invention being defined by the appended claims.

What I claim is:

1. In a vacuum bottle, a housing composed of a pair of joined sections, a flexible collar in the upper end of one section, openings in said collar to receive the necks of multiple fillers, a divider suspended from said collar, fillers mountable in said housing, one end of said fillers having reduced necks, and the body of each of said fillers being shaped to conform to the contour of the housing on their outside areas and to present flat, closely spaced faces.

2. The device defined in claim 1 wherein the necks of said fillers are overturned at the upper margin.

3. The device defined in claim 2 wherein stoppers are provided to fit in said necks and to engage said overturned margins.

4. The device defined in claim 1 wherein a handle is provided on said housing in vertical alignment with the said divider.

5. The device defined in claim 1 wherein the housing is a straight sided and removable base structure, with dual cups provided on the upper end of said housing.

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