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Publication numberUS33436 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 8, 1861
Publication numberUS 33436 A, US 33436A, US-A-33436, US33436 A, US33436A
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Improvement in flexible soles
US 33436 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent. No. 33,1136, dated October 8, 1861.

To all whom it may concer/1,:

Be it known that I, EDWARD G. KINSLEY,

-ot` Stoughton, in the county of Norfolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new and vuseful or Improved Sole for a Shoe or Boot; and I do hereby declare the same to be fully described in the following speeilieat-ion and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, of which- Fig'ilre 1 is aview of the grooved side ofit, while Fig. i. is a transverse section, arid Fig. 3 a longitudinal section, of it.

My invention is an improved arrangement `.0f a sheet of rubber or flexible material of like nature and a series of edge and connectbetween the vseveral metallici plates, which have the form as shown in the drawings. Each two side plates D D are joinedtogether by a bar o'r tiat plate E, cm n plate D on each side of the sole being separate from and arranged with respeettf) the other plates. D D on the same side, as .shown in Fig'. 1. The

en'd. plates B and are curved. to fit the ends `of the sheet A, all Athe said plates being made to rest tiatwise against the said sheet-and are to be secured to the sheet and so as to fasten both it and them to the sole of a shoe by means of screws passed through holes bb b and screwed into such sole. When the sole sol made of a series of metallic plates and a sheet of elastic rubber formed with projec-` tions, as. set forth, is fastened to a shoe the joints between the plates will permit the solo to have the necessary exibility. While the plates, and'partienlarly those marked E, will prot-ect the rubber from wear, the parts a a Vof it which are between the plates will serve to prevent the shoe from slipping while tread'- ing on ice or snow.

.I am aware that a flexible sole has been composed of pieces of rubber and separate frames or sockets fastened to a sole, in which t case not only was the rnbbercemented to the sole, but the frames extended fromthe sole and downward against the edges of the rubber, the whole being 4arranged in manner as exhibited in the United States Patent No. 29,344, granted July 24, lt). 'lherefore Ido not claim such an arrang'emcnt of metal and either rubber or gntta-pereha, as suehdiiers materially from my improved arrangement of rubber and metal plates. Y

I claim- 'lhe series otl metallic plates l, C, 1'), andY E, in combination with the rubber sole-AA', the whole being constructed and arranged substantially Vin manner as described.


Titnessesx F. l. MALE, Jr., W. G. LEVI.

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Cooperative ClassificationA43B13/223