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Publication numberUS3346105 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 10, 1967
Filing dateJun 18, 1962
Priority dateJun 18, 1962
Publication numberUS 3346105 A, US 3346105A, US-A-3346105, US3346105 A, US3346105A
InventorsWilliam T Nye, Keith S Burrell
Original AssigneeCrown Zellerbach Corp
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Packing material
US 3346105 A
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ot.1o,1967 w, T. NYE Ef AL 3,346,105

` PACKING MATERIAL Filed June 18, 1962 1 Y (wu/4M 7. M4' F 6 4 y Kaff/.5 ueeiu ArrozA/i/ United States Patent Otice 3,346,105 Patented Oct. 10, 1967 3,346,105 PACKING MATERIAL William T. Nye, San Mateo, Calif., and Keith S. Burrell,

Columbus, Ohio, assigner-s to Crown Zellerbach Corporation, San Francisco, Calif., a corporation of Nevada Filed `Tune 18, 1962, Ser. No. 203,041 2 Claims. (Cl. 206-59) The present invention relates in general to a versatile shock absorbing and protective packaging material of a flexible nature and having a pressure sensitive adhesive surface. More particularly, the invention provides a cornposite material having a smooth iluted or embossed surface which is adapted to formation into a releasably adhered convolute roll form or sheeted and stacked in tlatwise relation and yet may 'be readily removed or dispensed from Such formation for immediate usage without further manipulation or removal of a protective liner or the like.

In the past, various types of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and packing materia-ls have been used but these required the use of protective layers which were relatively non-adherent to the adhesive surfaces. Such relatively non-adherent layers included covering sheets or coatings over the adhesive surfaces or in some cases the coatings were applied to the opposite face of the substrate. Often the substrate was formed from fibrous cel-lulosic material-s, as in Patent No. 2,744,624, in which case the non-adherent layers were necessarily of particular importance to avoid delamination of the materials or at least the excessive picking of the fibers which rendered the product substantially, if not entirely, worthless for the intended usage.

In any event, t-he requirement for the non-adherent layers added to the expense of manufacture and often required special manipulation in usage of the materials such as the removal of covering sheets. Such additional expense and operations hindered the advantageous use of such materials in high speed modern packing operations.

Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide a pressure sensitive adhesive packing material which has the advantage over the prior art of gaining rea-dy release from a convolute roll form or adhered together stacked relation by means of the structural features ofthe material.

Another object is to provide a pressure sensitive packing material having a smooth pressure sensitive adhesive coated surface and an opposite surface including raised or protruding portions comprising a relatively minor portion of the surface area to facilitate release of the packing material from rolled or stacked relation.

A further object is to provide a continuous strip of pressure sensitive packing material in roll form having t a pressure sensitive adhesive coated-continuous smooth liner facing and a corrugated medium secured thereto, the packing material characterized by the releasab-le adherence of the tips of the corrugations to the adhesive means whereby the adhesive remains substantially unimpaired.

An additional object is to provide an article o-f manu- Y double-'faced pressure sensitive tape att-ached to a smooth liner facing of a single faced corrugated paperboard;

FIGURE 2 is a cross-section of a length of the pressure ensitive packing material being rolled into convolute orm;

FIGURE 3 is a perspective view of a portion of the packing material with spaced apart strips of pressure sensitive tape attached to the liner of the corrugated paperboard and the protective liner of the tape in process of removal; Y

FIGURE 4 is a cross-section of a cushioning pad of a plurality of thicknesses of pressure sensitive packing in process of formation; Y

FIGURE 5 is a plan view of a sheet of pressure sensitive packing material with the pressure sensitive adhesive tape or surfaces exposed to retain articles thereon;

FIGURE 6 is a perspective view of an article with protective encircling bands of the pres-sure sensitive adhesive packing secured thereto with the corrugations outwardly exposed.

A particular embodiment of the invention may be formed from a continuous band of single face corrugated board 9 comprised of a corrugated member 10 which is permanently secured on one side to a liner 11 with the exposed flute tips or projections 15 freely exposed on the opposed side as shown in FIGURE l. T'he pressure sensitive adhesive means may be conveniently applied to the smooth liner facing 11 in the form of a double coated pressure sensitive tape 12 of the character described in U.S. Pa-tent No. 2,206,899. As described in this patent, the double-coated pressure sensitive tape 12 is comprised of a flexible tape'material 14 coated on both sides with `a suitable adhesive composition 16 and 17. The double coated tape is initially manufactured with a removable liner 13 which is separated and discarded upon application of the tape 14 to the liner 11.

The double-coated tape may be applied longitudinally of a continuous band of single-faced corrugated boa-rd 9 as shown in FIGURE 2 and the removable liner 13 Simultaneous'ly removed in a continuous manufacturing operation resulting in the composite flexible packaging material which may be rolled or sheeted and stacked with the exposed pressure sensitive adhesive surface 16 in releasably adhered contact with the flute tips 1-5 as shown in FIGURE 2.

The transverse width of the substrate or single lfaced 'corrugated board 9 may range from a narrow strip with a single strip of double-coated tape 14 to greater widths having two or more such tapes in spaced apart parallel relation according to a predetermined pattern consistent with the intended usage. For convenience in manufacturing the narrow widths may be manufactured in multi-ple widths and then slit or severed longitudinally as designated by the dotted line 18 in FIGURE 3.

For most purposes, the packing material 19 is Wound into rolls, FIGURE 2, of a convenient size, for example 24 to 30 inches in diameter formed of about 250 to 300 feet of packing when the substrate is formed from socalled B-flute corrugated board having 5l flutes per -foot and a thickness of approximately one-eighth inch. Alternately, the invention may be imbodied in the form of sheets, FIGURE 5, of a predetermined size conforming to the dimensions of a container in which it is to be placed. The sheet or pad 20 with one or more strips of pressure sensitive tape 14 secured thereto is thus adapted to the retention of an arrangement of fragile articles thereon such as glassware, china andA the like which may be retained in spaced intervals on the sheet in adhered contact with the exposed pressure sensitive adhesive surfaces 16. Additional dimensioned sheets of the packaging material 19 may be positioned in the sides or top of the container as the circumstances require.

The utility of the packaging material is further exemplified in FIGURE 4 wherein a continuous strip 19 of the packaging material is being rolled up to the form of a built-up pfad which may be of any convenient dimension for purposes of positioning and cushioning articles in a container. The built-up pad is comprised of the single faced corrugated board 9 with the exposed adhesive 16 adhered to the exposed flute tips to retain the built-up pad in the -desired conformation. FIGURE 4 shows such a built-up pad during the process of assembly whereby it is obvious that such pads may be conveniently prepared manually and thus adapted to short-run or varied packaging requirements. At the same time it is to be noted that such built-up pads are equally adapted to mechanical formation.

A further example of the utilization of the packaging material 19 is shown in FIGURE 6 wherein the exible strips are secured to individual articles to be placed in a container for the purpose of cushioning or the elimination of abrasion damage and the like. While the example shows the packaging material secured to a refrigerator, the procedure is equally adapted to small fragile articles such as glass bottles, delicate electrical components and other articles of a similar nature.

While the packaging material has been described thus far in relation to an embodiment formed `from continuous bands of single faced corrugated board 9 with double coated pressure sensitive tape 14 secured thereto, the invention may also be embodied in a form wherein a pressure sensitive adhesive is coated directly on the liner 11 of a single face corrugated board web 9. In this event a rubber-resin type pressure sensitive adhesive may be coated on the liner on a conventional corrugated board forming machine, not shown. The composition of adhesives of this type are well known as for example the hereinbefore cited patents. It is well known to apply such adhesives lby spraying or roller coating in accordance with the various conventional practices.

Under certain conditions maximum economy may be gained through this last described embodiment of the invention as the additional cost of the double adhesive coating 16 and 17 and the supporting paper web 14 of the double faced tape is eliminated. In any case, the present invention provides a flexible single faced corrugated member with a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the smooth liner facing either in a pattern or over its entire surface and yet 4permits the material to be rolled or stacked for convenient storage or handling prior to usage. Such rolled or stacked materials are releasably adhered in their `formation by the narrow line bonds of the adhesive to the free flute tips or projections on the opposed faces of adjacent plies of the material. Thus the greater portion of the adhesive surface remains free of contact in such stacked or rolled relation of the material and remains unimpaired under any ordinary conditions of storage or handling. Whereas, the prior art required the protection of the pressure sensitive adhesive areas by separable protective liners or special coatings, the present invention permits the omission of these expediencies and thus gains an economy and ease of utilization which is of considerable commercial advantage. Even under conditions of prolonged storage under adverse temperature or moisture conditions, the instant invention provides a product which retains its usefulness in that the possible deleterious effects of off-setting of the adhesive or picking of bres is limited to the relatively narrow line of bonds to the ute tips, contrary to the teachings in the prior art wherein it was necessary to retain a very fine balance in the differential adhesion between the adhesive material and the substrate and the adhesive material and the removable liners or release coated backing in the case of simple tape materials. Now, the structural relationships of the present flexible packing material assures that at least a major portion of the adhesive surface is free of contact from any material, regardless of its relative adhesion qualities, prior to usage and thus there is assurance of continued effectiveness.

It is to be understood that the particular embodiments of the invention herein described are illustrative and not restrictive. The invention is susceptible to embodiment in other modified forms and all such embodiments which are similar or equivalent hereto come equally within the scope of the claims next appearing.

What is claimed is:

1. A continuous strip of pressure sensitive packing material in cylindrical roll form yhaving a continuous liner and a corrugated medium permanently secured to one side thereof with flute tips extending opposite to said secured side, said liner and corrugating medium being coextensive in width, the exposed liner facing having pressure sensitive adhesive thereon, said adhesive extending continuously the length of the rolled strip, the strip material retained in roll form by the adherence of said flute tips to said pressure sensitive adhesive and capable of separation for removal of a determined length of the strip packing material with the adhesive substantially unimpaired.

2. A releasably adhered formation of a cushioning and protective packaging material, comprised of a multiple of layers of the material, said material having a smooth surface with pressure sensitive adhesive thereon and an opposite surface having protruding portions, the protruding portions having tips comprising a minor portion of the area of said opposite surface, said tips being adhered to an adjacent layer smooth surface by the pressure sensitive adhesive thereon and being separable therefrom with the pressure sensitive adhesive surface substantially unimpaired.

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