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Publication numberUS334756 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 26, 1886
Filing dateApr 18, 1884
Publication numberUS 334756 A, US 334756A, US-A-334756, US334756 A, US334756A
InventorsJambs Denver
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Car-seat arm
US 334756 A
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(No Model.) J. DENVER.

- CAR SEAT ARM. No. 334,756.

PatentedJaJn. 26, 1886.

N. PETERS Pholvlilhogmpher. Wushingwm D.C4



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 334,756, dated January 26, 1886.

Application filed April 18, 1884. Serial No. 128,350.

To all whom, it may concern.-

Specification, and rep resent, in

Figure 1, a perspective view of the cap complete; Fig. 2, a longitudinal central section of the same; Fig. 3, a perspective view of the metal portion of the cap, the non metallic portion removed; Fig. 4, a modification.

This invention relates to an improvement in the arm or cap for car-seatframes'. These arms or caps have been made so as to present a complete metal surface, and have also been upholstered so as to present a complete cushioned surface. The complete cushioned surface is undesirable, as it quickly wears. The met-a1, while overcoming the objections to an upholstered arm, is cold and uncomforable to the occupant of the seat.

The object of my invention is to construct a seat-arm which, while having all the advantages of the metal arms as to durability and convenience of attachment, may yet avoid the cold metal surface; and it consists in a metallic cap constructed for attachment to the seatframe and having a non-metallic plate applied at its central portion, shorter than the length of the cap, and so as to leave the metal surface of the cap exposed at each end of the said non-metallic portion, as more fully hereinafter described.

A represents a metal cap constructed to set onto the seatframe, and so as to be secured theretosay, by bolts (1. Its two ends are curved downward so as to give a convenient and tasteful finish to the ends. On the top or face of the arm is a recess, B. This recess preferably extends from where the curve corn mences near one end, to the corresponding point at the other, as seen in Fig. 3, but so as to leave the finished portion of the cap ex- (No model.)

posed at each end of the recess. Into this recess a block, C, is fitted, preferably made from wood, but may be of other nonanetallic material, or it may be an upholstered block, if preferred.' This block is secured from the under side by screws b, or may be otherwise secured, and is best made flush with the ends of the cap, as shown. This construction gives to the arm all the advantages of a complete metal cap without the objection of a metal surface, inasmuch as the non-metallic portion C covers all that portion of the cap upon which the arm of the occupant of the seat would naturally rest, but leaves the metal surface of both ends of the cap exposed beyond the ends of the non-metallic portion, and so that-the principal wear upon the cap in passing in and out of the seat comes directly upon the end portions of the cap, and not upon the arm-rest.

WVhile I prefer to form the recess so that the block introduced may stand flush with the two ends, it may be raised above the surface, as seen in Fig. 4.

I claim- 1. The herein-described seat-arm for rail- Way-cars, consisting of the metal cap A, fitted for attachment to the seat frame, constructed with a recess, B, upon its upper surface shorter than the length of the cap, and so as to leave a portion of the cap at each end of said recess, combined with a non-metallic block, C, secured in said recess, and so as to leave the said end portions of the cap exposed at the respective ends of the said non-metallic block, substantially as described.

2. Aseat-arm composed ofametal cap, A, constructed for attachment to the scat-frame, combined with a non-metallic block, C, shorter than the arm, and secured upon the cap and so as to leave the end portions of the cap exposed at the respective ends of the said non-metallic block, substantially as described.


' WVitnesse's:


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