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Publication numberUS3349948 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 31, 1967
Filing dateApr 12, 1965
Priority dateApr 12, 1965
Publication numberUS 3349948 A, US 3349948A, US-A-3349948, US3349948 A, US3349948A
InventorsHughes George W
Original AssigneeHughes George W
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Protective skillet lid
US 3349948 A
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Oct. 31, 1967 G. w. HUGHES 3,349,948


G. W. HUGHES Oct. 31, 1967 PROTECTIVE SKILLET LID 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed April 12, 1965 GEORGE W. HUGHES INVENTOR' United States Patent 3,349,948 PROTECTIVE SKILLET LID George W. Hughes, 3405 Ennis,

Houston, Tex. 77004 Filed Apr. 12, 1965, Ser. No. 447,187 1 Claim. (Cl. 220-44) This invention relates to new and useful improvements in a protective skillet lid.

It is an object of this invetnion to provide a protective skillet lid for use on skillets While cooking food items in grease, and the like, where a danger exists of being burned by flying particles of grease from the skillet.

It is another object of the invention to provide a protective skillettlid having means for selectively opening a passageway in said lid through which .a fork or the like may be inserted for turning or stirring the food being cooked.

It is another object of the invention to provide a protective skillet lid having cooperating parts for opening or closing ventilating slots in the lid.

With the above {and other objects in view, the invention has relation to certain novel features of construction, operation and arrangement of parts more particularly defined in the following specification and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective elevational view of the lid mounted on a skillet.

FIGURE 2 is a cross sectional elevational view of the view shown in FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 3 is a top view of another form of lid mounted on a skillet.

FIGURE 4 is a cross sectional elevational view taken on the line 4-4 of FIGURE 3.

FIGURE 5 is an elevational view of ,a modified form of the invention, and

FIGURE 6 is a top view of the form shown in FIG- URE 5.

Referring now more particularly to the drawings, the numeral 1 design-ates a skillet of conventional construction having the marginal flange 2 and handle 3. The lid 4 is of a convex-concave contour, adapted to seat in the groove 5 of the flange 2. A cap receiving opening 6 is formed in the top of the lid 4 in which the cap 7 is mounted, the projections 8, 8 on the cap 7 fitting into projection receiving slots (not shown) in the lid.

When it is desired to stir or turn the contents of the skillet or to remove a portion thereof while cooking, the cap 7 is rotated until the projections 8 are in alignment with the slots in the center of the lid and the cap thus removed. When the turning or stirring action is completed, the cap 7 may be readily replaced, and the opening in the lid closed.

In the form shown in FIGURES 3 and 4, the lid 9 is provided with the opening 10 of any desired diameter. which will receive the cap 11, as in the hereinbefore described form, and which will be selectively locked in place by the rotation of the cap after passing the projections 12, 12 through the vertical slots 13 in said lid. In this form the lid 9 has a series of slots 14, 14 cut in the material forming the lid, which act as baffles to prevent exit of flying particles of grease and yet provide ventilation for the lid. In this form the lid 9 rests on an inside annular flange 15.

In the form shown in FIGURES 5 and 6, the lid is formed of the two sections 17, 18 which rest on the eX- ternal flange 19 of the skillet 20. Each section 17, 18 is provided with slots 21, 22 adapted to be brought into and out of aligned position. Suitable control members as 23, 23 are provided on the section 17 to manually rotate the upper section to move the slots 21, 22 of the respective sections into and out of alignment. In this form, the cap 24 is mounted in the superimposed sections 17, 18 in the same manner previously described, that is, the cap 24 is provided with the projections 25, 25 which pass through the slots 26, 26 so that the cap 24 may be locked in the place by rotating same until the projections are positioned away from the slots 26, 26. In this form the degree of ventilation may be provided by adjusting the position of the upper section 17 with relation to the lower section, giving effect of open or close lid cooking.

While the foregoing is considered a preferred form of the invention, it is by way of illustration only, the broad principle of the invention being defined by the appended claim.

What I claim is:

In a protective lid for skillets, a pair of superimposed dome-shaped body members having elongated slots formed therein, said body members being mountable on a skillet, means for gaining access through said body members with out removing the lid from the skillet, means for rotating one of said members to move said slots into and out of aligned position.

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THERON E. CONDON, Primary Examiner. RAPHAEL H. SCHWARTZ, Examiner.

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