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Publication numberUS3351402 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1967
Filing dateDec 22, 1966
Priority dateDec 22, 1966
Publication numberUS 3351402 A, US 3351402A, US-A-3351402, US3351402 A, US3351402A
InventorsChester J Barecki, Bror W Henrikson, Milton J Miller
Original AssigneeAmerican Seating Co
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Reversible lectern stand
US 3351402 A
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M.J. MILLER ETAL REVERSIBLE LECTERN STAND Nov. 7, 1967 Filed Dec. 22, 1966 FIG. 6

INVENTORS Milton J. Miller Bror W. Henriksen Chester J. B'arecki ByC/3mm, lam wlw,

ATTORNEYS United States Patent O 3,351,462 REVERSIBLE LECTERN STAND Milton I. Miller, Bror W. Henrikson, and Chester J.

Barecld, Grand Rapids, Mich., assignors to American Seating Company, Grand Rapids, Mich., a corporation of Delaware Filed Dec. 22, 1966, Ser. No. 603,898 4 Claims. (Cl. S12-233) ABSTRAC'I` OF THE DISCLOSURE A stand having a horizontal top and a lectern panel or tablet overlying half of the top and having its inner edge hinge-supported at an inclination, the lectern panel being swingable to the right to provide a lectern panel on the right flanked by a horizontal top on the left, and swingable also to the left to provide a lectern panel on the left anked by a horizontal top stand on the right. Thus, the lectern panel may be swung to either side while providing a flanking horizontal support surface fora projector or other instrument. The lectern panel is provided at its bottom with a ange which extends laterally on both sides of the panel to provide -a retainer or bookrest for the panel in either position.

Brief summary of the invention A stand provides a horizontal top which is preferably elongated and midway of the top are provided supports on which a lectern panel is hinged. The supports are :at diterent heights so as to carry the lectern at an inclination and the hinges similarly are inclined and carry the lectern panel on a longitudinal pin whereby the panel may be swung to the right or the left and in either position it is anked by the adjacent exposed portion of the horizont-al top which is now available for supporting a projector or other device or exhibits, etc., utilized by the lecturer. The lectern panel is equipped at its bottom with a flange extending laterally to provide a retainer or bookrest. Irrespective of the position of the lectern panel, the flange ledge on one side provides the bookrest and on the other serves to close the compartment -below the lectern panel.

Drawing In the accompanying illustrative drawing;

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the lectern stand embodying our invention, the lectern panel being on the left;

FG. 2, a view similar to FIG. l but showing the lectern panel or tablet on the right;

FIG. 3, a broken perspective view of a portion of the lectern panel and upper support post together with the connecting hinge means;

FIG. 4, an exploded perspective view of the hinge means employed;

FIG. 5, a fragmentary perspective view of the upper corner of the lectern panel; and

FIG. 6, a broken side view and elevation of the lower end of the lectern panel.

Detailed description In the illustration given 1t) designates a stand which supports a horizontal top 11. The top 11 may be of any desired shape, but preferably is elongated and in the illustration given is rectangular.

The stand It) may be constructed in any suitable manner and employing any suitable material. In the specific illustration given, the stand or cabinet is provided with vertical frame members 12 formed of metal, and suspended upon the frame members are panels 13 formed of composition board. Also suspended upon the metal frame rice members 12 is a bottom panel 14 which is parallel with the top 11. It will be understood that the entire cabinet may be made of metal, wood, composition material, etc. The side panels 13a of the cabinet or stand are inclined upwardly, as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2. At the front of the cabinet the panels 13b extend upwardly to provide a raised front rail. Thus, encompassing the horizontal top 11 are the inclined side panel portions 13a and the raised front rail or panel portion 13b.

A lectern panel or tablet 15 overlies half of the top 11 and is hingedly supported at its inner edge -at points midway of the top 11. In the illustration given, a vertical post 16 at the front of the cabinet or stand provides a relatively high support for the forward end of the lectern panel 15. A rear post 17 provides a relatively 10W support for the lower portion of the lectern panel 15. The posts 16 and 17 are beveled at their top to provide inclined supporting surfaces for hinge members 1S. As shown best in FIG. 3, each hinge member 18 is welded or otherwise secured to the top of the post, which in FIG. 3 is the post 16. The member 1S has upwardly inclined ears 19 which are apertured to receive a roll pin 20. The roll pin 20 passes through a U-shaped hinge strap 21 which is also apertured to receive the pin 20. At its rear the member 21 is welded to a metal U-shaped fitting 22 which encompasses a corner portion of the panel 15. As shown best in FIG. 5, the upper corner portion of the panel 15 is cut away or routed at 23 to receive the tting 22 so that its outer surface is iiush with the outer Vsurface of the panel 15. Rivets 24 extend through counter-sunk openings 25 in the fitting 22 and through openings 26 in the .panel 15 and aligned openings in the other flange of the fitting 22 for anchoring the fitting 22 onto the panel 15. In this manner, the panel 15 is pivotially mounted upon the upper post 16 and the lower or rear post 17. As shown best in FIGS. l, 2 and 6, the lectern panel 15 is provided at its lower end or bottom with a iange member 27 which extends laterally above and below the panel 15 so as to provide a bookrest or retainer ledge 28 irrespective of the position of the panel 15. The member 27 not only provides a bookrest 28 above the panel 15 but also, the portion 28 extending below panel 15 serves to close the Irear portion of the compartment below lectern panel 15.

In the operation of the reversible lectern stand, the lecturer may swing the .panel I5 to the left, as shown in FIG. 1, `and thus have a horizontal support on the right for carrying a projector or other instrument or exhibits used in the course of the lecture. Should he be left-handed or, for any other reason, prefer to have the lectern panel on the right, the panel may be swung to the position shown in FIG. 2, thus permitting him to operate a projector, etc., resting on the left-hand side of top 11.

While the cabinet 10 may be of any suitable structure and equipped with drawers or open chambers on either side, We prefer the structure illustrated in FIGS. 1 and 2 in which an open chamber is formed on one side of the cabinet and drawers are provided on the other. Thus, for example, slides or exhibits may be stored in the chambers or drawers directly under the instrument or device being utilized by the lecturer in a position directly above the chamber or drawer in question.

In the foregoing description the posts 16 and 17 have been described as metal posts and to the metal posts are welded the hinge members 18. It will be understood that the posts may be made of wood or other material and the hinge members may be secured thereto by screws or other fastening means.

While in the foregoing specification, We have set out an embodiment of the invention in considerable detail for the purpose of illustrating the invention, it will be understood that such details may be varied widely by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of our invention.

We claim:

1. In a stand providing a horizontal top, supports mid way of said stand including one relatively high support at the front of the stand, and a relatively low support at the rear of the stand, an inclined lectern panel overlying one-half of said stand and having its inner edge over said midway supports, side supports carried by said stand for supporting the outer end of said lectern panel, and inclined hinge means iixed to said midway supports and the inner edge of said lectern panel, and on which said panel may be swung lselectively to the right to provide Va lectern panel on the right flanked by a horizontal top stand on the left, or swung to the left to provide a lectern panel on the left flanked by a horizontal top stand on the right.

2. The structure of claim 1 in which the inclined lectern panel is provided at its bottom with a ange extending laterally of the plane of the panel to provide a retainer ledge irrespective of the position to which the panel is swung.

3. The structure of claim 2 in which said top is enclosed at its front by a rail and at its side by inclined panel forms, and in which said ange of the inclined lectern panel provides a rea-r closure for the compartment under the panel.

y4. The structure of claim 1 in which said midway supports have beveled upper edges to which hinge plates are secured and said panel carries cooperating hinge plates, said plates having overlapping -apertured ears receiving pivot pins whereby said panel may be swung to either side on said pivot pins.

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