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Publication numberUS3353717 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 21, 1967
Filing dateFeb 16, 1966
Priority dateFeb 16, 1966
Publication numberUS 3353717 A, US 3353717A, US-A-3353717, US3353717 A, US3353717A
InventorsEdwards Clark S
Original AssigneeEdwards Clark S
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Portable refreshment server
US 3353717 A
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21, 1967 c. s. EDWARDS 3,353,717

' PORTABLE REFRESHMENT SERVER Filed Feb. 16, 1966 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR. CLARK S. EDWARDS 3,353,717 PORTABLE REFRESHMENT SERVER Clark S. Edwards, 1933 Sutter St., San Francisco, Calif. 94115 Filed Feb. 16, 1966, Ser. No. 527,814 9 Gaiters. (Cl. 222-132) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A portable refreshment serving apparatus having a centrally located enclosure which houses and supports a plurality of containers that are each equipped with a dispensing mechanism; a tray revolvable on a base, supporting the enclosure and condiment containers; and means for detachably supporting refreshment cups adjacent the outer surface of the centrally located enclosure.

The object of this invention is to provide a refreshment server from which a selection of different beverages may be dispensed, and which encompasses drinking vessels and containers for ice and cocktail accessories, yet is of simple and compact construction so that it is easy to carry and may be conveniently used at home, in the ofiice or at picnics.

Another object of the invention is to provide a composite refreshment server, of the type referred, that may readily be disassembled into a unit from which a selection of different beverages may be served and into a tray in the form of a lazy susan for serving relishes and cocktail accessories.

These and other objects of the invention will be apparent from the following description of the accompanying drawings which illustrate a preferred embodiment thereof and wherein FIGURE 1 is a perspective of a refreshment server embodying my invention, in assembled form;

FEGURE 2 is a plan view of the refreshment server;

FIGURE 3 is a central vertical section through the refreshment server;

FIGURE 4 is an enlarged detail view illustrating a fragmentary section through the top of the beverage server; and

FIGURE 5 is an enlarged fragmentary plan view of the area illustrated in FIGURE 4.

The refreshment server of my invention comprises a tray which may be of rectangular shape as shown. The side walls 12 of the tray are transversely spaced double walls to form open channels 14 of U-shaped contour along the periphery of the tray. During use the channels 112 may be filled with ice cubes to keep the edibles fresh that may be served from the tray. At its center the tray 1% is pivotally supported upon a flat base 16 of a heavy material, such as cast iron so that it may form what is known as a lazy susan (FIGURE 3). For reasons of compactness the upper surface of the base 16 is of domed or convex contour as shown at 20, and the bottom 22 of the tray is of a correspondingly concave formation.

In assembled form a cylindrical enclosure 24 of metal or plastic material is placed coaXia-lly upon the tray 10. Said enclosure has a slightly domed top 26, and is open at the bottom. To secure the enclosure 24 detachably to fhe tray 10 so that both the enclosure and the tray may be carried as a unit, the top 26 of the enclosure carries rigidly secured thereto a tubular column 28 which extends coaxially within the enclosure downwardly to a level slightly above the level of its bottom edge. Received within the tubular column 28 and protruding above the top 26 of the enclosure 24 through an aperture 29 of a size to provide a sliding fit, is a rod 30. The upwardly projecting end of said rod is provided with a handle in the form of a cross nit States Patent G 3,353,717 Patented Nov. 21, I967 bar 32. A short distance below the top 26 of enclosure 24 the rod carries rigidly secured thereto :a disk or collar 34 of such a diameter as to provide a sliding fit with the cylindrical inner surface of the column 2.8. The bottom end of the rod is threaded, as shown at 36, and may threadably be engaged with an internally threaded bushing 38 that is seated in the center of the floor of the tray 10 and may form an integral part thereof. By turning the handle 32 of rod 30 so that the threaded end thereof engages the bushing 38, the enclosure 24 may be secured to and held above the tray 10 in properly centered position so that both the enclosure and the tray may be carried as a unit by an arched handle 40 that extends across the enclosure and is pivotally connected to its cylindrical side wall at diametrically opposite points thereof.

In assembled form the refreshment server encompasses four cylindrical beverage containers 42 (FIGURES 2 and 3) that are arranged within the annular space between the wall of the enclosure and the tubular column 28, and which are detachably supported from the top of the enclosure. For this purpose the closed tops of the containers may be provided with pointed studs 44 (FIGURE 4) in which are formed annular necks 46. When said studs are pushed through suitable apertures 48 in the top of the enclosure they are automatically engaged and retained by crossed spring arms 49 that are secured to the top of the enclosure and extend across the apertures 48 (FIGURE 5).

Each of the beverage containers is provided with a dispensing mechanism 50 that protrudes through and above the top 26 of the enclosure so that the beverages in the containers 42 may be dispensed without the necessity of removing the containers from the enclosure. Having again reference to FIGURE 4, the top of each container is provided with an aperture which is detachably plugged by a stopper 52 through which passes the dispensing column 54 of the dispensing mechanism 50. Said column extends upwardly through a registering aperture in the ceiling 26 of the enclosure and carries above said ceiling a dispensing spout 56 which may be of conventional design.

Arranged around the outer surface of the enclosure at suitable intervals are loops 58 for the reception of drinking cups 60; and brackets 62 may be provided at suitable areas of the outer surface of the enclosure for the support of bottles 64 which contain such cocktail ingredients as fruit juices, grenadine or hitters. Upon the bottom of the tray in the space between its rim 12 and the outer surface of the enclosure 24, are supported four bowls 68, such as are used to serve relishes, cocktail cherries, nuts and the like. These bowls are preferably constructed to have a concave inner wall 76 arranged to conform with the outer surface of the enclosure and may otherwise have the shape of a rectangular triangle to fit into and be held in the four corners of the tray 10 when the latter is used as a lazy susan.

In assembled form the refreshment server of my invention takes up relatively little space and may readily be carried by a single person, although it offers a selection of four different beverages and encompasses drinking cups, relish bowls, bottles for cocktail admixtures and a serving tray of the lazy susan type including space for ice cubes. At its place of use the refreshment server of the invention may readibly be disassembled so that its component parts may serve their intended separate functions. It is merely necessary to turn the handle 32. so as to disengage the threaded bottom portion 36 of the rod 30 from the bushing 38 in the center of the tray. The user then lifts the rod 30 by the handle 32 until the collar 34 comes against the bottom of the ceiling 26 whereupon the enclosure 22 with the beverage containers 42 held therein may readily be lifted from the tray 10 and be deposited at any suitable place nearby. The free tray now constitutes a lazy susan with the bowls tiii in its corners providing four compartments and a center space for ice cubes, which may be rotated into any desired position on its base 16. The cups 60 may be lifted from the supporting loops 58 and may be filled with any one of the four available beverages by operating the proper one of the dispensing spouts 56. T he bottles 64 may be taken from the brackets 62 to add desired flavors to the drinks. If it is necessary to replenish the contents of one of the containers, all that is required is to squeeze the free ends of the spring arms 49 on the top 26 of enclosure 24- above the particular container, which releases the container whereupon it may be Withdrawn through the open bottom of the enclosure while its dispensing mechanism 50 is left in position in the top wall of the enclosure. It is equally simple to reposition a replenished container within the enclosure.

While I have explained my invention with the aid of a particular embodiment thereof, it will be understood that the invention is not limited to the specific constructional details shown and described by way of example, which may be departed from Without departing from the scope and spirit of the invention.

1 claim:

1. A refreshment server comprising an enclosure having a closed top and an open bottom, a tube secured to and depending from said top within said enclosure, a number of containers arranged around said tube within said enclosure, each having a dispensing mechanism arranged to protrude through said enclosure top, releasable means supporting said containers within said enclosure, a tray disposed below said enclosure, a base arranged below said tray, means pivotally supporting said tray upon said base, and means disposed in said tube and protruding above said enclosure top for detachably securing said enclosure to said tray and for lifting said enclosure including said containers from said tray upon detachment thereof.

2. Arrangement according to claim 1 wherein said enclosure lifting means is a rod disposed within said tube and arranged to protrude through said enclosure top, and includes a handle mounted upon the protruding end of said rod and a disc secured to said rod Within said tube below said top.

3. Arrangement according to claim 1 wherein said means for detachably securing said enclosure to said tray is a rod disposed within said tube and arranged to protrude through said enclosure top and includes a handle mounted upon the protruding end of said rod, a disc secured to said rod within said tube below said enclosure top and screw means arranged in the center of said tray, said rod having a threaded bottom portion threadably engageable with said bushing.

4. Arrangement according to claim 1 wherein said dispensing mechanisms are detachable from said containers and are secured to said enclosure top and include dispensing spouts arranged above said enclosure top.

5. Arrangement according to claim 1 wherein the side walls of said tray are formed by channels of U-shaped cross section.

6. Arrangement according to claim 1 wherein the bottom of said tray is concave, and the top surface of said base is convex.

TArrangement according to claim 1 including a bowl of substantially triangular shape supported upon said tray in the space between its rim and the outer surface of said enclosure, the inner wall of said bowl being of a concave curvature arranged to conform to the outer surface of said enclosure.

8. Arrangement according to claim 1 including means for detachably holding a cup adjacent the outer surface of said enclosure.

9. Arrangement according to claim 1 including bracket means for detachably supporting a bottle adjacent the outer surface of said enclosure.

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