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Publication numberUS3354562 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 28, 1967
Filing dateJan 24, 1966
Priority dateJan 24, 1966
Publication numberUS 3354562 A, US 3354562A, US-A-3354562, US3354562 A, US3354562A
InventorsMunari Giovanni Battista
Original AssigneeMunari Giovanni Battista
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Rubber outsole for shoes
US 3354562 A
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Nov. 28, 196 G. B. MUNARI 3,354,562

RUBBER OUTSOLE FOR SHOES Filed Jan. 24, 1966 v 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 G. B. MUNARI RUBBER OUTSOLE FOR SHOES Nov. 28, 1967 2 Sheets-Shet 2 Filed Jan. 24, 1966 Fig. 2

United States Patent 3,354,562 RUBBER OUTSOLE FOR SHOES Giovanni Battista Munari, Montehelluna, Treviso, Italy Filed Jan. 24, 1966, Ser. No. 522,555 1 Claim. (Cl. 36-25) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A vulcanized rubber outsole for shoes such as ski shoes is formed as a hollow box-like unit with a fiat bottom tread and upstanding side Walls of a height to cover a multilayer shoe sole on its edges. The outsole is glued to the multilayer shoe sole.

This invention relates to shoes having a sole comprising a plurality of layers of leather fastened to an upper by means of seams in a Welt zone and in which the sole is protected by a non-skid rubber layer forming a tread. This invention is especially applicable to ski shoes.

Such shoes are objectionable in that Water is liable to seep between the layers of the sole and reach the inside of the shoe.

In order to obviate all above mentioned drawbacks this been manufactured heretofore having an all-rubber sole secured to the upper by vulcanization. This technique provides a waterproof sole and speeds-up the production of shoes. However, expensive equipment is required, which may be justified by mass production only. Moreover, perspiration of the feet with rubber soled shoes on is augmented and the shoe becomes useless when the sole is Worn out.

In order to obviate all abovementioned drawbacks this invention provides a rubber outsole for shoes such as ski shoes which is easily fitted to the leather sole of the shoe to protect it against seeping of water between the layers of the sole, and which is easy replaceable when worn out.

The main characteristic feature of the outsole according to this invention resides in the fact that it is made of vulcanized rubber and comprises a flat tread portion and a raised edge portion extending around the contour of the tread portion so as to form a box-shaped body adapted to be fitted onto the leather sole, the edge portion having a height such as to fully cover the sidewalls of the leather sole leaving the welt zone and seams of the shoe uncovered, the outsole being attachable to the leather sole by glueing and if desired, by means of screws.

Further characteristic features and advantages of this invention will be understood from the appended description referring to the accompanying drawings given by way of example.

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a ski shoe provided with an outsole according to this invention, and

FIGURE 2 is an exploded perspective view of the ski shoe before assembly.

Reference numeral 1 denotes the outsole according to this invention moulded from vulcanized rubber, comprising a fiat tread portion 2 and a continuous circumferential edge portion 3, extending around the whole contour of the tread portion.

The edge portion varies in height around the tread portion and forms together with the tread portion 2 a boxshaped body having a cavity accurately matching in configuration the sole 4 of the shoe.

The bottom face of the tread portion is ribbed to increase adherence of the shoe to the ground.

The sole 4 of the ski shoe shown comprises a plurality of layers of leather connected to the upper 5 in a known manner by means of seams in the welt zone 6.

The sole 4 is fitted into the cavity of the outsole 1 after the surfaces to be juxtaposed of the sole 4 and outsole 1 have been coated with an adhesive.

The adhesive should be such as to effect fixing of the rubber outsole 1 to the leather sole 4 and sealing of any gap between these two elements in order to prevent access of water between the leather layers of the sole.

The tread portion 2 of the outsole 1 is attached to the sole 4 additionally by a plurality of screws 6.

The outsole attached in the manner just described can be easily removed from the shoe when worn out and replaced by a fresh outsole.

During use of the shoe the outsole 1 protects the sole 4 against wear and prevents access of moisture between the layers fonrning the sole.

The height of the edge portion 3 of the outsole 1 matches the thickness of the sole so as to fully cover the sides of the sole 4, leaving the seam in the welt zone 7 uncovered.

The outsole according to this invention simplifies manufacture of the shoes by eliminating the finishing operations which are normally carried out on the sides of the sole 4.

What I claim is:

The combination with a shoe having a multilayer sole of vulcanized rubber outsole, said outsole having a flat tread portion and a raised edge portion forming an open topped box-shaped body with its cavity matching the contour of said multilayer sole, said raised edge portion having a height equal to the thickness of said multilayer sole so that said outsole raised edge portion completely covers the side face of said multilayer sole while leaving the top face of said multilayer sole exposed, and adhesive means attaching said outsole to said multilayer sole.

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