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Publication numberUS335683 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 9, 1886
Publication numberUS 335683 A, US 335683A, US-A-335683, US335683 A, US335683A
InventorsGeoegb E. Chapman
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US 335683 A
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SCRAP=-ALBUlW- SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 335,683, dated February 9, 1886.

Application filed August-10, 1885. Serial No. 173,998. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, GEORGE EDWIN CHAP- MAN, a subject of the Queen of Great Britain, residing at London, England, have invented new and useful Improvements in the Mannfacture of Scrap-Albums, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in the manufacture of scrap-albums or scrap-books, the improvements having for their object to provide an album or book, each leaf of which can open freely quite up to the back of the book. For this purpose I employ what I term fourfold guards, to which the leaves are connected without sewing, a solid guard showing'in alternate openings.

In order to enable my invention to be fully understood, I will proceed to describe the same by reference to the accompanying drawings.

Figure 1 is a plan, and Fig. 2 an end View, of one of the fourfold guards I employ in carrying out my invention. Each fold-guard is adapted to receive four leaves-that is to say, to each of its outer folds, a, is pasted or glued adouble leaf, 1) c d e, as'shown in the end view at Fig. 3, which represents the guard (with its four leaves) half built before adding splints or material of any kind to thicken the back. Fig. 4 is a similar view to that shown in Fig. 3, but illustrates the guard provided with a splint, h, or thickening for the back, and as arranged before the book is finally made solid at the back. Fig. 5 shows the guard built up solid by the two folds fg thereof being stuck together, (over the splint 71,) thus completing a section having four leaves. show only one splint, h, placed between the folds f g of the guard; but it will be obvious that any suitable number of splints can be employed. A number of sections thus formed are then connected together by similar four- The drawings fold guards, the number of sections varying according to thickness of book required; but in allcases it is an alternate opening of a solid guard. The sections forming a'complete book are bound in any usual manner. Fig.6 is an end View of a complete book bound up.

By this mode of manufacture I produce a scrap-album or scrap-book having a solid back built with fourfold guards securely binding each leaf without sewing, and having a solid guard in alternate openings,whereby I obtain perfect freedom for each leaf from the back in every opening, and without the usual disfiguring holes in the back which appear when thread is employed, and the leaves are not liable to come loose, as so frequently happens when the books are wiresewed.

Having now particularly described and as certained the nature of my said invent-ion and in what manner the same is to be performed, I declare that What I claim is- 1. In a scrap-album, the combination of the fourfold guard, with the four album leaves attached to the two outer folds of the guard, as shown and described.

2. Ascrap-album having the fourfold guard, the four leaves attached to the out-er folds of the same, and the splint or strengthener h, applied between the folds f and g, all substantially as shown and described.

3. A scrap-album'consisting of a set of sections, each made of the fourfold guards having doubled leaves attached on their outer folds, as hereinbefore described, and having other similar fourfold guards connecting such sections together, all substantially as shown and described.


Witnesses A. ALBUTT, B. BRADY.

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Cooperative ClassificationB42D1/08