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Publication numberUS3358311 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 19, 1967
Filing dateDec 12, 1966
Priority dateDec 12, 1966
Publication numberUS 3358311 A, US 3358311A, US-A-3358311, US3358311 A, US3358311A
InventorsBeulah F Cunningham, Bradie W Thompson
Original AssigneeBeulah F Cunningham, Bradie W Thompson
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Combined hairbrush and style lift
US 3358311 A
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De- 19, 1967 B. F. CUNNINGHAM ET AL COMBINED HAIRBRUSH AND STYLE LIFT Filed Dec. '12, 196e ffy 'l 42. ,//29 N \\\43 3v K4' 2s 39 1| INVENTORS, Beulah F Cunn/hgham n g Brad/e W Thompson 35 4 3| F/ 6 y] Y United States Patent O 3,358,311 COMBINED HAIRBRUSH AND STYLE LIFT Beulah F. Cunningham, P.O. Box 144, Gideon, Mo. 63848, and Bradie W. Thompson, P.O. Box 222, Malden, Mo. 63863 Filed Dec. 12, 1966, Ser. No. 600,946 2 Claims. (Cl. 15-105) ABSTRACT F THE DISCLOSURE A hair setting instrument having in combination a hair brush and a stripping brush mounted upon a common carrier with extensible hair lifting prongs carried by the handle of the instrument.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION (1) Field of the invention This invention relates to new and useful improvements in coiffuring devices, and more particularly to a combination of hair brushes and hair lifting and setting means.

(2) Description of the prior art There have been numerous prior devices for brushing and coing hair, but these prior devices have utilized all or part of the bristle carrying portion of the instrument for arranging the hair to form swirls, tufts and bangs. Other prior devices have relied upon unusual conigurations of the handle portion of the brush for the forming and arranging ofswirls, tufts and bangs.

The device of the present invention provides, in addition to the basic -brush construction, a substantially flat single row of bristles for forming bangs, back-combing and setting swirls and tufts. The present invention further provides extensible prong means for lifting small selected portions of the hair to form a substantially bouffant coiffure. The prior art further does not provide these extensible members for fluing selected portions of the hair and fails to disclose the structure of the additional substantially flat brush for brushing selected strands of hair toward the root portion thereof and the scalp therebeyond.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION Unlike the devices disclosed by the prior art, the present invention provides additional brushing means comprising a spine having a single row of bristles in substantially linear arrangement for use on small areas and for brushing selected tufts of hair not accessible to the conventional cylindrical brush portion of the device. The present invention is additionally provided with a pair of substantially parallel prongs for selectively lifting and arranging portions of the hair to form a substantially bouffant coiffure. The prongs are housed within the handle of the device being extensible therefrom for use and retractible thereinto when not in use.

The principal object of the present invention is to provide hair brushing means having hair lifting means carried by the handle thereof.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a hair brush comprising additional brush means for grooming selective portions of a coiffure; and

Another object of the present invention is to generally improve the design, construction and eiciency of hair brushing devices.

DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side elevational View of the device of the present invention.

FIG. 2 is a top plan view of the device of FIG. 1.


FIG. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary cross-sectional view of the device of FIG. 1 as taken on the lines III-Iill of FIG. 2.

FIG. 4 is an enlarged end elevational view of the device of FIG. 1.

FIG. 5 is an enlarged fragmentary side elevational view of the device of FIG. 1 with the lifting means in extended position; and

FIG. 6 is an enlarged cross-sectional view 0f the device of FIG. 1 as taken on the line V-I-VI of FIG. 3.

Referring now to the drawings in which the various parts are indicated by numerals, the preferred embodiment of the present invention comprises a hair brush 11 provided with a handle 13, a brush portion 15 integrally attached thereto and extending outwardly therefrom and a plurality of bristles 17 affixed to the brush portion 15 extending radially outwardly therefrom. The distal forward end 19 of the brush portion 15 is provided with an axially disposed recess of the retention therein of a rod 21. The rod 21 extends somewhat beyond the distal end 19 of the brush portion 15 into substantially rigid attachment with the spine 23 of the planar brush 25, holding brush 25 rigidly in relative position. The brush 25 is provided with a plurality of bristles 27 arranged in longitudinal alinement with the spine 23 to form auxiliary brush 25 for use in grooming and brushing selected portions of the hair.

The handle 13 of the brush 11 is provided with a slot 29 formed in the upper surface of the handle, extending axially rearwardly of the rearward end of the handle substantially one-half the length of the handle. The handle 13 is additionally provided with a channel 31 formed beneath the upper surface thereof subjacent the slot 29 and in coextensive alinement therewith.

The channel 31 is somewhat greater in width than the superjacent slot 29 to provide a pair of oppositely spaced retaining walls 33 to form a pair of substantially parallel passageways 35 in the channel 31 for the slidable engagement therein of a pair of spaced apart hair lifting prongs 37, 39. The proximal ends of the prongs 37, 39 disposed rearwardly of the distal end 15 of the handle 13 within the passageways 35 of the channel 31 are rigidly attached to the base 41 of a slide member 43.

The slide member 43 is further provided with a spring 45 attached to the bottom of the base 41 as by the threaded means 46 and is substantially alined with the central axis of the base 41 and depends therebelow into a groove 47 formed in the handle 13 of the brush 11. The groove 47 underlies the channel 31 and is in substantially coextensive alinement with the channel 31 and the slot 29. The base of the groove 47 is provided with an upstanding forward limit stop 49 spaced somewhat inwardly of the distal end of the handle 13 and upstanding rearward limit stop 51 spaced somewhat inwardly of the rearmost end of the groove 47.

`In the use of the device when it is desired to utilize the prongs 37, 39 for lifting and arranging selected portion of the hair during or after brushing with main brush 15, the handle 13 is axially reversed and then the slide member 43 may be propelled manually rearwardly away from brush 15 toward the end of the handle 13 until the spring attached to the slide member 43 is engaged by the forward limit stop 49, extending the prongs 37, 39 beyond the rear end of the handle 13. When utilization of the prongs 37, 39 is not desired, the prongs may be retracted into the channel 31 and the handle 13 by urging the slide member 43 toward the proximal end of the handle 13 until the spring 45 is engaged by the rearward limit stop 51 and the travel of the slide member 43 is terminated. It will be noted that the limits of channel 31 prevent perpendicular movement of the prongs 37, 39 relative to the 3 handle, and the handle carried stops prevent longitudinal overtravel.

We claim:

1. In combination with a hair brush having a handle, an elongated bristle carrying portion and bristles attached to said bristle carrying portion, secondary brush means attached to the free end of said bristle carrying portion, the bristles of which extend away from the handle, a channel formed in said handle adjacent to and rearward of said bristle portion opening at the free end of the handle, slide base means in shiftable engagement with said channel, said handle ybeing provided with groove means in underlying alinement with said channel, a spring carried by said slide base means longitudinally shiftable Within rsaid groove means and engaging a wall thereof, pronged hair lifting means mounted upon said slide base means extending from said slide base means into said channel, slot means -in said handle overlying the said channel, means affixed to said slide base means in slidable engagement with said slot means for extending said hair lifting means through said vchannel beyond the free end of said 4 v handle, and means attaching said spring to said slide base means.

2. A device in accordance with claim 1, wherein said groove means are provided with Stops for engagement with said spring to limit the extension and retraction of handle, and means for attaching said spring to said slide base means.

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DANIEL BLUM, Primary Examiner.

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