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Publication numberUS3366106 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1968
Filing dateSep 15, 1964
Priority dateSep 15, 1964
Publication numberUS 3366106 A, US 3366106A, US-A-3366106, US3366106 A, US3366106A
InventorsAnna Yao, Yao Kou C
Original AssigneeAnna Yao, Kou C. Yao
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US 3366106 A
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Jan. 30, 1968 KOU c. YAO ET AL FACE-REST Filed Sept. 15, 1964.

5 m T N .m m C am n A Yaa United States Patent 3,366,106 FACE-REST Kou C. Yao and Anna Yao, both of 11841 Wagner St., Culver City, Calif. 90230 Filed Sept. 15, 1964, Ser. No. 396,769 3 Claims. (Cl. 128-76) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The invention is concerned with a tube-shaped therapeutic pillow formed of resilient plastic and constructed to serve as a face rest and a neck recuperator to provide a relaxation to facial and neck muscular tension when used as such.

Background of the invention There has been a need for a therapeutic pillow which can relax and ease muscular tension and which serves to inhibit wrinkles. Such a pillow, for example, must be resilient and it must be adapted to provide a closely fitted support to the forehead area and to the area around the eyes, where there is a tendency for wrinkles to appear.

An object of the invention is to provide such an improved therapeutic pillow which is relatively simple to construct, which is comfortable to use, and which satisfactorily achieves the aforesaid therapeutic goals.

Summary of the invention The invention provides a therapeutic pillow of tubular configuration, and which is made of a flexible but resilient plastic foamed material. A cut-out is provided in the pillow for the eyes and nose. Because the portion of the tubular formed plastic material around the cut-out tends to spring outwardly, and because the material itself does not sink excessively from the weight of the head of the user, an ideal face rest is provided which answers the aforesaid therapeutic requirements.

Brief description of drawings FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of one embodiment of the improved tube-shaped therapeutic pillow of the invention;

FIGURE 2 is a cross-section of the pillow of FIGURE 1 and showing a person lying face downwards on the pillow in a sunbathing, sleeping, or merely resting position, and showing the intended manner in which the pillow is to be used; and

FIGURE 3 is a modification of the therapeutic pillow of FIGURE 1.

Description of presently preferred embodiment The therapeutic pillow of the invention is intended to function as a face rest and a neck recuperator to relax and ease facial and neck muscular tension. This is achieved by a straight tubular-shaped pillow and by shaping the pillow to provide a closely fitted support for the areas of the face, such as the forehead, the cheeks and around and between the eyes, Where there is a tendency for wrinkles to appear. a

The improved therapeutic pillow of the invention is constructed to provide an open area from the wall of the tube-shaped pillow for the mouth and nose, so that breathing will be unimpaired, and so that the pillow can be used comfortably. The pillow is made of a flexible and resilient plastic foamed material, and it has an exaggerated curvature preformed to the specific areas of the face which are to be protected, so as to create a spring-like resilient action against such areas when the face is pressed down against the pillow.

The two embodiments of the invention shown in FIG- URES 1-3, for example, both comprise a tube-shaped flexible and yet resilient member of plastic foamed material. The tube-shaped member has a cut-out portion formed therein, as shown, which receives the nose and mouth of the user.

The therapeutic pillow of the invention pushes against the face of the user when the face is pressed down against the pillow. This is because the cut-out portion has a normal tendency to spring outwardly, and the pillow itself does not sink inwardly from the weight of the head, as does an ordinary pillow. However, a certain flexibility in the material causes it to give to some extent, so as to provide an ideal face rest.

In addition, the tube-shaped therapeutic pillow of FIG- URES 1-3 can be moved to adjust the angle and elevation of the face and neck to any comfortable position. This is achieved merely by rolling the pillow backa-nd forth with the head, with a minimum of effort and until the desired angular position is attained.

In addition to relaxing and easing facial muscular tension, the improved pillow also has a corrective tendency for bad posture. It is well known that most present-day work habits tend to produce a forward slouching curvature of the neck and back. The pillow shown and described herein serves to counteract that forward curvature when used in the manner shown, for example, in FIG- URE 2.

The improved pillow of the invention can be manufactured easily and inexpensively. The hollow tube-shaped member can be made, for example, by molding; or a number of extruded plastic materials, such as polyethylene foamed flat stock or tube stock, can be used. The cut-outs and predetermined curvature of the pillow can be formed by any of a wide variety of techniques, well known to the plastic fabrication art.

The specific embodiment of the invention shown in FIGURES 1 and 2 is in the form of a tube-shaped member, as mentioned above. The cut-out portion is shaped to provide a chin rest, as shown in FIGURE 2. As also previously mentioned, the pillow is intended to support the face of a person lying face-downward, as when sunbathing, and as shown in FIGURE 2.

The sectional view of FIGURE 2, which is taken approximately through the center of the pillow, shows how closely the outer surface of the pillow fits the cheeks of the user (dotted line); and how the surface also fits the forehead area of the user, especially between the eyes where there is a tendency for wrinkles to appear.

As previously noted, the resilient characteristics of the foamed plastic material creates a constant spring-like action against the fitted areas of the face. As also pointed out, the elevation and angle of the head and neck can be adjusted merely by rolling the pillow back and forth and without any need for help by the hands.

In the embodiment of FIGURE 3, a second identical cut-out portion is provided, for convenience, at a position which may, for example, be diametrically opposite to the first cut-out portion. Also, two ear holes are provided in the embodiment of FIGURE 3 as an added convenience, so that the pillow can serve as a side rest, if so desired.

In each of the illustrated embodiments, the improved therapeutic pillow of the invention comprises, for example, a single-tubed construction of foamed plastic material which exhibits flexible and resilient characteristics. The pillow also includes single or multiple cut-out portions in the wall of the tube; these being intended to fit the face of the user and provide an opening for the nose, mouth and eyes.

The depressions in the pillow, when one lies on it in a face-down position, creates a spring-like action which tends to push the surface of the pillow against the face and especially against the forehead area, between and around the eyes, and also adjacent the cheek area.

The elevation and angle of the head, as explained above, and the related neck position of the user are adjustable, merely by rolling the pillow back and forth with the face, and without any need for help by the hands.

The ear holes 4 are provided, as described, at each side of the mouth and nose cut-out portion, so that the pillow can be comfortably used as a side rest, if so desired, without depressing the ear.

While particular embodiments of the invention have been described, modifications may be made. The following claims are intended to cover all modifications which fall within the scope of the invention.

We claim:

1. A therapeutic pillow adapted to receive the face of a user in a face-down position against the pillow, said pillow having a straight elongated tubular configuration and formed of a foamed plastic material to exhibit flexible and resilient characteristics, and said pillow further having at least one cut-out portion for receiving the nose and mouth of the user and providing a rest for the chin of the user, said pillow pushing against the face of the user and especially against the cheeks and around and between the 4 eyes of the user when the face of the user is pressed down against the pillow.

2. The therapeutic pillow defined in claim 1 and which includes a plurality of such cut-out portions angularly disposed about the periphery thereof.

3. The therapeutic pillow defined in claim 1 and which includes at least one ear hole therein adjacent said cutout portion to permit the pillow additionally to be used as a side rest without depressing the ear of the user.

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J. W. HINEY, Examiner.

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