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Publication numberUS3366313 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1968
Filing dateMar 22, 1966
Priority dateMar 22, 1966
Publication numberUS 3366313 A, US 3366313A, US-A-3366313, US3366313 A, US3366313A
InventorsCulberg Jack J, Gale Burton A
Original AssigneeCps Ind. Inc.
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Arrangement for wrapping packages
US 3366313 A
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Jan. 30, 1968 J. .1. CULBERG ET AL 3,

ARRANGEMENT FOR WRAPPING PACKAGES 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed March 22, 1966 INVENTORS ATTORNEY Jan. 30, 1968 J. J. CULBERG ET AL 3,366,313

ARRANGEMENT FOR WRAPPING PACKAGES 2 Sheets-Sheet? Filed March 22, 1966 INVENTOR-fi L/ACK d 0045586 50 ON A. GALA.- BY

ATTORNEY United States Patent O 3,366,313 ARRANGEMENT FOR WRAPPING PACKAGES Jack J. Culberg, Chicago, and Burton A. Gale, Skokie, 111., assignors to CPS Industries, Inc. Filed Mar. 22, 1966, Ser. No. 536,327 7 Claims. (Cl. 229-87) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A wrapping comprising a rectangular sheet sized to be folded about a box-like package such that edges of the wrapping overlap. Adhesive coatings positioned on the borders of the sheet secure the wrapping about the package. In a preferred embodiment, the sheet is pre-foldedand attached to itself along one edge, forming an openended tubular sheath into which the package is inserted. The sheath may be drawn tightly about the package and secured in place by means of a first adhesive coating. Thereafter, the ends of the Wrapping are folded against the end of the package and secured in place by second and third adhesive coatings.

This invention relates to container packaging and more particularly, although in its broader aspects not exclusively, to a novel arrangement for gift wrapping a package.

Gift Wrapping is viewed as a time consuming chore by both the merchant and the shopper. To the merchant who must wrap hundreds of packages as a service to his customers, gift wrapping constitutes a significant expense, primarily in the form of lost time to his sales force. For the shopper who must wait while her packages-or someone elsesare being wrapped, the conventional gift wrapping process is annoying and expensive as well as time consuming.

It is accordingly a principal object of the present invention to provide a scheme for wrapping packages and the like more swiftly.

Packages are normally wrapped using a number of separate steps and a variety of wrapping materials. The paper must normally be cut to size before being folded around the box. After the paper has been folded tightly around the box, the wrapper must hold the paper firmly in place While applying transparent adhesive tape or the' like across the overlapping edges of the paper to secure the wrapping. This tape is visible on the outside surface of the wrapped package and detracts somewhat from its appearance. Decorative ribbons or bows may then be tied to the package to complete the Wrapping process. The appearance of the finished package depends largely upon the skill of the wrapper and the care taken during wrapping.

It is accordingly a further object of the invention to provide means for simply, rapidly, and securely wrapping a package to produce a finished wrapping having an i. proved appearance.

In a principal aspect, the present invention takes the form of a single unitary wrap for a package which includes adhesive means for securing the wrap around the package. An adhesive coating is applied to the border of at least a portion of each of three edges of the Wrapping sheet and a backing sheet is employed for covering each of the adhesive coatings. The adhesive coating, which may be pressure sensitive, is characterized by its ability to adhere more strongly to the wrapping sheet than to the backing sheet to allow the backing to be easily removed from the coating which then securely seals the wrapping. According to a further aspect of the invention decorative ribbons or bows may be preapplied to the outside face of the "ice wrapping sheet. The resulting unitary arrangement permits rapid, secure, and attractive wrapping of packages.

Brief description of the drawings These and other features, objects, and advantages of the present invention may be more clearly understood through a consideration of the following detailed description. In this description, reference will frequently be made to the attached drawings in which:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a rectangular sheet of wrapping paper showing the location of two of the three adhesive strips placed on the inner face of the paper with one edge folded over to show the location of a decorative ribbon applied to the outer face of the paper;

FIGURE 2 illustrates the finished tubular sheet of paper which is made from the rectangular sheet shown in FIGURE 1 and which embodies the principles of the invention;

FIGURE '3 illustrates the insertion of a package into the tubular sheet constructed in accordance with FIG- URES l and 2 of the drawings;

FIGURE 4 shows the package centrally positioned in the tubular wrapping sheet with the sheet drawn tight;

FIGURE 5 illustrates the completion of the wrapping process using the tubular sheet shown in FIGURE 2;

FIGURE 6 illustrates a second embodiment of the invention comprising a single rectangular sheet of wrapping material provided with three adhesive strips along the borders thereof;

FIGURE 7 shows a second stage in the wrapping process using the embodiment of the invention shown in FIGURE 6; and

FIGURE 8 shows the container completely wrapped in accordance with the invention.

Description of the preferred embodiments FIGURE 1 of the drawings illustrates the construction of a first embodiment of the invention. FIGURE 1 shows a rectangular sheet of wrapping paper or the like having four edges shown generally at 8 through 11 and having an inside face 12 and an outside decorative face 14. An adhesive coating 15 preferably of a pressure sensitive type, is applied to the inside face 12 along a strip bordering edge 10. The coating adhesive 15 is covered by a backing sheet 17. The backing sheet 17 is preferably chemically treated such as by applying a silicone or wax release surface in order to prevent strong adhesion to the adhesive coating 15. A second adhesive similar to adhesive 15 and coating covered by backing sheet 19 is placed opposite to the coating 15 on the face 12 bordering edge 9. Both adhesive coatings covered by strips 17 and 19 are positioned to one side of a center line 20. A decorative ribbon 22 is afiixed to the outside face 14 parallel to the longitudinal dimension of the rectangular wrapping sheet to provide additional strength to wrapper.

As shown in FIGURE 2 of the drawings, the wrapping sheet is folded generally about the center line 20 such that edges 8 and 11 are parallel with edge ll extending beyond the edge 8. A suitable adhesive may be applied along the edge 8 prior to folding. The slight overlap of edge 11 prevents any portion of the undecorated inner face 12 from. showing on the wrapped package. A third adhesive coating and a covering backing sheet 24 is applied in a central location over the overlapping portion of the inner surface 12 at edge 11 and the decorated outer surface 14 at edge 8 as shown in FIGURE 2.

The completed unitary wrap forms a tubular sheath into which the package to be wrapped may be inserted as shown in FIGURE 3. The adhesive applied to the inner surface 12 along edge 8 extends to a point short of one end of the edge 8. The unglued end portion provides a flap 25 which facilitates entrance of the box 30 into the sheet. If desired, the sheath shown in FIGURE 2 may be flattened to permit high density packing with the other sheets. In this case, the backing sheet 17 may include a tab 31 which extends beyond the edge 10 to facilitate opening the flattened end of the sheath. It may be noted that the unitary wrapping arrangement is approximately one half the size (in terms of flat area) than was the original sheet from which it was formed. This feature allows the wrapping to be more conveniently stored prior to use.

As shown in FIGURE 4 of the drawing, the box is inserted to a central location within the sheath. The wrapping paper is then drawn tightly against the box such that the original center line 20 of the rectangular sheet of paper is approximately adjacent to one edge of the box 30. The crease which results from flattening the sheath (slightly offset from the center line 20 due to the overlap .of edge 11 beyond edge 8) may be positioned along the edge of the box such that it does not detract from the appearance of the finished wrapped container. This crease may therefore be used as a guide for positioning the box 39 within the sheath. The paper is drawn 'firmly against the contour of the box to form an out- URE 5, the extended end portions of the sheet may be I folded to form an outwardly extending flap 36. The back ing sheet 17 is then removed from the coating 15, and the flap folded upward and sealed to complete the wrapping of one end of the box. The extended edge 6 may be folded and sealed in a similar fashion to wrap the o her end of the package. a

It will be noted that the ribbon 22 which was preafiixed to the decorative outside face 14 of the wrapping sheet is properly aligned to match along the edge 11 forming an apparently continuous ribbon loop. If desired, a readymade fiat bow or the like may be preatfixed to the ribbon 22 or elsewhere on the outer face 14 of the sleeve to provide a more attractive appearance.

FIGURE 6 of the drawings illustrates a second embodiment of the invention comprising a wrapping sheet 40 which is provided with adhesive strips 41, 42, and 43. As before, these adhesive strips may comprise a coating of pressure sensitive adhesive covered with a release backing sheet. The adhesive is preferably of a type which adheres strongly to the wrapping sheet 40 but only lightly to the covering release backing sheet. The backing sheets may be larger in area than the adhesive coatings to further facilitate removal of the release backing.

A box 45 is placed in the central portion of the wrapping sheet 40 between the adhesive strips 41 and 43. As

shown in FIG. 6, the edge 46 of sheet 40 (which is not provided with'an adhesive strip) is folded over the top of the box as shown by the dotted lines in FIGURE 6. The backing from adhesive strip 42 is then removed and the edge 46 of sheet 40 is folded over the box 45 to overlap and adhere to the external surface of the sheet 40 in the neighborhood of edge 46. The backing sheet may then be removed from its associated adhesive coating 41 and the extended edge 48 folded as shown in FIGURE 7 to form an outwardly extending flap 49. It should be noted that coating 41 serves to secure flap 49 in its folded position. Flap 49 may then be folded upward and sealed by the still uncovered portion of adhesive coating 41 as shown in FIGURE 8 of the drawings. The opposite edge of the sheet 40 may be folded in the same fashion to produce the finished wrapped box as shown in FIG- URE 8.

It is to be understood that the embodiments of the in- V vention which have been described are merely illustrative of applications of the principles of the'invention. Numerous modifications may be made by those skilled in the art without parting from the true spirit and scope of the invention.

What is claimed is:

1. In combination, an open-ended tubular sheath of wrapping material adapted to receive a package therein, said package being an indeterminate size smaller in girth perimeter than the perimeter of said sheath, said sheath being adapted to be formed into a fitted open-ended sheath which conforms exactly to said package regardless of the size of said package and a flap composed of that portion of said first sheath which is not required to form said fitted sheath, an adhesive coating on said flap to aflix said flap in a position overlapping said fitted sheath, said open end of said fitted sheath being adapted to be folded in overlapping sections to enclose the end of said package, and a second adhesive coating on one of said sections for afiixing said overlapping sections together.

2. The combination as set forth in claim 1 including removable backing means for covering said coatings.

3. The combination as set forth in claim 1 wherein a loop of decorative ribbon is affixed around the periphery v comprises, in combination, a rectangular sheet of paper having an inside surface and an outside decorated surface, said sheet being folded such that those portions of the inside surface which border opposing edges of said sheet are in contact, adhesive means for bonding said contacting portions together to form a tubular sheath, a pressure sensitive adhesive coating applied to a marginal area of said decorated surface adjacent to one of said opposing edges, a pressure sensitive adhesive coating applied to a marginal area of said inner surface adjacent to each edge of said sheet which defines an open end of said sheath, and a release backing covering each of said adhesive coatings.

5. A unitary arrangement for wrapping a box comprising, in combination,

a rectangular wrapping sheet having an inside face and an outside decorated face, I said sheet being folded flat such that those marginal portions of the inside face which border opposing edges of said sheet are in contact to form a crease substantially parallel with and midway between said opposing edges on said sheet, adhesive means for bonding together said contacting marginal portions of the inside face to form an openended sheath adapted to receive said box therein with one edge of said box being substantially aligned with said crease as a guide,

open-ended sheath which conforms to the outside surface of said box and a flap composed of that portion of said first sheath which is not required to form said fitted sheath, an adhesive coating on said flap to affix said flap in a position overlapping said fitted sheath, said open ends of said first sheath being adapted to be folded in overlapping sections to enclose the end portions of said box, and an adhesive coating applied to the inner face of one of said overlapping sections at each of said open ends forsecuring said overlapping sections. 6. The combination as set forth in claim 4 including removable backing means for covering each of said coatings.

5 6 7. The combination as set forth in claim 5 wherein a 2,859,907 11/ 1958 McFarland 22985 strip of decorative ribbon is afiixed to said decorative 3,173,601 1/1965 Osborn 229-53 face aligned perpendicular to said opposing edges. 3,311,289 3/ 1967 French 229-89 3,314,211 4/1967 Wolff 22987 X References Cited 5 FOREIGN PATENTS UNITED STATES PATENTS 684,402 12/1952 Great Britain. 2,628,764 2/1953 Rubinstein et al 229-256 2,704,183 3/1955 Stern 229-53-73 DAVID M. BOCKENEK, Primary Examiner.

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Sep 9, 1982AS07Mortgage
Sep 9, 1982AS02Assignment of assignor's interest
Effective date: 19820826
Sep 9, 1982ASAssignment
Effective date: 19820826