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Publication numberUS336644 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1886
Publication numberUS 336644 A, US 336644A, US-A-336644, US336644 A, US336644A
InventorsCharles Hollwede
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Charles hollwede
US 336644 A
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PEN HOLDER. No. 336,644. Patentedfeb. 23, 1886.-

Aest. Jim/91215012 we cw! la /M046 UNITED STATES PATENT" OFFICE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 336,644, dated February 23,1886.

Application filed July 21, 1885.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that 1, CHARLES HOLLWEDE, a citizen of the United States, residing in St. Louis, Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Pen-Holders, of

which the following is a specification.

The object of my invention is to make a new and novel pen-holder which will adapt itself to the writers hand, and to the particular IO style of his holding a pen, as well as a guide for the hand of persons learning to write, to compel their hand to assume the right position. Further, this device serves as a preventive against cramps, so often caused by continual i5 writing with the ordinary old style penholders.

The improvements consist of a holder made of four main pieces first, a front piece for holding the pen; second, an adjustable middle piece, against which the thumb and middle finger lie, and provided with athumb-lug for resting on the thumb; third, a rear piece for filling out the hollow between the thumb and first finger, and, fourth, a side piece hinged to the left side of the rear piece and serving as a rest against the side of the hand to hold the whole device in the desired position.

To more full y describe the construction and opera ion of my pen-holder, and to enable 0 others to fully understand the same, reference is bad to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view showing my improved pen-holder as it is held in the hand.

5 Fig. 2 is a perspective view of my pen-holder alone. Fig. 3 is alongitudinal section of same.

Similar letters refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

A is the pen-holder. This I preferably 0 make of the sections or pieces a, b, c, and d, all adjustable with each other and connected by pins a b and screw 0. Within the front piece, a, the pen is inserted. This front piece, a, is connected to the middle piece, I), by a 5 pin, a, and may be turned and adjusted on same, so as to give the pen any position desired by the writer. The middle piece, I), has a thumblug, b, which rests upon the thumb,

as shown in Fig. l, and serves to support the holder at this point. This middle piece, b, is further secured to the rear piece, 0, by a pin, b, upon which it may turn and may be adjusted to suit the writer. The rear piece, a, is of the shape shown, so as to fit into the hollow of the hand between the thumb and first finger. (See Figs. 1 and 2.) To the left side of this rear piece, 0, is fastened aside piece or wing, d, by means of a thumb-screw, 0, upon which it turns and may be adjusted to the writers hand. This top piece or wing, d, lies against the hand, as clearly shown in Fig. l, and holds the holder firm within the hand. Thus constructed the main weight of the pen-holder is supported and the penholder guided by means ofthe thumb-lug b" and the side piece or wing, cl, the latter resting on the hall of the thumb and against the left side of the hand, thereby not requiring a a tight gripping or holding by means of the thumb and fingers in front, as in the ordinary pen-holder, and the hand assuming a natural position, the first finger resting comfortably upon the holder. Further, in this pen-holder the writer is compelled to write by the motion of the entire hand, and not of the fingers. 7

The device may be made of light wood, celluloid, or hard rubber, and of the shape shown having its top side, 6, fiat, to allow the first finger to lie flat on same, likewise the side f to the right being flat, to allow the sec- 0nd or middle finger to lie fiat against it. The other two sides, 9 and h, are rounded ofi', as shown. 7

It is not absolutely necessary to make the holder in sections, unless intended for persons who can write, to adapt itself to the various styles; but the whole may be made of one piece, if desired, and when intended for beginners, when it will be so constructed as to compel the persons to hold their hand in a 0 correct position.

The holder will be made of different sizes to adapt it to larger or smaller hands.

Having thus fully described the construction and operation of my pen-holder, what I 5 claim is 1. A pen -holder, A, having flat top e, the piece I), all combined as herein shown and I0 and flat right side, f, and rounded left side, 9, described, to form an improved adjustable and rounded bottom h, thumb-lug b and the pen-holder, for the purpose set forth. side Wing, d, all of the shape substantially as In testimony of said invention I have hereherein shown and described, and for the purunto set my hand. pose set forth.

2. The adjustable pieces a, b, c, and d, all I Witnesses: of the shape shown, fitted together by the pins a and b and screw 0, thumb-lug b on CHARLES HOLLVEDE.


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