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Publication numberUS3368741 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1968
Filing dateJun 24, 1966
Priority dateJun 24, 1966
Publication numberUS 3368741 A, US 3368741A, US-A-3368741, US3368741 A, US3368741A
InventorsDave Mercur
Original AssigneeDave Mercur
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Envelope with removable pressure adhesive identification label
US 3368741 A
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Feb. 13, 1968 D. MERCUR 3,



United States Patent 3,368,741 ENVELOPE WITH REMOVABLE PRESSURE ADHESIVE IDENTIFICATION LABEL Dave Mercur, 164 Marya] Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15236 Filed June 24, 1966, Ser. No. 560,150 2 Claims. (Cl. 229-70) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This disclosure is for envelopes or containers used in the handling of film and prints for photo-finishing or the like, and provides a container or envelope that is numbered or provided with other identification indicia with a removable label attached to the envelope having the same identification number as the envelope, which label can be removed and placed on the negative or exposed film which is placed in the envelope to provide positive identification of the material placed in the envelope which is maintained throughout the processing and printing of the photo-finishing steps.

The invention will become more apparent from a consideration of the accompanying drawing constituting a part hereof in which like reference characters designate like parts and in which:

FIGURE 1 is a view in perspective of an envelope embodying the principles of this invention;

FIGURE 2 an enlarged detail of a portion of the envelope with a removable label; and

FIGURE 3 a rear plan view of the label taken along the lines A-A of FIGURE 2.

In the drawing, the numeral 1 designates an envelope having a flap 2 with a tab lock or pressure adhesive or other gummed surface for closing the envelope. The envelope is provided with proper indicia such as date, name and address of the owner of the film, and with indicia such as John Doe designating the store or shop to which the film has been taken for processing.

On the flap is an identification number, 1403, which also occurs at the upper righthand corner of the envelope. The lower portion, as shown by the dot and dash lines 3, has a chemical release agent, such as silicone, to permit removal of labels With pressure sensitive adhesive area on which is mounted a label 4 bearing the same number or indicia, 1403, as is on the flap and envelope. Of course the entire envelope may be coated by a chemical release agent and the label can be placed anywhere. As shown in FIGURE 3, the cross-hatched surface is pressure sensitive adhesive but the edges, as shown at 5, are not and can be lifted up to remove the label, as shown in FIG- URE 2 of the drawing. The label 4 is placed on the exposed film to be developed or upon the negatives, if they are submitted for printing, and stays on the film during the processing or printing thereof so that when completed, it can unmistakably be replaced in the envelope corresponding to its number; namely, 1403.

This step of placing the removable label 4 on the film can, of course, be done at the processing laboratory.


When the film is presented to the clerk, he fills out the date, his name, the name of the owner of the film, his address and other data that may be required. He then places the film in the envelope and the flap 2 is removed by tearing it along the perforations 6 and is given to the film owner as a receipt. It is so designated in the drawing. There is a small flap on the back of the envelope, as shown in dotted lines, and designated by the reference numeral 7, which is provided with adhesive and can be folded over to close the open edges of the envelope.

It is evident from the foregoing description of the invention, that by means of the pressure adhesive label 4, the contents of an envelope or package can be labeled to correspond to the indicia on the envelope so that in returning the contents, it can always be identified with the envelope and placed therein.

By means of the foregoing invention, the reconciliation of processed films with the matching envelope is positive and the placement of the photo-finished materials in the wrong envelope is not likely and will save a lot of complaints and annoyance. The pressure sensitive adhesive used on the removable labels is such as to not be affected chemically by the solutions used in the development of the film.

Although one embodiment of the invention has been herein illustrated and described, it will be evident to those skilled in the art that various modifications may be made in the details of construction without departing from the principles herein set forth.

-I claim:

1. In combination with an envelope having indicia suitable for use in photo-finishing work and the like and having a detach-able flap extending at the open end thereof, of a pressure adhesive label having identification indicia corresponding to identification indicia stamped or printed on the envelope and on said flap, said envelope having a non-adhesive surface on which the pressure adhesive label is removably mounted for placement and adherence to the material placed in said envelope, and means for closing the envelope after the flap is removed therefrom.

2. The combination set forth in claim 1 in which the non-adhesive surface of the envelope is chemically treated with a release agent such as silicone so that the pressure sensitive adhesive label will not permanently adhere thereto.


DAVID M. BOCKENEK, Primary Examiner.

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