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Publication numberUS3372401 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1968
Filing dateFeb 20, 1967
Priority dateFeb 20, 1967
Publication numberUS 3372401 A, US 3372401A, US-A-3372401, US3372401 A, US3372401A
InventorsWoodward Ellis M
Original AssigneeEllis M. Woodward
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Adjustable golf glove
US 3372401 A
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March 12, 1968 E. M. wooDwARD v 3,372,401

ADJUSTABLE GOLF GLOVE med Feb. 2o, 19e? 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 s INVENTOR C24/.5 /M/Vaaawme ATTORNEY March l2, 1968 E, M. wooDwARD 3,372,401

ADJUSTABLE GOLF GLOVE med Feb. zo, 19e? 2 sheets-sheet 2 BY M l l ATTORNEY United States Patent Oiitice 3,372,401 ADJUSTABLE GOLF GLOVE Ellis M. Woodward, 501 Surrey Road, Timonium, Md. 21093 Filed Feb. 2), 1967, Ser. No. 617,202 S Claims. (Cl. 2--159) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLGSURE The invention contemplates a golf glove provided with an adjustable iiexible and separable tightening band which extends diagonally across the back portion of the glove, and the outer ends of which are connected between the back portion adjacent to the thumb portion and the palm portion closely adjacent to the seam remote from the thumb portion. A tightening of the band throws any excess material arising from the stretching of the glove into the back portion, so that no wrinkling can take place in the palm por-tion, thereby leaving the latter free and smooth for an eliective grasping of the golf club shaft. The readily separable tightening band includes an elastic insert to permit freedom of muscular movement in the grasping of the shaft. Velcro tape fasteners are used preferably to effect the ready engagement and disengagement of the components of the tightening bands, although other types of fasteners may be used Without sacricing all of the manly advantages of the invention.

Background of the invention This invention relates to 4a golf glove which is designed to enhance a tight grip of the shaft of a golf club by a golf player over a long period of time, despite the repeated donning and doiiing of the glove inthe course of play. This repeated frequent handling of the glove causes a stretching thereof which soon gives rise to a puckerin g in the palm portion of the glove, which renders impossible a smooth and tight grasp of the golf club. This requires frequent and costly replacement of the gloves.

Because of the imminent stretching of the glove as soon as it is used, it was the practice heretofore to purchase a glove which was too small initially in anticipation of this eventual stretching. By purchasing a glove which was too small in order to secure a tight tit of the palm it oftentimes resulted in the lingers of the glove also being too small, thereby causing constant adjustment for comfort and mitigating against optimum playing conditions.

The prior art has sought to overcome this objectionable fault and 4problem in many diierent ways. In Patent No. 3,229,307, Ian. 18, 1966, fixed elastic inserts extending in special directions are relied upon to attain a snug fit of the glove. The invention herein contemplates more effective and economical solutions to the existing problems.

.Summary of the invention It is the object of the present invention to provide a golf glove which may be produced at low cost and which will extend the useful life of the glove despite the hard usage to which the same is subjected as the same is repeatedly pulled on and off of the hand. The invention contemplates a snug-htting glove characterized by a reduction in the bunching of the glove at the palm portion, which bunching arises as a consequence of the stretching of the glove material 'by constant use, often at times when the hand is moist from perspiration.

3,372,4ill Patented Mar. 12, 1968 The invention contemplates the provision of adjustable flexible means extending diagonally across the back portion of the glove for maintaining taut the palm portion of the glove at all times and under all conditions of play. This adjustable means includes an elastic insert which is capable of taking up the wear in the glove rather than the material of which the glove is formed, so that the glove may be used for long periods of time with the palm portion arranged to be taut despite the stretching of the glove material.

Brief description of the drawings Other objects and purposes will appear from the detailed description of the invention following hereinafter, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, wherein:

FIG. 1 is a plan view of the back portion of the glove showing one embodiment of the flexible adjusting means extending diagonally across the back portion for maintaining taut the palm portion of the glove;

FlG. 2 is a partial plan view of the front portion of the glove;

FIG. 3 is a partial View corresponding to FIG. 1 showing the complementary components of the adjusting ilexible tightening means in open or inoperative position;

FIG. 4 is a vertical sectional View along line 4 4 of FIG. 3;

FIG. 5 is a plan View of the back portion of the glove illustrating a second embodiment of the invention;

FiG. 6 is a partial plan view of the front portion of the glove shown in FIG. 5;

FIG. 7 is a partial view corresponding to FIG. 5 and showing the components of the adjustable iiexible means in open or inoperative position; and

FIG. 8 is a vertical sectional View along line 8-8 of FIG. 7.

Description of the preferred embodiments In the drawings is shown a golfers glove G which normally is adapted to be worn on the left hand of a gol-fer, which may be fabricated of conventional material such as calf-skin, pigskin, chamois, etc., and which may be provided with ventilating apertrues S, as is well known in the art. The glove G is constituted by a palm portion 1, a back portion 2, thumb portion 3, and finger portions 4, 5, 6 and 7, which are formed from a pattern of the mateial having a fold line itl adjacent to the index finger 7 and a lateral seam 11 on the opposite side, extending on the outside of the little iinger portion and joining the back l and palm portion therebelow. The thumb portion 3 and the linger portions 4 to 7 may be truncated, permitting the protrusion of the thumb and lingers from the openings in the glove overlying these digital members, as is also common in the art.

In order to overcome the deterioration of the glove following a relatively short period of use, which arises from the stretching thereof incident to the repeated donning and dofng of the glove between successive strokes, provision is made for stretching the palm portion of the glove laterally between the lateral seam 11 and the thumb portion 3, the excess material being gathered into the backv portion of the glove. In order to reduce the strains on the seam 11, a flexible strap 12 is sewn to the palm portion 1 of the glove by lines of stitching 13 which are closely adjacent to the lateral seam 11. If desired, this attachment may be supplemented by also sewing thev flexible' 3 strap 12v to the back portion of the glove on the other side of the seam 11. A web 15 of woven base material is sewn to the inner end of the exible strap 12. In the illustrated embodiment the strap 12 is also stretchable longitudinally in the direction indicated by the arrows.

A second web of woven base material is sewn to the back portion of the glove adjacent to the thumb portion by means of stitches 23 which may extend around all four sides of the web or swatch 20. The woven webs 15 and are generally of a material which is well known in the art and consists essentially of two pieces of all nylon tape which is manufactured and marketed under the trademark Velcro. One piece is covered with a myriad of finely woven filaments formed into permanent hooks. The other piece is covered with soft nylon loops. When pressed together the two tapes engage and fasten tightly to form a firm shear-resistant bond. However, the tapes separate readily by simply peeling them apart. Patent No. 2,717,- 437, Sept. 13, 1955, describes these fastening tapes and their method of production.

In the illustrated embodiment of the invention the web 1S anchors the loops of pile material 16 while the web 20 anchors the loops of hook material 21.

Detachable fasteners of Velcro material have been used in many diverse arts as an alternative to detachable fasteners of all types and have even been used in the glove art, as disclosed in the patents to Russo, No. 3,274,616, and Christopher, No. 3,105,972'.

As stated above, the flexible strap 12 is preferably formed of elastic material which is stretchable in a longitudinal direction, so that the superposition of web 15 over web 20, to effect the shear-resistant filament locks between the components, may be varied, depending upon the size of the players hand and the extent of the stretching of the palm portion which is desired by him, by forcing the lateral seam 11 toward the back portion of the glove. Any loose play which the glove acquires causes a bunching of the material at the back portion which is indicated by the puckers 25 between web members 15 and 20, and which have no effect on the grasp of the 'golf club by the player at the palm portion.

If desired, the flexible strap 12 may be formed of inelastic woven material and may, in addition, include a longitudinally extensible elastic insert as part thereof.

Furthermore, the invention contemplates a reversal of the webs of hook and pile material from that shown in FIGS. 1, 3 and 4. Of course, the width of the webs of pile material may be varied depending upon varying factors, and these may range from one-half inch to two inches.

As shown in the drawings, the webs of Velcro material are inclined downwardly from the thumb portion across the back portion of the glove. This inclination of the webs results in disposing the flexible assembly across the back of the hand in substantial parallelism to the knuckles of the hand in the operative position of the glove. Such an inclination gives rise to maximum comfort and perfect ease to the player in the course of using the glove as a consequence of the muscular distention or spreading of the hand.

Also, FIG. 2 shows the palm portion free and unobstructed to permit an effective and tight grasp of the shaft of the golf club.

A second embodiment of the invention is illustrated in FIGS. 5 to 8 wherein parts identical to those in the first embodiment of the invention are designated by the same reference characters.

In this embodiment the adjustable flexible means across the back portion of the glove is constituted by a flexible strap which is atiixed by stitches 31 to the palm portion 1 of the glove, closely adjacent to the seam 11. This attachment may be supplemented by additional stitching to the back portion 2 of the glove on the other side of seam 11. The inner end of the strap 30 has sewn thereto a longitudinally extensible elastic insert 33, by

means of stitches 32. A female snap fastener 35 is supported at the inner or free end of the elastic insert 33 for cooperation with a complementary snap fastener 38 having a male member 39. The latter is adjustably mounted along a flexible strap 36 sewn to the back portion of the glove by stitches 37, adjacent to the fold line 10 and the crotch at the thumb portion (FIG. 5

As in the previously described embodiment, the flexible straps 30 and 36 are disposed at an inclination sloping downwardly from the thumb portion to dispose the stretched strap assembly in substantial parallelism with the knuckles of the hand in the clenched position thereof.

As in the previous embodiment of the invention, it is important that the palm portion of the glove remain free and unobstructed as shown in FIG. 6, in order that the golf club may be grasped therein while the same is in drawn and taut condition.

Of course, the elastic insert 33 may be formed as part of strap 36 adjacent to the stitches 37, or strap 30 at stitches 31.

The flexible straps 30 and 36- may vary in width, according to varying needs. Such widths may range from one-half inch to one and one-half inches.

While I have described my invention as embodied in specific forms and as operating in specific manners for purposes of illustration, it should be understood that I do not limit my invention thereto, since various modifications will suggest themselves to those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of my invention, the scope of which is set forth in the annexed claims.

I claim:

1. A golf glove free of bunching at the palm portion of the glove despite repeated use over an extended period of time, comprising (a) a palm portion, a back portion, thumb and finger portions for covering the palm of the hand in its entirety, the back, and at least parts of the thumb and fingers of the hand of a golf player,

(b) said palm and back portions being joined along a lateral seam on the side of the glove remote from said thumb portion,

(c) adjustable exible means extending diagonally lacross the back portion of the glove for maintaining taut the palm portion of the glove comprising (d) a iiexible strap having the outer end thereof aixed to the palm portion of the glovev closely adjacent to said seam, said strap overlying the back portion of the glove remote from the thumb portion,

(e) `a complementary flexible member having at least the outer end thereof affixed to the back portion of the glove adjacent to the thumb portion,

(f) said strap and complementary member so arranged as to leave the palm portion of the glove free and land unobstructed for grasping `a golf club thereat,

(g) complementary fastening members adjacent the inner ends of said strap and member for permitting the adjustment of the length ybetween the fixed outer ends thereof, and

(h) a longitudinally extensible elastic insert included in said length to permit freedom of muscular movement of the hand incident to the gripping of the golf club.

2. A device as set forth in claim 1 wherein said elastic insert forms part of said iiexible strap.

3. A device as set forth in claim 1 wherein said iiexible means is disposed in a downward direction from the thumb portion at such an inclination as to bring the axis of the tensioned strap and complementary flexible member in substantial parallelism with the line of knuckles of the hand of the golf player when the golf club is gripped tight.

4. A device as set forth in claim 1 wherein the complementary fiexible member comprises a swatch of woven base material having on the external surface thereof loops constituting a component of multiple interengageable and readily separable filament locks, and a web of References Cited woven base material on the inner end of said flexible UNITED STATES PATENTS strap, said web having loops facing inwardly for contact with the external surface of said swatch, to constitute' the 218521779 9/19558 Roessler 2 161 complementary component of the multiple interengage- 5 218581542 11/1958 Ogg, e- 2 161 able and readily separable filament locks. y 311051972' 10/1963 Chrlstophef 2*161 of woven base material is sewn to the back of the glove and the web of woven Ibase material on the exible strap FOREIGN PATENTS is sewn to one end of said elastic insert while the oppo- 10 2781428 1/1927 Great Entamsite end of the latter is sewn to the pa'lm portion of the glove adjacent to said seam remote from the thumb por- JORDAN FRANKLIN Pr'mary Emmmer tion. G. V. LARKIN, Assistant Examiner.

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